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“Not only will he not know, but no one will know.” Two black sparkles danced through Lu Yuns eyes.

“Youre going to the fourth realm” Qing Yu instantly grasped her beloveds meaning.

If they tried to incorporate the Hadal Hell into the world of immortals out in the open, the ensuing ripples would affect all of the other worlds and even the chaos. The fallout would draw so much attention that anyone and everyone would come in pursuit.

The preparations that Hongjun and Fuxi were making werent for this occasion, but for a final battle to the death.

Lu Yun had thought about utilizing the fourth realm to accomplish his goal, but hed previously possessed only the requisite strength and not the corresponding way. He was as if an incredibly strong giant, adept at wreaking havoc in all directions, but completely impossible at performing any delicate tasks.

Now that hed recovered his past self, hed incorporated his previous knowledge into his current self. Though the enhancement still wasnt much once he walked into the fourth realm, it was sufficient to make the world of immortals whole again.

That he dared make any decisions and scheme against an expert of the third realm was due to the existence of the fourth realm. With the immortal dao just now coming into its completed form and slowly permeating the chaos, it was a newly sprouted seed in the eyes of third realm masters.

The current world of immortals and iteration of the immortal dao wasnt very useful for them. Their planned course of action was to eliminate as many life forms beneath the immortal dao as possible, to prevent the natives from growing alongside their dao.

Naturally, these masters had their own set of concerns and restrictions that prevented them from actively interfering. They had to act through the chaos creatures to reach their goal of destroying the beings of the world of immortals.

The chaos creatures had no idea what they were doing; they thought they were following the same course of action from time immemorial—continuously destroying the newly born worlds so that they could survive.

Only the six sacred palaces stood alert for themselves and were free from third realm control, and it was all because Lu Qing stood behind them.


Conflicts abounded in the world of immortals, perpetuating age old feuds and grudges. Countless geniuses appeared, rose, and fell in an endless cycle.

The Dao Academy was now the bonafide sacred land of immortal dao within the world. Boundless combat arts and cultivation methods flowed from its halls and took root all throughout the land.

There were more than a hundred empyrean realm experts residing in the world of immortals and innumerable masters in the supreme pure, jade pure, and grand pure realms—the equivalent of the human kings of the Primeval Era.

More than ninety percent of the dead and yin spirits had been swept out of the lower worlds, and increasing numbers of major worlds rebuilt themselves into better versions of their previous selves. Likewise, the immortal dao grew stronger when more people cultivated it in the lower worlds.

When the dead spirits of the lower worlds were mostly cleared away, the various denizens of the world of immortals proposed heading through the World Gates and eliminating the dead spirits there as well.

However, when ten peak grand pure masters walked through the World Gates together, they were disintegrated by the opposition before they could form a single hand seal!

It was only then that the world realized how terrifying the tide of dead spirits outside the World Gates were. If the ten masters had died in a blaze of glory, that still wouldve given hope to the countless immortals and empyrean masters back home.

That theyd flown apart the moment they walked out… was entirely too terrifying.

So terrifying that it caused one to despair.

Despite that, the Dao Academy remained as steady as Mount Tai. It didnt react to the attempt and continued publicizing a variety of sophisticated methods. At peak empyrean realm, the headmaster and dao sovereign occasionally gave lectures on dao, imparting new hope to the people.

In the eighty-ninth year of the Xuanhuang calendar, the world of immortals possessed twenty-four chaos realm masters. Apart from the immortal emperor, the rulers of the nine majors, ten lands, and four immortal seas had also ascended to the chaos realm.

Of course, there were certainly more chaos realm immortals in the Dao Academy, but no one knew how many there might be. It was also unknown whether there were chaos realm masters in the assorted hidden factions of the world—the Purple, Green, and Crimson Firmaments, as well as the Fangyang Royals and other clans from the Primordial Era.

The current world of immortals was a picture of thriving prosperity. If it wasnt for the hordes of dead spirits waiting on the other side of the World Gates, the immortals mightve even started making their way into the chaos.


Mount Tai.

Once the intersection between the great wilderness and the netherdark. Magnificent and spectacular, it was now the tallest peak of the five sacred mountains. What was known as Mount Tai on Earth was just a hint of its true greatness.

“Master, Ive recollected the power of Mount Tai and can direct the Hadal Hell to connect to the world at any time!” Tianqi had returned to hell with a tiny mountain peak in his hand—the true form of the mountain.

Mount Tai was a divine mountain resulting from the hadal power. Now that two worlds were to become one, the mountain was the key.

“Theres no rush.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Theres a great danger in there, so we need to clean house first before doing anything.”

“Understood!” Tianqi trembled with emotion as he looked at his master. Even though he was a creator now and stronger than his master, he was still the same naive boy as always when facing Lu Yun.

“Come, lets go to the fourth realm.” Lu Yun waved a hand and summoned the Bridge of Forgetfulness to carry him and his disciple to the fourth realm.

When they arrived, they had to deploy every single death art at their disposal to make it into the Hadal Prisons. If theyd just walked in, they likely wouldve been instantly devoured, not even a bone fragment left of them.

The prisoners kept in these dungeons were characters that even masters of the third realm dared not provoke. They were the most terrifying fiends of the fourth realm!

Lu Yun and Qing Yu had accidentally wandered into the fourth realm last time through the luopan tracking the bridges ripples. With the bridge leading the way this time, the second trip was much smoother.


The fourth realm was as itd appeared before. Spacious, empty, and nothing there, like it was a world of nothing. However, there were numerous specks of light, large and small, like stars hanging in the air. They seemed close at hand, but were, in reality, an indeterminable distance away.

“Bridgie, youve come back!” A tiny thought ripple probed them when Lu Yun, Tianqi, and the Bridge of Forgetfulness set foot into the fourth realm. “You disappeared after I took a nap, I thought someone ate you! But here you are again in the blink of an eye!”-

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