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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1136: Lu Qing

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The six monarchs looked at each other and slowly materialized in full. 

With the destruction of the Inception Spiritrial Arena, Lu Yuns blockade of the nine divine sects had come to an end. Huo Zongxing was plainly provoking the six sacred palaces, so their rulers had to take a stand.

This Huo Zongxing was a very uncanny character. He was sixth level mortal realm, but his true strength had likely reached peak sovereign realm and rivaled the six monarchs. Even they had to tread with caution.


“You didnt leave earlier because you were running away. You left to do something about the one in the chaos sea, didnt you” A smiling Lu Yun tilted his head up at Huo Zongxing. He didnt know who the personage in the chaos sea was, but had connected some dots based on recent happenings.

Huo Zongxing ignored Lu Yun, looking only at the six monarchs. Compared to the Inception prince, those were the real threats. Removing them from the picture meant that the six sacred palaces could be entirely erased from the chaos.

Lu Yun continued staring at Huo Zongxing, his brows drawing together in a frown. Finally, he sighed gently. “Though the Inception Spiritrial Arena has been destroyed, my battle isnt over. Please dont do anything, Your Majesties.”

“Eh” Leize and the other five paused.

Five figures walked out from the Burgeon, Creation, Opposition, Nirvana, and Ethos delegations. Sparkling radiance shimmered over Ying Luo, Wang Shu, Wei Yuan, Li Xue, and You Huoran. The light connected with Lu Yuns body, forming the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.

Within the Six Royals, Wei Yuan was the weakest as hed yet to reach sixth level mortal realm. However, a pillar of hazy purple light suddenly descended from above and sank into his body. 

It suddenly seemed like hed endured countless chaos tribulations! His presence fluctuated and grew stronger, swiftly increasing to that of sixth level mortal realm.

Lu Yun started, then lifted his head and looked at a corner of the void. A faint, graceful smear of purple was slowly vanishing there.

Violetgrave had made a move.

Shed previously used that strange purple light to help the little fox and Qing Yu comprehend the Dragonquake Scripture. This time, she used it to raise the weakest Wei Yuan to the same level as the others.

Huo Zongxing looked back as well, but didnt catch Violetgraves figure.

“Six ants wish to march on a divine dragon” He refocused on Lu Yun and the others, disdain curving his lips. So what if Wei Yuan had suddenly ascended into sixth level mortal realm An ant always remained an ant, and Huo Zongxing wasnt alone.

With the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals in place, the six wielded combined strength of unfathomable levels. It was a brand new power formed by the melding of the six highest orders of the chaos, but Huo Zongxing was still contemptuous.

“So the creation seeds come alive and grown into a living being—you do indeed have the right to express such sentiments.” Lu Yun nodded.

“What! The creation seeds come alive” General shock reigned at Lu Yuns words.

The creation seeds were ultimate treasures that could form the foundation of a sacred land and retain a powerful order of the chaos. This was common knowledge, and many also felt that creation seeds could help one reach creator realm.

That a treasure could come alive and turn into a real, living being with a soul That was far out of everyones understanding. Even the six monarchs were taken aback.

“Id always thought that some formidable entity was behind the creation seeds, but never considered that the seeds themselves were a potent existence!” Leize gravely regarded the revelation.

Despite Lu Yuns words, he and his peers remained on the scene. Though they didnt possess a daunting formation like the Six Royals, they had their own ways of working together. Before they were the six sacred monarchs, they were also friends with bonds forged through life and death.


“What are you blathering about!” Huo Zongxing flew into a rage and raised his hand high, bringing it down on Lu Yuns head.

It was wreathed in blazing flames, as if all of the orders of fire within the chaos were concentrated in this strike. The stars of the chaos were falling, and they would land on Lu Yuns head in another thousandth-blink of an eye.

“Danger!” The six monarchs moved at once.

But as soon as they shifted into motion, eight figures suddenly landed in front of them. The powers of the five elements and earth, water, and wind origin flared in unison, crashing into the monarchs while they were midair.

The six monarchs landed back in their original positions, expressions flickering uncertainly.

“We wont move if you dont move. If you move, well slaughter your six palaces,” intoned the figure wrapped in the energy of earth origin.

These eight were the same as Huo Zongxing, transformed from creation seeds. Their level was the same at sixth level mortal realm, but their strength rivaled the limits of sovereign realm. This cultivation level meant that they skirted the limits of what the chaos could tolerate. Any further meant ascending beyond the chaos and breaking into the third realm.

The six monarchs glowered ominously. With these eight working together, they could absolutely slaughter everyone in the sacred palaces. Apart from Wahuang, no one would be able to withstand them, not even palace sovereigns. And other than a few in residence, most of the palaces sovereigns were in the Dubiety Realm facing the chaos beasts.

The six monarchs had never dared to march on the nine sacred lands because theyd detected the presence of the creation seed beings. To think that these unknowns would make an appearance at this time!

With the two sides locked in a stalemate, no one dared shift a foot.



The palm strike landed not only on Lu Yun, but also engulfed the rest of the Six Royals. Their indomitable formation was as fragile as paper in front of the horrifying blow. What remained unnoticed by all was thirty-six balls of hazy purple light gathering from all corners of the chaos and sinking into Lu Yuns body a split second before the palm strike arrived.


A purple ladder barrelled out of his body and pulverized the strike, like it was a purple dragon swooping down on a rabbit. The shattered Six Royals formation immediately reconstructed in the blink of an eye.

“KILL!” Lu Yun roared, the shadow of a sword shooting out from his hand and following the purple ladders trail to Huo Zongxing. 

His five sworn friends jumped up as well, charging Huo Zongxing from five different directions and operating the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals at its maximum. The purple ladder spun around in midair and disassembled, bolstering the formation with untold power and raising it to brand new heights.

“The sky ladder!” shrieked Huo Zongxing with incredulity. “Whats Lu Qings sky ladder doing here! Thats his personal treasure, why would he gift it to you!!”

“Lu Qing…” Lu Yuns face spasmed when he heard the name.-

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