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“Whats… on the other side of the fissure” Lu Yuns heart spasmed painfully.

The crack was too large—it was bigger than the entire world of immortals! Perhaps it even ripped the cosmos of the world in half.

Was it manmade or naturally occurring

The space inside it likely dwarfed the worlds and it wasnt possible that someone of the sacred lands had created it. If they could tear such a large rip through the stars, then they couldve hewn the world of immortals in half a long time ago.

No, someone of the third realm was behind it!

Heavyweights of the third realm supported the sacred lands from the shadows. Theyd sent their own disciples to the chaos through the creation seeds. These disciples were supposed to slowly nurture their own power through the creation seeds, but Lu Yuns appearance and blocking the sacred lands had forced their hand before the best timing.

The nine possessed battle strength on par with the sacred monarchs when they were just sixth level mortal realm. If they reached sovereign realm… theyd be the ones ruling the chaos.

So it couldnt be them behind the fissure.

Lu Yun felt enormous pressure when he stood in front of the rip. It was one thing if the heavyweights of the Hongmeng fought for their own interests and plotted against each other. But from the looks of this, they seemed to be considering allying together.

The only thing he could be thankful for was that these third realm powerhouses couldnt enter the chaos or the worlds.

Lu Yun swept the Spectral Eye toward the fissure and saw that evil, sinister winds gusted inside. An disquieting air permeated it, just like how the Hadal Hell had once appeared.

The Hadal Hell had later been refined by the Tome of Life and Death and firmly stuck to the hell of human dao. Itd given birth to the netherdark, human hell, and the current kingdom of hell. Its core essence was now part of the world of immortals and had become the overall potential of the worlds.

The world within the fissure, however, was as if a Hadal Hell thatd never been touched. Ravening, turbulent energy ravaged through it, afflicting all of the yin spirits it touched.

Lu Yun glowered at the sight. He wanted to go in and see what the world was like, but he was shocked to discover that his dao heart, normally as steady as a boulder, was shaking.

He was afraid!

The terrifying presence that that world exuded shook him to the bone. His was an instinctual fear of a living being, as if there was something there that could devour every last trace of him.

There were no ripples of indication from the Tome of Life and Death, though he quailed from this primal fear. The Tome of Life and Death was an unknown treasure that represented a certain pattern, a kind of rule, and a type of order. It didnt possess its own thoughts and the power it deployed was a function of Lu Yuns strength.

That had been the case when Lu Yun forced the revival of Fuxi. Hed bestirred a certain rule within the treasure that triggered the power within the Tome of Life and Death. Though he was currently afraid, the book wouldnt appear to protect its master in the absence of any tangible danger.

“Well then, lets go inside and see what kind of place this is!” Lu Yun grit his teeth and forced down the terror circling around his heart. He sat down in front of the fissure and ignited hellfire over his body.

One of his image projections appeared in front of him.

Since it was an unknown world through the crack, he wouldnt possibly brazenly head inside to his potential death. The six paths of his nascent spirit had once more returned to his primary body. Though he couldnt die if they remained in the kingdom of hell, this kind of subterfuge wasnt useful when facing an immortal lord. By recombining the two of them, that raised his cultivation condition to its most optimal.

He was now in the empyrean realm, a far cry from the lowly ant he once was. But when faced with this fissure, he almost reflexively wanted to send his nascent spirit back to safety again.

I will never bow down to this kind of fear!

Blazing hellfire coalesced into a figure of Lu Yun, bearing him into the fissure on the back of a fiery dragon. Hed put the Treasurefall Coin away as he didnt want this precious object to be lost in an unknown world.


“This isnt the chaos, nor the third realm or fourth realm!” Lu Yuns projected image stood on top of a black dragon and wielded a dragon spear. Though he was a humanoid, he possessed three heads and six arms—three dragon heads.

He was a chaos dragon in human form.

Lu Yuns projected body was based off of the Dragonquake Scripture, and this method was the ultimate knowledge of the chaos dragons. Being in chaos dragon form enabled one to release the greatest power from the method—that of the forbidden passages.

When he burrowed into the fissure, he immediately discovered that he was still among the worlds. In fact, this seemed to be part of the cosmos around the world of immortals, just that itd absorbed the core essence of some powerful world and turned uncommonly ferocious.

Yin spirit after yin spirit darted out of the depths of this world, heading out the fissure and toward the world of immortals. They were growing steadily stronger as well. Though they were repressed upon encountering the energy of the world after they left the fissure, this kind of restriction dwindled the stronger they were.

“What kind of place is this” Lu Yun sucked in a sharp breath. This world seemed like a crazy tumor, firmly lodged into the world of immortals and releasing terrible poison that ate away at his home. Sadly, if this world was still within the chaos, he could release the Bridge of Forgetfulness and have it seal the fissure shut.

He dithered only momentarily before streaking further in.

“What is that!” Lu Yun suddenly stopped in front of a crimson sky. A great mountain towered in front of him, blocking his way as if it was a world itself.

However, it lay in ruins, having been cleaved into two. Yin spirits poured out through its crack, and five bloody worlds were emblazoned on the landmass.

Great Peak of the Five!

There shouldve been another word at the end, but something had erased the sixth word. However, Lu Yun could still guess what it shouldve been.


Great Peak of the Five Hells.

This was Mount Tai.

A broken Mount Tai.-

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