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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1138: The Chaos Sea

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But since they were nearing a critical point in the situation, Qing Yu couldnt think of anything else that could be used against the nine of the creation seeds.

The Bridge of Forgetfulness 

That was more ludicrous than deploying dark fire.

“Dont worry, were keeping our capabilities well in mind.” Leize nodded gently. The six monarchs quickly entered a peculiar mental state that enabled them to practice the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals millions of times.

Unbeknownst to all, the six sacred palaces and nine divine sects had vanished at some point, and the spatial force surrounding the area dispersed completely.


Eight figures darted away at the same time and convened upon Hou Zongxing from eight different directions.

“Go!” Lu Yun had been keeping a close eye on the situation. The Six Royals shot into the air the moment the eight figures landed, retreating under the protection of the sky ladder.

“DIE!!” Huo Zongxings power rose to another level when the eight gathered together with him. He struck out at the departing Six Royals with energy that was a hundred million times stronger than before, blasting the pristine currents in the area to pieces.

“Your opponent is us!” The six monarchs were hot on their heels and also assembled in the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals. Awe-inspiring power blossomed from their bodies and perfectly melded with the six highest orders, forming a completely new strength.

The formation amassed by the six monarchs was an infinite times stronger than when deployed by Lu Yun and the others. This was the true power of the Six Royals and the strongest combination of strength within the chaos.

However, Huo Zongxing and the other eight werent the least bit concerned. They also fell into two formations, ones that exploded with the power of the five elements and four origins. This combined power was likewise infinite times stronger than what Huo Zongxing had wielded by himself before.

If Lu Yun and the others hadnt left, they wouldve been blown apart by the slightest touch of any of this power. Not even the sky ladder couldve protected them as the difference in cultivation realm and level was too much.

The two formations created by the nine locked together into another formation and crashed viciously into the formation of the Six Royals. The collision was so great that it obliterated everything within this part of the chaos and created a pure vacuum.


“Is this the strength of sovereigns” Wei Yuan sucked in a sharp breath as he looked back at the empty vacuum and the fifteen people that continuously slammed into each other. Though he was part of the sacred clan, hed never seen a sovereign fight at full strength before. With his current level of strength, he wasnt qualified to enter the Dubiety Realm.

That was the true battlefield of the sovereigns.

“It might even be beyond the chaos,” Ying Luo answered shakily. “The six monarchs are the limits of a sovereigns capabilities. The formation they put together might be beyond our realm!”

“Its not beyond the chaos.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Power beyond the chaos would pierce through the void with one blow and break straight through to the third realm.

“As strong as the six monarchs and those nine are, theres still a long way before they can pierce through the chaos.” He frowned slightly with thought.

One needed not only the requisite cultivation level, but also a corresponding standard of strength in order to ascend beyond the chaos and reach the third realm. Lacking either one of the two would mean that one remained in the chaos.

Plainly, though the six monarchs tested the limits of what sovereign tolerances, they were still too far away from reaching the third realm. Though Lu Yun had gifted the reflections of his past self to them, they still fell short.

“Lets go home. With the formation there, the six monarchs cant be defeated.”

Though their part of the chaos was far from the battlefield, there were many pairs of eyes watching the area. The nine divine sects and six sacred palaces had erupted in open hostilities, and the backers of the nine divine sects had also shown themselves.

From henceforth, sovereigns of the nine divine sects no longer needed to move to the sacred palaces.

Lu Yun could already foresee that eternal overlords suppressing their cultivation within the nine divine sects would soon break through to sovereign realm. There was nothing that the six sacred palaces could do about them anymore.

“My only concern now is that the sovereigns previously taken over countless chaos tribulations might be up to no good,” Lu Yun wondered with worry. “Theyve all been sent to the Dubiety Realm to face off the chaos beasts, but if they do something there…”

The six looked at each other, cold sweat beading their foreheads. The physical structures of the six palaces held down the fort at the entrances to the Dubiety Realm. If something happened to the entrances, the six palaces were sure to fall!

“Ill send you all back to your home!” Lu Yun brought out the sky ladder. It shimmered with purple radiance and connected to the hidden palaces.

“What about you” asked Ying Luo when she saw that Lu Yun showed no signs of going back to Inception Palace.

“Im going to see someone in the chaos sea.” Lu Yun looked at Ying Luo. “You go on back first, Ill be alright.”

“Mmhmm.” Ying Luo nodded. Having seen Qing Yu, she knew that things were impossible between her and Lu Yun. However, she still worried about him.

With a quick twinkle, the sky ladder sent Ying Luo and the others back home. The little fox walked out from behind Lu Yun when everyone was gone, still wearing the string of purple wooden beads on her wrist.

“Were going to the chaos sea now” the little fox asked with some trepidation.

“Of course. Havent you been badgering me about taking responsibility” Lu Yun looked sideways at the little fox. In human form, the tips of her ears were bright scarlet.

“Can I not go” She fidgeted awkwardly.

“Lets go together. Well have to meet him sooner or later,” sighed Lu Yun as he took the little foxs hand. That prompted an instinctive reaction out of her and she transformed back into a fox, darting up to Lu Yuns shoulder.

Lu Yun rolled his eyes, but didnt force the little fox back into human form. The sky ladder began to stretch forward and connected them to the void where the chaos sea was.

The chaos sea was boundless without end, the mightiest existence within the chaos. The chaos sun could be found above its waters, but there was currently nothing beneath it but an empty void. There were no pure chaos currents or anything else present, just a wheel of the chaos sun and moon hanging in the void.

“Hes not here” The little fox jumped down in human form again, looking immensely relieved, but also a tiny bit disappointed.

“Mmhmm.” Lu Yun brought the ladder out and flung it into the void. “I appreciate the thought, but since youre in trouble now, you should take the ladder back.”

The sky ladder trembled a few times in the air before shooting upward as a pillar of purple light, piercing through the void and entering the third realm.

“Lets go back.” Lu Yun hadnt thought hed be able to meet… Lu Qing on his trip. He just wanted to return the treasure.

“Go back where” The little fox was still staring blankly into space.

“The world of immortals.”-

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