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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1151: Rage and Resentment

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“You court death!” raged Goldenlight when he heard the immortals words. He was the guardian of the Dao Academy now and even Lu Yun treated him with courtesy! How dare these race traitors say that his ancestors were livestock!


Goldenlight raised the club in his hand and smashed it down on the crowd of traitors.

“Sniveling swine!” snarled the chaos realm immortal. His sword likewise flared with cutting light and he charged the scarlet ape.

Goldenlight was in the chaos realm as well; he and Silverlight cultivated in Mount Xuanhuang and regularly received the nourishment of the immortal dao. The two scarlet apes were now on par with their ancestor, Wuzhiqi.

However, the immortal in front of them was also a peerless master. He matched Goldenlight blow for blow for the time being, so the ape threw his head back with a long howl. Scintillating rays of splendor exploded from his body and a great combat art unique to the scarlet apes transformed his body. 

Now possessing three heads and six arms, his metal club split into three and the cape that was like a bank of fiery clouds appeared on his body. Howling a challenge, he immediately suppressed the immortal.

“This rat is uncommonly strong… We need to help!” The thousands of immortals behind their chaos realm compatriot assembled in formations and rushed over. They were here purely to ambush Dusk Province when everyone was preoccupied. Considering morality and justice was hardly on their mind.

Silverlight also made her move when she saw the rest of the contingent storm the defenses. Currently in human form, she wore a silver silk dress. Her silver hair and eyes glowed gently, like she was enveloped in a layer of faint silver light.

She only needed to shift slightly to reduce a dozen grand pure immortals to dust. Despite that, the handful of chaos realm and empyrean immortals remained unmoved, their charge toward Goldenlight undeterred.

Silverlight was much stronger than her dao partner, so there was no point in fighting her. They were better served concentrating on Goldenlight and then turning their attentions to her. Most importantly, there was more than one group attacking the Dao Academy.

The highest point of the world of immortals—the World Gates—was a gruesome battlefield. Most peoples attentions were focused there, while Lu Yun and Qing Yu kept the ghost ancestor under control in Witherdew Major. The various deans and elite disciples of the Dao Academy had headed to the World Gates or were putting down disturbances elsewhere in the world.

This was the academys moment of weakness. Once the rebellions in other places were stamped out and the situation at the World Gates stabilized, there would be no further opportunity to take the Dao Academy.

Thus, several tens of thousands of immortals from an unknown world crossed the North Sea and stormed Dusk Province.

The sword formation protecting the province materialized as four enormous swords in the air released rays of cutting sword qi, butchering all those who rushed into Dusk.

However, it was deploying only chaos level strength. There were more than thirty chaos realm immortals attacking Dusk Province. They bore the brunt of the formations offensive and created space for the immortals behind them to rush in.

Disorder and pandemonium engulfed Dusk Province.


A tremendous cracking echoed throughout the world of immortals, like something had broken apart. Four enormous chasms appeared in the depths of the four great oceans.

Abysses of Divine Burial!

The abyss thatd once buried the divine race—the guardians of all civilization in the world—had once again shown itself!

Thered been ones beneath Dusk Province and the celestial master tomb, but Lu Yun had filled those in. Today, another four appeared in the North, South, East, and West Seas!

Lu Yun had anticipated that someone would attack Dusk Province and attempt to take over the Dao Academy, but the appearance of four abysses at the same time was entirely outside of his expectations!

The monster spirit courts of the North and West Seas had been reconstructed over the past thirty years and outstripped their previous heights. Flourishing and prosperous, the four seas lacked not for monster spirits and cultivators at all.

But when the four abysses materialized, the courts of the four seas were instantly annihilated and hundreds of millions of monster spirits perished in the waters. The four seas turned black, as if the Black Sea at the end of the West Sea.

Boundless demons wrapped in strange resentment walked out of the depths, advancing on the facets of the world from four different directions.

No one had expected that Abysses of Divine Burial would suddenly appear!

General panic and fear descended upon the world of immortals, and the survivors of the monster spirit courts fled to the thirty-three facets under the protection of their scant remaining powerhouses.


“KILL!!” Furious yells raised in Nephrite Major.

Deaf Prince Xiangliu Hongzhen was on duty to protect the world of immortals from this sort of development. He hailed from the court of the East Sea while Bai Qi came from the South Sea. Though they were reincarnated masters of the great wilderness, theyd all fully assimilated into the world of immortals in this life.

The monster spirit courts of the four seas were their homes.


Cerulean blue radiance erupted from the peak of Mount Vastspace and covered the world. It connected the four seas and made it so that any demons from the abysses would make land at the foot of Mount Vastspace.

Upon the mountain, Xiangliu Hongzhen and Bai Qi wordlessly killed everything they saw, their eyes red with sorrow and pain. In addition, Jing Dichen, Feng Ruyu, Lin Yan, and Beicang Qiong released the mountains full might so the spatial power could hone in on the four abysses.

The current world of immortals was more than several hundred times bigger than when Lu Yun first arrived. Mount Vastspace was unable to cover the entire world, but it was the dao weapon of human dao and the greatest ultimate treasure of spatial order.

Jing Dichen and the others had reached peak chaos realm, so their efforts enabled Mount Vastspace to reach the four abysses at the same time and twist the laws of space around them. 

Strange negativity and boundless resentment exploded from the abysses at periodic intervals. Any regular life form or immortal who touched them would be swiftly assimilated as demons. But with Mount Vastspace interposing itself, all of the negative emotions and resentment were redirected to the mountain.

“This is the fury and resentment of the divine race!” gasped the Deaf Prince after he took in the current of emotions.

“The divines protected all of life and nurtured the birth of civilization, but they were made into the greatest sinners of history. This kind of resentment isnt something that we can withstand!” Jing Dichen grew pale.


A pillar of hazy purple energy descended from the skies and barreled into the boundless tide of anguish and wrath.

The Yin Prince and Jing Huaci appeared side by side, the Timelight Tower over their heads as endless power of time poured forth.

“The headmaster and dao sovereign have cleared your name. The glories of the divine race shine forth among the worlds once more! Why do you persist in letting others use you” Jing Huaci hectored.

A wave of time surged and followed Mount Vastspaces energy toward the four abysses. Only time would ease the divine races resentment and fury.-

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