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The ghost ancestors true body retreated well into the polluted zone of the chaos, its laughing and crying expression flickering uncertainly.

Itd been the three-eyed man whod personally crafted the plan for the demise of the Creation sacred prince. However, he was now missing and the Creation sacred prince here instead. Not only that, but the prince was in residence at Mount Buzhou and protecting the foundation of the worlds.

With such a powerhouse holding down the fort, even a dozen sovereigns wouldnt be able to take the mountain. That the Creation sacred prince hadnt erupted in an all out slaughter and smashed the ghost ancestor to death was only due to wariness of the latters patron.

If the ghost ancestor died, then its backer would throw all caution to the wind. Things would truly become dangerous if that resulted in the arrival of a great master from the chaos.

The minor scuffles between the chaos and the world of immortals currently maintained a delicate balance. Both sides kept certain aces up their sleeves and didnt pull out all of their trump cards or fight to the death.

Both Fuxi and Lu Yun knew that if the ghost ancestor died, then those of the third realm would be compelled to act and break this balance.

Having retreated deeper in the chaos, the ghost ancestor found its immortal lord replica being suppressed within the four Abysses of Divine Burial. Space between the fissures broke apart and they slowly melded into one abyss.

They were a creation of the ghost ancestor to begin with.

Itd known how to control the divine race after stealing the opportunity of the Exalted divines all those ages ago. Then, itd spent countless years creating several Abysses of Divine Burial for burying the divines.

All of them had been shattered, leaving only these last four. These also contained the last of the ghost ancestors core essence in the world of immortals and was its strongest source of power. As long as these fissures remained, its replica couldnt be destroyed.

Now that they were becoming one abyss, the ghost ancestor brought out an unknown treasure to project a watertight defense that fully encased the Abyss of Divine Burial. It then burrowed inside, becoming unassailable no matter how viciously Ge Longs four swords stabbed at the abyss. The fissure only trembled slightly, but remained intact.

“Come, let us head to the outer realms,” Ge Long said to the ten Yama Kings as he looked beyond the facets to where the World Gates once stood.

“Lets go!” The ten headed to space, followed closely by four streaks of light that were Ge Longs swords.

Unrest and upheaval continuously erupted in all thirty-three facets as enemies sought to destabilize the world of immortals from the inside. Hidden experts on Lu Yuns side appeared one after another, shooting for the battlefield in the other realms whenever they took care of local disorder.

The Deaf Prince and the other prodigals, Jing Huaci, and the Yin Prince also headed to the World Gates with their great weapons of space and time.

Therein lay the true heart of the struggle.

Upon the shores of the North Sea, after the tidal waves receded, Goldenlight and Silverlight jointly slew all of the human traitors. Instead of also making for the outer realms, they hacked their way back to Dusk Province. There were still many race traitors to take care of there.

These traitors were all human supremacists, viewing humanity as the rightful ruler of the heavens and all other life as livestock and slaves for their ownership and enjoyment.

At the end of the era of human dao, apart from influence from chaos creatures, the fundamental reason for all other races betraying humanity was the existence of these extremists. Life itself had been forced into fighting for its future.

This select group of humans was once again on the scene, seeking to revert to human dominance and rule the heavens once again. All races should take their rightful place—beneath the heel of the human race!

This ran completely counter to the intent of the immortal dao. Though it centered on the human race, it was the dao of all. When human dao was first established, trailblazers Flame and Yellow Emperor created a sanctuary for humanity in the great wilderness. They did so not only through absolute strength and supremacy, but also with benevolence and tolerance that encompassed all races of the great wilderness.

However, the humans rampaging through Dusk Province recalled only violence and peremptory tyranny.

Heavyweights thatd survived the human dao era appeared in Dusk Province and waged a furious campaign on Mount Xuanhuang, seeking to occupy the mountain of immortal dao, the Dao Academy, and regain control over the great dao.

In their eyes, the Flame Emperor had betrayed humanity and become a cancerous tumor for the human race. Theyd gone so far as to obtain power from the chaos creatures in order to excise this tumor, and willingly acted as the vanguard of the second realm.

The human demon, Fuying [1], the Azure Dragon King, and many other experts of the academy, as well as the patriarchs of major Dusk clans, took to the field. Though they werent in the chaos realm, they were still masters of the empyrean realm.

Their combined efforts kept the group of traitors off Mount Xuanhuang soil. At the same time, the three hundred and sixty-five major cities of Dusk Province flared with scintillating light and connected in a formidable formation that enveloped Dusk.

Standing at the highest peak of Dao City with longsword in hand, Wanfeng looked at Zhao Zhicheng in Dusk City. Operating with perfect coordination, the two kept Dusk Province perfectly safe.

Within Dao City, the soul force that Lu Yun had brought back from the great wilderness were fully reborn in the Hell Flowers. Now life forms of the immortal dao, they quickly gathered together and fell in with a large army stirring to readiness.

This army was the original Dusk Phalanx!

To the front of the army, Yuchi Tianhuang, Yuchi Hanxing, and Xuan Yu stood on the head of a real Black Tortoise and stared coldly at the immortals daring to besiege their home.

“Kill!” In the center, Yuchi Hanxing raised her spear high and pointed it at the human traitors outside Dao City.





An opening appeared in the citys formation as the city gates swung wide open. A million Dusk Phalanx soldiers poured out, assembled in a battle formation that summoned another enormous Black Tortoise. That one formed a yin yang formation with the real divine beast and advanced on the enemy with inexorable momentum.

“Today, we baptize our armys banner in the blood of traitors! Our valiance knows no bounds and the outer realms will hear of our victories!” Though Yuchi Hanxing was a woman, she roared with commanding authority and stirred her troops to unmatched ferocity. In this moment, she was the center of this world.

Her declaration made the blood of the enemy run cold. This army thatd suddenly appeared didnt even view them as opponents! In their eyes, immortals of the three purities realm, empyrean, and chaos realm were just sacrifices!

Of this million strong army, there were defenders who once guarded the seaside stronghold of Dusk; there were a hundred and fifty thousand former soldiers of the Nephrite court; there were experts resurrected from the great wilderness. They were all one entity now—the Dusk Phalanx!

The troops gathered in the Heavenly Formation of the Black Tortoise and the two Black Tortoises ripped into the enemy like two tigers into a flock of sheep. They exterminated the traitors in the shortest period of time possible, and the black Dusk Phalanx banners fluttered freshly of bloody scarlet at the end of the engagement.

After they cleansed Dusk Province of unrest, the Dusk Phalanx looked to the capital of Nephrite Major. It was similarly under attack by human traitors. However, Xiankan fared far worse than Dao City—it teetered on the edge of breach and collapse.

“We will start from Nephrite Major and storm our way through all of the majors, until there is nothing left but the outer realms!” snarled Yuchi Hanxing.




1. Empress Myrtlestar when she was no longer the empress-

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