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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1150: Livestock

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“Charge!!” Immortal Emperor Qing Taxian and rulers of the thirty-two other facets soared into the air when the World Gates collapsed, landing in front of the assembled immortals. Thirty-three chaos realm masters fully deployed their strongest combat arts and blasted the yin spirits flooding into the world of immortals. 

Gray yin spirits, black dead spirits, scarlet bale spirits, and even stronger existences teemed everywhere the eye could see. They all seemed to be berserk and surged madly toward the world of immortals. Every blade of grass and hint of life they passed through was stripped clean of life force and qi.

However, the thirty-three facet lords were the strongest existences in the world of immortals beneath the Dao Academy. As thirty-three chaos realm masters, they were on par with the battle strength of the human dao era. In addition, their combat arts and cultivation methods were even more sophisticated and packed greater power.

Their combined efforts immediately cut off the tide of yin spirits and doused the violence for a few moments.

“His Immortal Majesty is great!!”

“Hail the celestial lords!!” roared the immortals behind their lieges. As terrifying as the yin spirits were, they had their immortal emperor and the thirty-two lords!

These were powerhouses that not even the ancient world of immortals had possessed. And they, regular immortals who werent those esteemed characters, were also stronger than the legendary primordial immortals. The world exulted in an era of unheralded glory. What did mere yin spirits matter!


After three hundred breaths, the immortal emperor and thirty-two lords flashed to the rear—the signal for crystal cannons to start firing away. White pillars of light formed a curtain of lethal radiance in their multitude and swept in all directions.

Lu Yun had reconfigured the crystal cannons once more to exert even stronger power and instilled them with the frightening energy of the world. The chaos creatures had created the yin spirits, so while they could survive in the worlds, the energy of the worlds was still the spirits bane.

Fleets of fortress ships materialized after the crystal cannons fired their initial barrage, looming threateningly in the void and ready to do battle.

Lu Yun had fully instilled the concepts of modern Earth battle into the world of immortals. With such sturdy ships and fearsome cannons present, no one would brainlessly charge in for close quarter combat.

Though the World Gates had collapsed, the world theyd projected still existed and were mined with a plethora of formations and traps. All of the yin spirits that rushed in as soon as the gates fell were annihilated within a few breaths.

However, there were too many yin spirits still frothing in the cosmos outside. The ones thatd died were but a drop of water in the limitless ocean, and the rest stormed the immortals with increasing frenzy. If they broke into the world of immortals proper, then the ghastly ravaging of the yin tide in Azure Province would repeat itself in every corner of the land.

The world resulting from the World Gates was the final bulwark of defense.

Soon enough, a horrifying development took place. Never before seen silver yin spirits appeared in space. They started devouring the void the moment they rushed in, trying to consume the world from the World Gates.

They didnt just swallow the world—they ate any formations and traps that were within the world as well. This greatly increased the pressure on the immortals and yin spirits quickly surrounded individual fortress ships.

The defenders started suffering casualties.

“Its time for you to take to the field,” Tianqi suddenly said, seated motionlessly in the air all this time.

“Already” Qiang Liang and the other connate demon gods blinked.

“Theres something big in the cosmos that wants in. Keep it outside.” Tianqi frowned at Qiang Liang.

“…understood!” Qiang Liang dared hesitate no longer when he felt a palpitating presence exude from Tianqi. 

The immortal armies parted to the sides when Qiang Liang rushed out with three thousand demon gods, shifting the main battle strength to them. The demon gods furiously hunted down silver yin spirits that could devour space itself.

An enormous hand burning with gray flames suddenly reached in from the cosmos, grabbing a connate demon god and crushing it to death.

Creator realm.

There were creators in the cosmos outside the world of immortals!

Tianqi sucked in a sharp breath and raised Quietus high, charging in with a howl.


The ghost ancestor had fully revived in Witherdew Major and shrieked as it crashed against the seal that Lu Yun and Qing Yu had jointly set up. The seal wasnt that strong, but it was targeted specifically at the ghost ancestor. It was almost impossible for it to break free.

“That world wont hold for long.” Qing Yu frowned as she looked in the direction of the World Gates. That part of the sky was already dyed red with fresh blood.

“It has to,” Lu Yun took in a deep breath. “Tianqi and Qing Han are holding down the fort there and there are three thousand demon gods as well. Seventy to eighty years wont be a problem!”

Tianqi was a creator, Qing Han was a sovereign, and there were three thousand connate demon gods under their command—but all of that combined would last only eighty years at most! And that was with constant replenishment of experts from all directions.

Tianqi, Qing Han, and the three thousand demon gods faced a mammoth horde of yin spirits and other chaos creatures thatd entered the world of immortals through special means. The yin spirits that continuously rammed the world required the full force of all immortals to contend against them.

The immortal emperor and thirty-two lords had made the first move, retreating to the rear after breaking the strongest of the enemys charge and bolstering the worlds morale. They were the standard bearers of the world of immortals and everyones pillar of strength. There could be no miscalculations or missteps when it came to them, or general morale would break and scatter.

Of course, the greatest source of courage for those to enter that world cast by the World Gates and contend with the yin spirits were the headmaster and dao sovereign thatd created countless miracles. They sat in residence at the sacred land of immortal dao, maintaining full control over everything.


The apex of the world of immortals had become a battlefield, and similar confusion engulfed other areas in the world.

A group of human immortals had burrowed out of an unknown location, forded the North Sea, and started attacking the Dao Academy when they made landfall.

If the academy fell, then the world would be done for.

These immortals were mostly peak grand pure realm, but there were some empyrean and chaos realm immortals among them as well.

“The world of immortals is in shambles and Lu Yun and Qing Yu are keeping the ghost ancestor under control in Witherdew Major. They have no effort to spare for anything else. It would be a wondrous deed if we can resurrect the rule of human dao. Glory is only moments away!” A chaos realm immortal whistled as he charged into Dusk Province with a sword.


A black iron rod suddenly crashed down from the air and sent the immortal flying. Goldenlights massive form slowly walked out of the void.

“Of course youve come, you filth! With me here, you will set not a single foot into Dusk Province!” Goldenlight rested his metal rod on his shoulder and swept his pale golden eyes over the crowd of human traitors.

Both Goldenlight and Silverlight were the academys guardians, and Lu Yun had repaired Goldenlights metal club. Silverlight flitted through the air as a silver ghost.

“Vermin!” roared the chaos realm immortal. “Your ancestors were livestock of the human race! How dare you show such insubordination and defy your masters!”

He boiled with rage, as if having suffered the greatest of insults.-

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