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Wahuang and the others came to a dazed halt when they came down Mount Xuanhuang and took a good look at the world of immortals. 

All was a picture of peace and tranquility, as if it was an ordinary day like no other.

It was quiet within the Dao Academy as well. Immortal qi wreathed Mount Xuanhuang as immortals visited with each other, discussed dao, or sat on the ground studying ancient texts. There was nothing that even hinted at two worlds melding together.

Such an event was the collision between the core essences of two worlds. What shouldve occurred was the reversal of yin and yang, thrashing of thunderous tempests and smiting of devastating lightning, confusion in the five elements, and possibly even complete annihilation if not handled properly.

How did this scene look like the combination of two worlds There were no signs at all or any extraordinary phenomenon.

“Whats going on” Leize and the others looked blankly at each other. Had they seen a mirage on Mount Buzhou

“Hmm What brings you all here” rang an ethereal voice before Qing Yu and the little fox appeared in front of them.

“Isnt this the day to make the world of immortals whole again with the thirty-three layers Were here to help,” Wahuang responded awkwardly, reinforced by blank nods from Fuxi and the others.

“Little fox, why didnt you tell your master and the others” Qing Yu first looked askance at Wahuang, then turned her head to Miao.

“I… I… sent Qingmiao to tell them,” stammered the little fox.

“Nuh uh! The second mistress didnt tell me to go to Mount Buzhou!” Liu Qingmiaos childlike voice instantly sounded out. “Zou Longxiu wasnt told either!”

“Call me auntie!” The little fox flung a glare in Liu Qingmiaos direction.

Though Liu Qingmiao was derived from one of the little foxs soul parts, her true spirit was her own. She was a wholly independent life form, just like Xing Mou, and no longer had a karmic relationship with the little fox.

“Can someone tell us whats going on” Fuxi chuckled ruefully. “We saw the Hadal Hell meld into the world of immortals just now, but nothing is reflected in the world.”

“Its… a bit of a long story. To get straight to the point, Lu Yun figured out a brand new method to resolve all of the dangers in the Hadal Hell and have it smoothly integrate in the world of immortals,” Qing Yu explained.

She didnt want to tell Leize and the others about the fourth realm yet. Those repercussions were too great and fully outside the scope of chaos knowledge. When Tianqi heard She Nong describe the relationship between the fourth realm and Hongmeng, he wouldve lost his dao heart and entered a cultivation deviation if Lu Yun hadnt been by his side.

“Then that is wonderful and we can rest easy,” Hongjun chuckled. “We were prepared for a harrowing battle, how lovely it is that wed worried too much.”

“Master, why do you look like an old man You looked so much better before,” the little fox grumbled as she scanned Hongjuns current form.

He was about to respond when Mount Xuanhuang trembled beneath their feet and an enormous pillar of light from the immortal dao erupted and shot for the horizon.

Jumping in shock, Leize and the group hastily dodged to the side. Meanwhile, the academy immortals and other immortals and cultivators in the world were completely used to the sight.

Ever since the founding of the Dao Academy, Mount Xuanhuang erupted with immortal light at regular intervals. Each occurrence resonated with the immortal dao and conferred great benefits to cultivators and immortals throughout the world.


In the ninetieth year of the Xuanhuang calendar, the Hadal Hell assimilated into the world of immortals and thus made it whole again with thirty-three layers. The immortal dao was henceforth fully mended and without holes.

It was flawless, pristine.

The newborn hadal worlds were named the nine hells and were situated above the nine majors, ten lands, four immortal seas, and beneath the central world.

The newest facets of the world: the nine hells!

The first of Sky Hell, overseen by Ling Weiyang of the Dao Academy in Dusk Province.

The second of Earth Hell, overseen by Bai Zhaoju of the Dao Academy in Dusk Province.

The third of Human Hell, overseen by Chi Biaonu of the Dao Academy in Dusk Province.

The fourth of Divine Hell, overseen by Zhi Guangji of the Dao Academy in Dusk Province.

The fifth of Ghost Hell, overseen by Meng Wang of the Dao Academy in Dusk Province.

The sixth of Demon Hell, overseen by Qing Buyi of the Qing Clan in Dusk Province.

The seventh of Nether Hell, overseen by Lu Feng of the Lu Clan in Dusk Province.

The eighth of Dark Hell, overseen by Chen Xiao of the Chen Clan in Dusk Province.

The ninth of Immortal Hell, overseen by Mo Yi of the Dao Academy in Dusk Province.

The masters of the nine hells held the same status as the rulers of the other facets, and they all displayed chaos realm strength!

Meng Wang, Bai Zhaoju, Zhi Guangji, and Chi Biaonu had long since resurrected from the Hell Flowers and made use of several resonances with the immortal dao to reach chaos realm. Combined with Ashu, Mo Yi, Chen Xiao, Qing Buyi, and Lu Feng, that made all the masters of the nine hells either Lu Yuns good friend or confidante.

There were naturally those who refused to accept the sudden installation of rulers over the new facets of the world, but when Ling Weiyang, Zhi Guangji, Chi Biaonu, and Bai Zhaojus names appeared, all of them promptly shut their mouths.

These were the legendary great emperors of the four directions and true heavyweights of the Primeval Era! They were already chaos realm in the era of human dao, and other contemporaries from their time didnt dare object after seeing that they were in charge.

Though there were no inhabitants in the nine hells for now, there would be a massive influx of immortals before long to create the first generation of immigrants. On the other hand, the Lu, Qing, Chen, and other clans of Dusk Province had already resettled in the nine hells.

These new facets were once the Hadal Hell and comparable to the nine worlds that had once reached the fourth realm. That made them the strongest in the world of immortals, stronger than even Dusk Province.

Of course, Tianqi had concealed their core essence, so they only looked like regular additions to the world for now.


With the return of the nine hells making the thirty-three layers of the world whole again, the immortal dao was firmly rooted in the world of immortals and stretched toward the chaos.

In the second realm, the sacred monarchs used their palaces as a conduit with which to fully receive the immortal dao. They utilized the six highest orders to send the immortal dao through the chaos and subtly shift all of the chaos orders.

Under Tianqis guidance, the three thousand connate demon gods in the chaos could finally return to the world of immortals, as they so dearly wished. However, it was no longer a home that they could run rampant in.

There were innumerable chaos realm masters in the world and they all cultivated the purest of immortal dao. They were so many times stronger than the demon gods that cultivated human dao.

When Qiang Liang and the rest of the three thousand entered the world, they were overawed by the atmosphere and condition of their new home. Considering a creator realm Tianqi stood warily by their side, they dismissed any plots and schemes they mightve harbored, no longer daring to nurse other thoughts in the world of immortals. Staying put and acclimating to the new dao was their only goal in life now.

Time passed slowly, bit by bit.

The ninetieth-ninth year of the Xuanhuang calendar arrived in the blink of an eye, leaving only one year until the World Gates failed.

On this day, Lu Yun came to this part of space.

“Youre here!” Violetgrave sat hugging her knees in front of the World Gates, like the girl next door relaxing on the ground. Joy flashed through her eyes when she saw Lu Yun. Diexi, Yueshen, and Ruyi sat cross-legged next to her, eyes closed in a particular meditative state.

Lu Yun nodded at Violetgrave and looked up at Zhao Fengyang and the other previous celestial emperors. Hed originally wanted them to be the masters of the nine hells. However, they were only ingress realm and would thus be insufficient to rule their new territory. Theyd missed out on the best days of the immortal dao.-

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