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The lizard-dragons cursing was truly too uncouth. While Lu Yun was familiar with all manner of swearing seeing as he was from Earth, he actually found it hard to take some of what the lizard-dragon was spewing.

He grabbed the Bridge of Forgetfulness and lifted it up.

“Hmph, do you know my mightiness now Ill curse you to death even if I cant beat you to death!” The lizard-dragon crowed with pride and remained splayed on the ground.


Lu Yun slammed the bridge down on the lizard-dragon, forcing it to go open-mouthed with pain and almost bursting its eyeballs from its sockets.




Lu Yun lifted and slammed the bridge down again and again, filling the air with a ringing chorus of the lizard-dragons agonized wails. It couldnt form a coherent sentence anymore.

“Did you want to curse me while I beat you” Lu Yun grinned while his hands remained busy. “Go ahead and curse me! Lets see if your curses hurt more than my beating. I may not win in terms of swearing, but I can definitely beat the crap out of you.”

He chuckled merrily while the lizard almost breathed fire.

Beat me

If it wasnt for the strange bridge in the humans hand, the lizard-dragon couldve blown the gnat to death with one breath! Even now, it remained fully suppressed only because itd been caught off guard and hadnt had time to react before the bridge overpowered it.

If it was granted even the hint of a seconds worth of breathing space, it would be able to wipe this puny life form from existence. 

As strong as the Bridge of Forgetfulness was, Lu Yun was too weak.

Unfortunately for the lizard-dragon, Lu Yun gave it no chances. Besides, the bridge was a living, sentient being. Rather than saying that it was Lu Yun pummeling the lizard, it was more so the bridge beating the crap out of it.

The bridges power had thoroughly seeped into the lizard-dragons body and fully curtailed its strength. It wouldnt be able to respond even if Lu Yun gave it enough room to. Additionally, since the bridge came from the fourth world, the lizard-dragon wasnt able to detect an existence of this level.

Even now, it only thought that Lu Yun was beating it with a treasure that it couldnt withstand.


“Go on, keep on cursing.” Lu Yun was now using the bridge as a massive hammer and trying his best to create lizard meat patty.

Gradually, the lizard-dragons howls and wails began to die out and a strange tone emitted from its mouth. Two water droplets the size of a human head flowed out of its eyes, plopping to the ground and slowly accumulating into two small creeks.

It was crying.

A powerhouse of the third realm, one that commanded the wind and rains, was crying from Lu Yuns beating.

“Wahhh wahhhh wahhh—

“Wahhhhhh sniffle snort—

“Dont hit me anymore, it hurts…” It finally formed actual words when Lu Yun paused, then cried even more loudly.

Itd been humiliated by a life form even weaker than an ant and beaten until it bawled. Its tears continued as it begged for mercy. Any notion of dignity or face was as nonexistent as the clouds. It only wanted to cry its heart out.

Itd thought that this mission to the world of immortals would be inordinately easy and refining the world was all but in the bag. However, a thought replica of a Hongmeng king—Jin Naluo—had discovered it not long after its true body arrived in the world. It hadnt even had time to understand the local power structure and political landscape before being located, and now this baffling minor life form was giving it the beating of its life!

The lizard-dragon felt that the kings of Dragonhollow Mountain must have lied to it.

If theyd told it that the world of immortals was rife with danger and countless dangerous existences lurked in the shadows, it wouldve acted with much more caution. It wouldnt have sent the ghost ancestor out to expand their territory in the world, and thus wouldnt have drawn the ire of Jin Naluo or so easily let Lu Yun into the abyss.

The lizard-dragon wailed with unhappiness, a bawling baby that weighed several hundred million tons.

Lu Yuns jaw dropped and he didnt know what to do.

“Eh, um, okay dont cry. I wont hit you any more.” He threw the bridge to the side and turned his hands up helplessly.

“Wahhhh, WAHHHHH—”

“I really wont hit you anymore. Look, Ive thrown the bridge away!” repeated Lu Yun.

“Really” The lizard-dragon stood up and swiped the tears away from its eyes. It leered, “Little thing, I wont let you walk out of here today now that youve seen this young lord lose my composure! Im going to skin you alive and strip your meridians, turning you into a piece of dried human!”

It raised its claw and brought it down on Lu Yun. Then…


One crisp collision later, the lizard-dragon that was still in meat patty form flew backward and smacked into the cliff face again. It stared blankly at Lu Yun—the bridge was indeed lying quietly off to the side while the human waved his fists with a leer.

“So what if Ive seen your ugly face lose its composure” Lu Yun smirked and summoned a talisman into his hand. A hazy image rose from it and projected into the void, drawing the image of a bawling meat patty with tears and snot coming out of its face.

The lizard-dragon.


The lizard-dragon peeled itself off the rocky wall and fell heavily to the ground.

“Tsk tsk, this kind of crying makes the audience sorrow as well. Men fall silent and women cry with you. Tell me, what would happen if I sold this jade talisman to the Hongmeng” Lu Yun cracked an absolutely evil grin.

An involuntary shudder ran down the lizard-dragons spine and it jumped upward, pouncing on the human again.

Completely unperturbed, Lu Yun casually lifted a leg and kicked the lizard-dragon right back.

“AhhhHHHH!!” The lizard-dragon was losing its mind. It didnt even have time to take a breath and consider what was happening, why it suddenly couldnt beat a puny life form of the world of immortals. All it could think about was taking the talisman from Lu Yun.

It rushed the human again and again, and was punted back again and again. It finally no longer had the strength to move when it bled from multiple wounds to the head.

“Why… is this happening” Its mind suddenly cleared up. “Youre an empyrean immortal of the world of immortals, why is a noble being of the third realm unable to defeat you”

The lizard-dragon crouched on the ground and murmured in confusion. The look in its eyes was blank. Though it pondered the situation, it no longer possessed the will for defiance. It just wanted to quietly remain here until the end of time. Affairs of the third realm and the hopes of Dragonhollow Mountain rising again had nothing to do with it.

“So youve finally realized it, huh” Lu Yun stretched comfortably and sat down in front of it. “Do you yield”

“…I yield.” The lizard-dragon swept a glance over Lu Yun and closed its eyes, no longer wishing to see the human.

“What about the body of the divine spirit” Lu Yun had already swept the entire abyss with the Spectral Eye, but found no sign of what he wanted. 

“Its in a small world at the deepest depths of the abyss.” Saying that it yielded meant that the lizard-dragon really had been beaten into submission, whether physically or mentally. “So tell me, why is this Why cant I beat you” It looked seriously at Lu Yun.

“Simple. Im stronger than you.” Lu Yun beamed radiantly.-

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