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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1159: The Sanguine Hell

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Mount Tai was the mountain between two realms, but this one lay in ruins!

As slow as Lu Yun might be, even he knew where he was now.


What lay beyond Mount Tai was another hell, one similar to the Hadal Hell.

Up until now, hed only known that there was the Hadal Hell in the world. Though hed inferred from the name “Great Peak of the Five Hells” that there were five total hells in the world, he hadnt been able to determine where the other four were or what kind of existence they entailed.

A second had just abruptly appeared in front of him, having turned into a pestilence for the world of immortals.

“This is indeed the cosmos of the world of immortals… The unknown hell lies beyond this mountain!” Lu Yuns projected image took a deep breath as he set foot on empty air, striding toward this second hell and crossing beyond the mountain.

A barren, desolate land the color of blood entered his field of vision. Piles of stark white bones littered the landscape, painting a macabre and eerie sight. As he walked the crimson land and took in its atmosphere, gravity weighed down his heart.

He could feel a distinct bleak sorrow, a mournful keen from this hell.

It was dead.

Contrary to the Hadal Hell thatd been refined by the Tome of Life and Death and connected to his kingdom of hell, this unknown hell had been destroyed by an unknown assailant at the roots. The white bones on the ground were the prisoners thatd once been kept here.

This was no longer the world of immortals, and Lu Yun still had no intention of bringing his actual body here. Even if his primary body came and operated the death arts to the maximum, he would still die here.

When She Nong had learned that Tianqi was the god of Mount Tai, hed said that the god of Mount Tai was dead.

While Lu Yun didnt know how many gods of Mount Tai or Mount Tais there were in the world, the one in charge of this hell had undoubtedly died with it.

Lu Yun looked down and tried to use the Spectral Eye to glean some information from the bones, but someone had wiped away all information within them a long time ago. These bones were just chunks of stubborn rocks.

“The yin spirits dont come from this dead hell, but from beneath the mountain.” Lu Yun turned back to look at the landmass hewn into two.

There was another terrifying world beneath the mountain, the true source of all the yin spirits in his world. This hell was just fertilizer for that world.

Lu Yun felt a headache set in from confusion.

It was certainly someone from the third realm behind the fissure in space, but this hell and the world beneath Mount Tai were beyond the reach of even heavyweights from the fourth realm.

What the heck is going on here

It wasnt until now that he realized thered been some sort of connection to the fourth realm all along, and itd been right there in front of him. Hed been too minuscule before, unable to see the bigger picture even though it was placed right under his nose. He could only see the parts that he could comprehend.

If this bloody world was the same as the Hadal Hell, then the world beneath Mount Tai was very likely a similar kind of hell.

Lu Yun made some calculations outside the fissure before sending his projected body further into the depths. His focus was on the connection between this hell and the Hadal Hell for now, the world beneath Mount Tai could wait. Was this hell one of the five

He wouldnt venture into that more dangerous zone beneath the mountain until he had a clear handle on this hell.

“This… shouldve been a fiery sea before!” He suddenly came up to an enormous pit that looked very similar to the sea of hellfire in the ninth level of the Hadal Hell. What shouldve been an expanse of leaping flame had been doused; there was only a withered branch at the bottom of the pit.

It was the same crimson color as the land.

“A tomb…” A sudden thought occurred to Lu Yun as he looked at the dry seabed and withered branch. “The fiery sea and branch form a layout of burial. This large pit is a tomb, laying to rest a terrifying existence!

“…is the god of Mount Tai buried here” His eyes lit up.

Though his primary body wasnt here, his projected self was extraordinarily strong. In fact, it was stronger than his primary body when it operated the Dragonquake Scripture in the form of a chaos dragon.

He slowly floated down into the dry pit.


The branch fell apart into dust as soon as he touched it.

“Looks like it was something like the Karmic Tree,” Lu Yun sighed. The withered specimen hadnt been from a Karmic Tree, but something that was the same equivalent. There was absolutely no trace of life left in that branch.

“The flames of this fiery sea shouldve been on the same level as hellfire. If I can get a second kind of hellfire…” Lu Yun operated the Dragonsearch Invocation and looked for the best spot to enter the tomb.

He wanted the seed of this flame, even if he couldnt find the buried god of Mount Tai! There was no way that a fire of that level would entirely die out. A seed would remain even if it was extinguished, awaiting a new chance to burn again.

“Found it! Right here.” Lu Yun burrowed beneath the ground.

Since his body was a projected image, it hovered between the tangible and intangible. He didnt need to make it out alive either; he could just throw whatever he found into the Gates of the Abyss.

Dragonquake Scripture operating at full capability, he swiftly arrived in front of something that looked like a palace. Primal layouts of burial contained only a main chamber that was shaped like a palace; there were no other side chambers or hallways. The one before him was made of countless planes folded and stacked upon each other.

With Lu Yuns current level of cultivation, he was standing in only one of them.

“The Sanguine Hell!” Lu Yun trembled when he caught sight of an obelisk ahead. Erected next to the palace, it spoke proudly of this hells name. He didnt recognize the script, but a certain will emanated from them so that he could understand them.

“The Sanguine Hell Is that the world outside” He stared fixedly at the obelisk.

The Sanguine Hell was very likely the second of the five, a hell that was on par with the Hadal Hell.

Lu Yun then shifted his gaze from the stone to a tiny oil lamp in the center of the palace. There was a tiny flame the color of blood burning within it.-

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