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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1166: Finally Come In

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The lizard-dragon stared fixedly at Lu Yun with its dark, beady eyes. If it could, it wanted to skin this puny life form alive and strip it of its meridians, then turn it into dried human!

“Of course, if the world of immortals is destroyed and the worlds themselves cease to exist, us beings of this realm will only hear apoof and know nothing further.

“Well feel no pain or fear. It will be a quiet death, just like a natural one,” Lu Yun explained earnestly. “But senior and seniors parents, aunts and uncles, grandaunts and granduncles, brothers and sisters, grandpas and grandmas wont be that lucky.

“Theres a small chance that theyll be stripped of their skin and meridians and become stuffed lizards displayed in an exhibit somewhere. Theres a much larger chance that theyll be subject to a lifetime of torment through slow slicing, in which they experience death by a thousand cuts forever…”

“Enough!!” The lizard-dragon suppressed its rage with effort as Lu Yun rambled on and on. It lowered its voice,”So what if I dont give it to you Jin Naluos will is gone now, do you really think you have the right to take me down with you!

“Now that the Blood Sea lacks his will, it cant threaten my abyss at all!” it sneered with pride.

“Please take a look at this, senior.” A tiny stone bridge floated above Lu Yuns palm when he gently opened his hand. “If the power of this bridge explodes, it will destroy the world of immortals. If senior refuses to give that body to this junior, then this junior will have to use this stone bridge to end this world.”

The lizard-dragons pitch black eyes bore into the stone bridge on Lu Yuns hand. Though it couldnt tell what level of existence the stone bridge was, it did indeed sense a catastrophic strength from it—one strong enough to erase the world of immortals.

“You little bastard!” raged the lizard-dragon and it almost charged out of the abyss. “This is the world of immortals, this is your home! You want to destroy your home to threaten me!!”

It felt that its mental abilities were insufficient for the situation at hand. What kind of strategy was this, being willing to destroy ones own home to threaten an outsider Just who was safeguarding this world and who had designs on it

“Ahem!” Lu Yun coughed delicately. “This is indeed this juniors home, but there are only a crowd of ants in this juniors home. Senior is an expert of the third realm and there are also your grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles to consider. They are all highly noble and esteemed individuals. This junior is getting a better bargain even if its one life for a life, isnt it

“You might not know our customs, senior,” Lu Yun struck a very serious tone. “We dont necessarily need to live glorious and distinguished lives, but we must be buried in splendid fashion and interred with the best burial goods.

“When the world of immortals is no longer, it will have many powerhouses of the Dragonhollow Mountain in the third realm as burial goods. Im sure that my fellow immortals will be extremely gratified in the underworld when they learn of this.”

He paused for a moment when he saw little puffs of gray smoke float out of the lizard-dragons eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

“That Jin Naluo already knows that senior is in the world of immortals, so if the world goes boom, its all seniors doing either way. No one would believe that we blew up our own world, right” Lu Yun scratched his head with great puzzlement before throwing more fuel onto the flames. “I wouldnt, at least.”

“ENOUGH!” By now, the lizard-dragon would rather fight Jin Naluo for three hundred rounds than listen to this kid run his mouth with these ludicrous threats. Although it knew that the human was just talking big and would never really blow up his home, it didnt dare bet on it.

Its life, and that of its friends and family, was much more valuable than the tiny ants in the world of immortals.

“Come and get it yourself if you want that divines body!” A smile curved the lizard-dragons mouth as it looked at Lu Yun. “If you want it, come and get it. If you dont want to set foot inside, then blow up your world.”

“Since the senior has agreed, then this junior will go on ahead.” Lu Yun shook off his legs and strode out to enter the abyss.

“Hold on!” The lizard-king panicked to see Lu Yun proceed without hesitation. “Is Jin Naluos will on you instead”

“You must be joking, senior. Jin Naluo is a king of the third realm and someone with his own dignity to consider. It was already shameless that he pulled one over this junior, and it would be shameful to the utmost if he was still here,” Lu Yun responded matter-of-factly.

“Hmph!” came a low snort in the void as a smear of blood fully faded away.

Jin Naluo had truly left this time.

“See, Senior Jin Naluo still cares about face,” Lu Yun said merrily. Plainly, after the act with the Blood Sea earlier, the heavyweight of the third realm had still remained on the premises.

“Then I want to know how you reached an agreement with him and got his Blood Sea!” The lizard-dragon remained alert.

