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The laughing and crying face of the ghost ancestor shifted between alarm and suspicion. It naturally recognized that the Blood Sea overhead was the one that had once existed in Life Province of Nephrite Major. It belonged to a great master of the third realm.

No one knew why itd vanished from Life Province. It was equally unfathomable that the great master would use the Blood Sea as a bargaining chip to reach an agreement with Lu Yun.

Thus, as the bloody waters descended from above, a few notes of horror rang in the ghost ancestors heart.

“Who is it!” it suddenly roared upward, the sound waves spreading out and raising enormous waves through the now scarlet waters of the East Sea.

The Blood Sea was drawing ever nearer and accompanied by a pungent smell of decay. It slowly poured into the abyss at the end of the East Sea. When it touched the ghost ancestors replica, the latter immediately exploded from the pressure.

Within the chaos, the ghost ancestor paled and hastily withdrew its three remaining replicas from the world of immortals.

The Blood Sea had delivered too much damage to it and its current level of cultivation couldnt withstand the heavyweight behind the Blood Sea. This was a kind of mental suppression!


A beasts claw suddenly stretched out from the abyss and rammed the crimson Blood Sea. Though the bloody waves were dispelled, so did the abyss start to shake and tremble. Cracks snaked through the ground in a sign that the abyss was about to collapse.

“Jin Naluo!” came a furious yell from the bottom of the abyss. The claw crumbled away when the bloody waves regathered and crashed against it.

“Puny ant, how dare you use my name!” A wrathful rebuke exploded above the Blood Sea and a tremendous human face materialized in the sky. It was the red-haired man whod reached an agreement with Lu Yun.

Jin Naluo!




Enormous explosions sounded from the North, South, and West Seas at the same time as the four Abysses of Divine Burial shifted together into one bottomless gulf. An enormous beast that resembled a lizard crawled out of it.

When it appeared, a mysterious sense of oppression draped over the world of immortals. A dense layer of heavy clouds enveloped the world, accompanied by the loud crescendo of thunder.

“Aooue aooue aooooue!” The lizard shrieked at Jin Naluos face up in the sky as soon as it crawled out.

This was a lizard of pure black that also seemed to be wearing a metal frame of pitch black. Bone spurs grew out of all of its joints, presenting a hideous and ferocious sight. It was incredibly large at a million miles long, and the sense of oppression was something it emitted naturally.

“How dare a pathetic worm enter the world of immortals in your true form!” Jin Naluo gasped when he saw the creature. Though this wasnt a strong opponent in his eyes, it was still a creature of the third realm!

The world of immortals had just completed its transformation and couldnt endure the strength of a creature of the Hongmeng. Whether it was the chaos or the worlds, those of the third realm werent allowed in either of them!

How dare one of them just appear in the open like this

Jin Naluo glowered darkly.

“Jin Naluo! I know youre a king of the third realm. But if you attack me, Ill release my power and destroy this world of immortals—no, all of the worlds! Ill go down with it in fiery glory!” The lizard lifted its head and spat out gray smoke that devoured the worlds energy wherever it passed through.

Jin Naluo stared fixedly at the lizard, an odd look of humiliated suffering in his eyes. The current world of immortals was as fragile as a bubble; everything had to be conducted with utmost caution. If this bubble popped, the fruits of their endless eons of labor would be gone in an instant.

“Youre a lizard-dragon from Dragonhollow Mountain!” Jin Naluo sneered with recognition. “You may be concealing your true self, but I can still tell that youre a lizard-dragon!”

“Yes, Im a lizard-dragon from Dragonhollow Mountain,” the lizard cackled with glee. “What can you do about it, and what can you do to my Dragonhollow Mountain Youre a king of the Hongmeng, but Dragonhollow Mountain also possesses kings.

“Go attack the mountain if youre that strong!” It refused to back down in the slightest when facing Jin Naluo.

Thered once been six Abysses of Divine Burial scattered throughout the world of immortals and the underworld. Two of them had been destroyed, and each of the remaining four contained a section of the lizard-dragons body. When the four abysses came together, they reformed the lizard-dragon in its entirety.

This was the greatest plan that Dragonhollow Mountain had left in the world of immortals, and who wouldve thought that the Blood Sea would suddenly descend today and destroy one of them!

If another abyss was demolished, the lizard-dragon would be done for. That was why itd shown itself at this time.

Jin Naluo considered the situation with ominous uncertainty, finally electing to dismiss his replica in a puff and sending the Blood Sea toward one point in the sky.

“Hes finally completely out of here,” Lu Yun heaved a sigh of relief as he looked at where Jin Naluo had vanished.

“Little junior, I helped you chase off the last wisp of Jin Naluos will, so dont come making trouble for me in the future!” Surprisingly, the lizard-dragon grew even more agitated after Jin Naluo left. This wasnt a victory for it, but a development that put it in great danger as well.

It didnt want to die.

“But senior has already said that this is a grudge between the two of you. What does it have to do with me” Lu Yun grinned broadly.

“And what do you want! Do you really think that I dont dare destroy this world!” The lizard-dragon was having a difficult time controlling its temper. It had the courage to take down its enemy in mutual destruction when facing a king of the Hongmeng like Jin Naluo, but what kind of glorious last stand would this be when it faced an ant that wasnt even in the chaos realm!

All of the life forms in the world of immortals added together wouldnt be as precious as one of its talons.

“Senior is a great powerhouse in the third realm. If you wish to destroy the world of immortals, there is nothing this junior can do to stop you. This junior can do nothing about anything the senior wishes to do.” Lu Yuns smile slid off his face, replaced by a vexed expression.

“Out with it! What do you want!” The lizard-dragon felt like its brain was exploding. Itd rather face a king like Jin Naluo than this particular junior. Thanks to its vantage point, it was familiar with Lu Yuns maddening style.

There was nothing it could do but cower in the abyss. If it rushed out in full, itd crush the world of immortals. If that happened, the heavyweights of the third realm would skin it alive, pluck out its meridians, and turn it into a stuffed lizard.

“There is a corpse of a divine in the abyss. Please give it to this junior.” Only seriousness appeared in Lu Yuns face now. “If the senior is unwilling, then this junior will have to go down in fiery glory as well. When this world of immortals is ruined, senior will be skinned, plucked of your meridians, and turned into a stuffed lizard.

“Your brothers, sisters, mother, father, aunts and uncles on Dragonhollow Mountain will also meet with the same fate.”-

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