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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1153: This Way is Barred

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The figure of the ghost ancestor covered the skies and blotted out the sun. Its massive form could be seen anywhere within the thirty-three facets. Cultivators cowered and immortals shook, but no one lost their heads in panic.

Ge Long was also on the scene, standing at the peak of Mount Vastspace and suppressing the four Abysses of Divine Burial with four bloodthirsty swords. His form also split into four and shot toward the four separate bodies of the ghost ancestor in the seas.

The atmosphere in the world of immortals nearly froze over; even the immortals battling Goldenlight and Silverlight over the North Sea paused with shock. No one had told them that the ghost ancestor would be materializing in this battle!


“Pathetic ant!” sneered the ghost ancestor when it saw Ge Long make his way over.

The energy of the world around them shifted to that of the four elements, churning into enormous waves that crashed down on the four Ge Longs charging into the oceans.

“I see! So youre a chaos creature to begin with, but you werent attacked by the energy of the worlds because you once absorbed the energy of this land!” Ge Long frowned, releasing hazy rays of sword light from his weapon and slashing apart the rearing waves.

The four Ge Longs then transformed into four sword shadows, resonating with the four swords pinning down the abysses and raising them in a formidable sword formation. In this moment, Ge Long stepped beyond the limits of space and surrounded all four oceans!

Hed accomplished a task that the joint efforts of Mount Vastspace and the Timelight Tower had proven insufficient to do!

“You stole the divine decree of the Exalted Divine Tribe from the altar of heaven and earth all those years back, which is why your replica isnt attacked by the energies of our world!” As he spoke, Ge Long sent his four swords scything down on the ghost ancestors replica from the four cardinal directions.

Instead of responding, the ghost ancestor regarded the scene solemnly. The mewling life form in front of it was only barely chaos realm, but the terrifying killing power of that sword formation made even the ghost ancestors heart quail.

This was the purest of slaughter dao—to verify ones cultivation through killing!

Just who is he!

The ghost ancestor didnt have time to further consider the question. Instead, it summoned the energy of the four elements—dyed back from the corruption of akashic power—to its body. Refusing to back down in the slightest, it raised all eight arms and slammed them against the four bloodthirsty swords.

The violent collision evaporated tonnes of seawater, cresting the rest into horrific tidal waves that roiled toward the thirty-three facets with cataclysmic power.

The ghost ancestor didnt care what would happen to the world of immortals and its life forms. It wanted to cleanse the world of all life, even if that meant destroying the world itself!

It was also completely berserk at this point. That a tiny chaos realm immortal could obstruct its immortal lord replica completely, thoroughly, and utterly humiliated it!


Battered by endless tidal waves, all of the islands, sects, and monster spirit strongholds in the four seas were washed into oblivion. Any immortals that didnt retreat to the thirty-three facets in time followed the same path into nothingness as well.

However, when the waters of armageddon neared the facets, they mysteriously dispersed and faded away.

The immortals standing within the facets blinked with surprise. Theyd been ready to fight to the bitter end and die for their homes in the next second. This result was completely outside of their expectations!

Even the ghost ancestor paused briefly with consternation, giving Ge Long an opening to slice off one of its heads. Pure black blood sprayed through the air alongside a scream of anguish, turning the waters beneath its feet pitch black.

Quickly following up on his advantage, Ge Long forced the ghost ancestor step by step back into the abysses.


“The thirty-three facets of the world are complete and the world of immortals has evolved beyond what it once was. Its the center of the worlds now, which means our home is truly maturing into its final form.

“As long as the ancestral planet remains, no power from the chaos will harm the world of immortals,” murmured Lu Yun as he watched the receding tidal waves.

The waves were the fallout of battle between Ge Long and the ghost ancestor. The ghost ancestors strength came from the chaos, so the waves it raised also carried forth the energy of the chaos. Since it wasnt the natural energy from the world of immortals, the thirty-three layers naturally dissolved them.

Calm reigned for only an eye blink as Ge Long and the ghost ancestor continued their battle in the four great oceans. Scuffles broke out in the various facets as well, long laid plans by the chaos creatures or those of the Hongmeng activating and setting into motion. Even the demon of the immortal dao took advantage of the mayhem to wreak havoc where it could.

Lu Yun and Qing Yu stood firm from their vantage, taking everything in stride. The ten Yama Kings were on the scene and deploying their worlds to keep order. Any terrifying being that dared showed themselves were promptly crushed out of existence.

In the end, they assembled into formation and flew into the four oceans with help from Mount Vastspace, joining Ge Long to suppress the ghost ancestor.

Outside of the worlds, in the polluted part of the chaos, the ghost ancestors primary body squawked with rage. If it hadnt been for Lu Yun preventing it from refining the altar of heaven and earth in the great wilderness, preventing it from fully claiming the core essence of the Exalted divines, its true form wouldve been able to enter the world of immortals now.

If only Lu Yun and Qing Yu had arrived fifteen minutes before it was reborn in Witherdew Major! It wouldve been able to absorb enough energy of the world to gain entrance for its primary body!

Lu Yun had reacted too quickly and ruined its plans once again, and always at a critical moment!

As things were, the ghost ancestors true body could only advance to the polluted part of the chaos, where the energy of the worlds extended into the second realm. It couldnt really set foot inside.

Within the world of immortals, the overlay of the formation of the ten Yama Kings and Ge Longs sword formation meant that the ghost ancestors replica could only continuously fall back to the Abysses of Divine Burial.

The abysses were also about to shatter.

“You bastard!” Enraged beyond belief, the ghost ancestor in the chaos gnashed its teeth and reached out toward Mount Buzhou.

This mountain was the door to the ancestral planet. If its protections were broken, that would fully expose the ancestral planet—the origin of the worlds. Destroying the ancestral planet meant destroying the rest of the worlds as well.

However, a segment of green bamboo suddenly stretched out from Mount Buzhou and slapped harshly at the ghost ancestors hand.


The crisp collision resulted in the breaking of that arm.

“This way is barred,” sounded Fuxis voice from Mount Buzhou.

“The sacred prince of Creation Palace!!” shrieked the ghost ancestor. “Arent you dead!”


Instead of responding, Fuxi smashed one of the ghost ancestors heads open instead.

Slack jawed with dismay, the ghost ancestor didnt know how to react. It was a sovereign, but not yet on par with the sacred monarchs.

Fuxi and Wahuang were once respectively the first and second strongest beneath the monarchs. Now that they were peak sovereigns, they were fully on par with the six monarchs, placing them at the highest level of strength that the chaos could tolerate. Peak sovereign meant that they were at the apex of their cultivation realm, not that they possessed absolute dominance in the chaos.-

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