“This junior told Senior Jin Naluo,” Lu Yun paused, as if recalling something, “that if Senior Jin Naluo doesnt agree, then this junior will blow up the world with this bridge. At that time, the seniors grandparents, parents, cousins, first aunts husbands second wifes third son—“

“Okay okay I get it!” the lizard-dragon interrupted. “Come on in.”

The enormous lizard-dragon head shrank back from the entrance and a barrier seemed to disappear at the same time. The combined abyss was a result of power from the third realm. Beings of the world of immortals couldnt make their way inside, and even the ghost ancestor had had to withdraw its three replicas.

“Then this junior shall be entering.” Lu Yun shook his legs again and strode into the abyss.


“Hahahaha!! Little thing, youve finally come in!” The lizard-dragons claw came down as soon as Lu Yun entered the Abyss of Divine Burial. It snarled, “Youre not going out after youve come in! Im going to skin your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, aunts, uncles, and brothers and sisters and pluck their meridians! Ill turn them all into dried and cured humans! Theyll be begging for death!”

How proud it was in this moment! Itd watched Lu Yun walk into the abyss with that strange bridge. The human wouldnt be able to threaten it as long as that bridge wasnt in the world of immortals.

Without that concern, such a small thing as a human of the world of immortals was just a toy to the lizard-dragon.

“Yes, Im finally inside! Didnt I waste all that time and spittle just so you would open the door for me like a good little lizard” Lu Yuns muffled voice traveled out from beneath the lizards claw. And then—


A loud hum buzzed out from the claw as the Bridge of Forgetfulness ballooned explosively, bouncing the lizard-dragons claw away.


Another loud hum saw the appearance of a huge stone bridge in front of the lizard-dragon. The stone bridge rolled gently and sat right on top of the creature. Shrieking, it discovered with dismay that its power from the third realm was as fragile as paper in front of the stone bridge!

Completely ignoring the lizard-dragon, Lu Yun stood on the bridge and took a look around. They were no longer in the world of immortals, but in something like a wormhole embedded in the void of the world.

This wormhole was big, very big, so big that it seemed boundless without end. It was an infinite number of times bigger than the Abyss of Divine Burial that Lu Yun had once visited. There were other strange creatures here apart from the lizard-dragon, but theyd all scattered the moment the bridge appeared.

“What a pity that the structure of this abyss is from the third realm. It cant contain my power,” Lu Yun remarked with some pity after he carefully employed formula dao in the surroundings. 

He could only release the power of the fourth realm when he was physically in that realm and deploying the death arts. In this abyss, he would still remain at empyrean realm even if he utilized Size Manipulation to the utmost.

“Little thing, what kind of man are you to ambush someone like this Fight me properly if you have the guts to!” roared the lizard-dragon from beneath the bridge.

“Oh, alright then.” Lu Yun jumped down from the bridge and put it away.

“Hahaha! You fell for it, sucker!” The lizard-dragon grew three hundred meters long as soon as it leapt free and pounced on Lu Yun. “Im going to take your skin and meridians this time and make you into a stuffed human!”

As the lizard grew larger in his field of vision, Lu Yun suddenly raised the Bridge of Forgetfulness.


The lizard-dragon flew backward and smashed into the cliff face, becoming deeply embedded inside.

Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!

Lu Yun raised the bridge again and again, smacking the lizard-dragon silly.

“Despicable!” the lizard-dragon cursed in between howls of pain! “Dont use that bridge if you have what it takes! Well have a right and proper fight!”

“Okay.” Lu Yun stopped, allowing the lizard-dragon to slide off the rocky wall like an enormous meat patty. He walked up to the lizard-dragon and rested the bridge on it. “Okay then, Im not going to use the bridge this time. We can go for three hundred rounds!”

An immortal sword materialized in his hand and he walked on air up to the lizard-dragons head, brandishing his sword in a sword seal.

“Come on then, get up and fight me!” Lu Yun looked down at the immobilized lizard-dragon that still resembled a flattened meat patty.






“Lizard-dragon! As a noble titan of the third realm, how can you use swear words to curse others This is an affront to your identity!” Lu Yuns eyes grew wide as he hadnt expected the lizard-dragon to curse him with this language, of all things.

“You **ing thing!” The lizard-dragon finally erupted, letting loose with a torrent of filthy and esoteric swear words that fully inquired after eighteen generations of Lu Yuns ancestors and thirty-six generations of his descendants.

For the first time in his life, Lu Yun discovered that the heavyweights of the third realm swore with the same vehemency as Earthlings when they cared to.-

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