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Lu Yun wasnt behind these new crystal cannons, and it likewise wasnt his idea to have these cannons combust earthen veins and fire a barrage into the cosmos. These were the culmination of  the worlds wisdom over the past ten years.

The Dao Academy had played an important role as the sacred land of immortal dao. Itd risen to the forefront of this cataclysm and demonstrated unparalleled leadership and charisma.

In the ten years of breathing space, the denizens of the world refrained from focusing on raising their own strength and cultivation realms. It wasnt that a long period of time, so they wouldnt see much of an advancement even if they wholeheartedly devoted themselves to cultivating.

Instead, the various supplemental path grandmasters gathered together in the Dao Academy to study how their daos could strike against the yin spirits.

If it could be said that immortal methods and combat arts represented the martial might of the world of immortals, then supplemental paths represented the wisdom.

The development of civilization was safeguarded by might and led by wisdom. Since the martial might of the world of immortals had reached a bottleneck, it was time to focus on wisdom.

Within the Dao Academy, formula dao was a part of the required curriculum. To deduce and calculate the future trends of the world of immortals, the worlds, and all of life was now the mainstream cultivation method of all.

Over the past ten years, advancement of the supplemental paths far outstripped all the progress theyd made in the past one hundred. Strange and innovative techniques and methods abounded, all of them targeting the yin spirits.

The modified crystal cannons discharged for three months straight before falling silent. When the last cannon mouth subsided, the immortals fell into orderly formations in the outer realms, having already made their next plans against the yin spirits.

The nascent spirits of immortals retained a bit of mental strength whenever they killed a yin spirit. However, this strength contained a certain violent tendency. When absorbed in large quantities, the immortal became violent as well, sometimes even assimilated into a yin spirit themselves.

Fortunately, the immortals had found a way to resolve these violent inclinations. Lu Yun had once calculated a way as well, but the requisite price to pay was too high. The collective wisdom of all life in the world of immortals had accomplished what he couldnt do.

Though Lu Yun and Qing Yu were pivotal characters, they were only two people. There were boundless beings in the world of immortals and their combined intelligence was far greater than the sum of two.

With this accomplishment, the world of immortals had finally progressed in the direction that Lu Yun and Qing Yu had hoped for all along—completely stepping out from their shadows and truly setting foot on their own path.

They had entered an era of progress through self sufficiency. Lu Yun and Qing Yu were now just two totems, no longer the guiding hand that everyone relied upon.


On the other hand, ten years really wasnt that long. When boundless yin spirits poured in from the stars, it still created immense pressure on the immortals in the outer realms. They were too strong, too many, and the immortals working with too limited of a time.


A forceful ripple traveled through the depths of space not long after the yin spirits rushed in, followed swiftly by a wheel of an enormous sun. Blazing heat waves, filled with the vast might of the worlds and immortal dao, exploded through the cosmos.

The yin spirits melted beneath the heat like snowflakes, having met their bane in the form of an almost translucent white flame.

The flame of the immortal dao—Sol Truefire!


The cosmos of the world blazed like a giant forge.

“I can eke out another ten years for everyone, fellow daoists. It will really be up to you after this ten,” Qing Yus voice slowly traveled from deep within space.

“We thank the dao sovereign and headmaster!” First freezing with surprise, the immortals of the world bowed in unison at the World Gates.

All past grudges and feuds evaporated in the face of such disaster. The world of immortals was as united as itd never been before.

Ten years!

Another breather, one that was all too precious. Over the past ten years, the Dao Academy had developed a variety of methods and treasures from the supplemental paths. However, they hadnt had time to perfect these new creations before having to hastily deliver them to the battlefield in the outer realm. They now had enough time to experiment and test these half finished products.

“Dao Sovereign, Headmaster, please be at ease. We will not disappoint you and will safeguard the world of immortals with our lives!” roared the immortal emperor and the rest of the thirty-three lords.

“Youre wrong, you protect the world of immortals not for us, but for yourselves. Our hopes and wishes are your hopes and wishes,” Lu Yun responded meaningfully from outside the World Gates.

“…understood!” Abrupt realization struck the immortals of the world.


Instead of returning to the world of immortals, Lu Yun turned around and rushed back into the depths of space. Furious howls emitted from the fissure among the stars.

The one in residence in the Nihil Hell could finally bear things no longer. A large black hand probed out of the crack and punched through the Sol Truefire burning in the area, grabbing at where Qing Yu was.

“Away with you!” came a thundering snarl as an axehead bigger than an entire world probed out of the void, smashing heavily onto the black hand.


The black hand exploded into mountains of dust, like an entire world had been destroyed, before being consumed by the Sol Truefire.

A towering giant with a naked upper torso stood in space before the fissure. In his hands, the great axe glinted frostily of killing intent.


Battling the demon of the immortal dao, Pangu had finally walked out of an unknown world. He was still only a creator, but his chaos treasure Worldcarver was deploying the mightiest strength possible beneath the immortal dao.

He was invincible beneath the immortal dao, a kind of strength that represented the peak of that dao.

Currently, the highest cultivation realm beneath the immortal dao was creator realm. Since Pangu was in that realm, hed deployed the greatest strength of the immortal dao with that stroke!


Pangus current identity was the guardian of the immortal dao. He was invincible as long as the great dao remained. More frightening was that Pangus strength would grow along with the immortal dao. He would remain its guardian until it grew so strong that it no longer needed protection.

Next, God slowly materialized next to Pangu. Wielding Heavenfall, he occupied the same position as Pangu. He was also a creator and also represented the peak strength of the immortal dao.

“With the two of us here, you will not harm a single hair on the dao sovereigns head,” God said calmly to the void within the fissure.

Yin spirits continued to rush out of the crack, but they were reduced to dust the moment they entered space.

A ghostly face that was both laughing and crying floated out of the fissure, looking down at Pangu, God, and a Lu Yun whod just hurried here.-

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