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Lu Yun had known that there was something waiting for him in the tomb, but he didnt know what it was. He stood in front of the fissure and peered into it before leaving.

Ghost Dragon and Ghost Phoenix had plainly entered the Nihil Hell beneath Mount Tai. They had come under somethings control, and Lu Yun didnt plan on antagonizing that hell for now. Since he knew where the yin spirits came from, he could find a way to suppress them and halt them outside the world of immortals.

Now that hed obtained the Sanguine Flame, he could incorporate it into the Tome of Life and Death so it could control the Sanguine Hell!

Hellfire was only a generalization for all fires from hell. His black hellfire—Hadal Fire—came from one of the five great hells. If combined with the Sanguine Flame, it would most likely result in a significant upgrade to strength.

However, the divine tree thatd once nurtured the Sanguine Flame was dead, and Lu Yun didnt know if the Karmic Tree could bring that flame back to its former vitality.

Regardless, he didnt want to spend a single second more in this part of space.

He returned to the spatial node where Qing Yu was, but it was now surrounded by a curtain of violet light. There was no trace of his beloved to be found. Though disappointment filtered through his gaze, he was more so very reassured. With Violetgrave protecting Qing Yu, nothing would happen to her in the cosmos.

Activating the Boundless Step, he returned to the World Gates.

“It looks like I was too optimistic… the outer realms wont last for eighty years at all!” Lu Yun brooded darkly as he took stock of the current battle situation.

Rivers of blood flowed over the world of immortals and almost every star was dyed red. Boundless yin spirits poured in through the broken World Gates. They were tireless and emotionless, able to launch offensive after offensive without pause.

But the immortals fighting in space could tire and feel fear. Though they steadfastly protected their home, their actions no longer felt any different than waiting for death.

Qing Han needed only one stroke to slay the expert beyond the stars thatd tried barging in, resulting in even more silver yin spirits. The immortal emperor and thirty-two lords had been forced to join the fray; even Tianqi was in the thick of things.

To the immortals, every single moment was a critical instant of life and death. But to the yin spirits, they were just mechanically surging and devouring everything in their path.

Many yin spirits had threaded through the defenses of the outer realms and entered the world of immortals. Thankfully, they were in the minority and quickly eliminated by the ten Yama Kings upon entering the atmosphere.

The ten Yama Kings were all in the creator realm. Lu Yun had them stand guard just beneath the outer realms, sealing away the connection between the outer realms and the world of immortals with the formation of the Ten Yama Worlds.

The formation exterminated any yin spirits that entered the worlds atmosphere. If the ten Yama Kings perished as well, then the world of immortals would be truly exposed to the enemy.


The battle was a gruesome and ghastly affair; there were now only three hundred thousand left of the million strong Dusk Phalanx. If it wasnt for Xuan Yu and Yuchi Tianhuang written into the Tome of Life and Death, they wouldve died a while ago as well.

“We cant hold on… theres no way we can hold on…” Lu Yuns heart clenched painfully as he looked at the bloody outer realms.

The world of immortals was using its greatest strength to hold off the yin spirits. But elsewhere in the depths of the cosmos, from the wreckage of the Nihil Hell, there was an endless source of them.

What strength the world of immortals could scrounge up was nothing compared to the Nihil Hell. There were also many mysterious experts hidden in the void that were covetously hovering near the world.

“Whatever, however long I can hold on is however long I can.” Lu Yun sucked in a deep breath and started burning all over his body. The golden Karmic Tree slowly stretched out behind him.


Hellfire ignited with a fury and churned into a sea of flames that set the cosmos on fire! Blazing with utmost power, it released all of the power there was in it!

The world of immortals was no longer afraid of this black Hadal Flame because the Hadal Hell had become part of it. Now as the nine hells, the Hadal Hell ensured that no hellfire would  harm the world.

Hellfire set space aflame with the blink of an eye. Countless yin and dead spirits were reduced to ashes by the ferociously leaping fire. Even the unknown existences hidden among the stars, waiting to make a move on the world of immortals, were fully eliminated!

After learning where the yin spirits came from, Lu Yun couldnt be bothered playing nice with those of the third realm. If they could enter the worlds, they wouldve done so long ago.

The immortals behind the World Gate suddenly felt the pressure on their shoulders lessen enormously; the endless tides of yin spirits that kept flooding in suddenly stopped.

Everyone blinked in confusion.

“Well Hurry up!!” Lu Yuns voice sounds from outside the World Gates. “I can keep control over the cosmos for ten years. The yin spirits will return anew after a decade. You need to make use of these ten years to clean out the yin spirits in the outer realms and rest, recover, and cultivate!”

Hellfire had taken form as a sea of flames and burned with abandon. It could be unleashed like this for ten years before Lu Yun had to retract it. Otherwise, the flames would rage out of control and never be commanded again.

The immortals from the outer realms to those on the world of immortals started, then began cheering. Theyd grumbled about Lu Yun and Qing Yu before as many heavyweights of the world, including the thirty-three facet lords, various great aristocracies, and numerous clan patriarchs had all joined the fight. They continuously bled and perished in the outer realms.

However, the two beheld and venerated as the dao sovereign and headmaster of the Dao Academy were nowhere to be found.

It wasnt until now that those of the world realized that their headmaster was outside the World Gates, commanding the situation with his strength alone! Hed killed all of the yin spirits in the cosmos!


Absolutely incredibly stunning!

This was their headmaster, the one who gave them unlimited hope.

“Kill!” Near the World Gates, Xing Mous long hair was scattered and soaked with blood—the blood of her comrades. She charged ahead and slaughtered nearby yin spirits thatd lost their source of support.

After three tumultuous months, the lingering yin spirits within the outer realms were finally entirely wiped out. Immortals then sat down wherever they were, so they could recover and cultivate.

Pill Sovereign Qi Hai of the Dao Academy and numerous venerated elders of pill dao had long made preparations for this lull in fighting. An endless stream of pills and panaceas flowed out as pill qi, enveloping all of the outer realms and healing the wounded with the fastest speed possible.

At the same time, the Timelight Tower rose into the air, sparkling with a purple haze. It also encompassed the outer realms and ever so slightly sped up the passage of time in this area.

After all, ten years wasnt long for either immortals or yin spirits.-

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