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The Bridge of Forgetfulness maintained a firm lock on the lizard-dragon. The creature was now weakest to the utmost, whether in terms of physical body or the Hongmeng strength inside it. Even an ordinary empyrean immortal could trample the lizard-dragon in its current condition, much less Lu Yun.

Of course, hed never tell the lizard-dragon this. He needed to maintain his invincible image and make use of this opportunity to recruit it.

Based on Jin Naluos attitude, “lizard-dragon” wasnt a term for a species or clan, but a specific name for the huge creature in front of it. Plainly, it was a notable powerhouse within the third realm.

That was why Lu Yun had used an extreme method to devastate the lizard-dragon and completely crush its dignity. Only then would he have an opportunity to make the creature one of his.

For now, Lu Yun didnt know whether or not he could take beings of the third realm for his Infernum. The lizard-dragon might well and truly die with nothing left behind if he killed it. Hed killed many chaos creatures when in the second realm and numerous geniuses on the Inception Spiritrial Arena. None of them had subsequently shown up as his Infernum, so he didnt want to chance killing the lizard-dragon now.

His mastery over the laws of reincarnation only extended to the world of immortals. The denizens of this world were under the jurisdiction of reincarnation, which was why they turned into his Infernum upon death, or were summoned by and entered hell.

But to the current Lu Yun, creatures of the chaos and those of the Hongmeng were existences beyond the wheel of reincarnation. Its laws couldnt reach them even if he killed them.


The lizard-dragon remained sprawled on the ground, still disinclined to move. Lu Yun headed further down the abyss with the Bridge of Forgetfulness.

Though there were places to stand here, they werent really at the bottom of the abyss. The abyss couldnt be viewed through a normal lens as it was multiple layers of space in one, a structure that formed a vortex. Who knew what the bottom of the abyss connected to

Lu Yun didnt dare enter the third realm for now. As strong as the bridge was, he was too weak. The slightest ripples from any battle would disintegrate him. If this abyss led to the third realm, he would turn around without the slightest hesitation.

Thankfully, it was a tiny world at the bottom of the abyss, one in which floated a corpse.

The corpse of a divine spirit.

A kind of white life form teemed around the corpse, hair-raising in its multitude like it was packs of cockroaches. They were just a meter long and looked like monkeys made of white bone. However, there was a layer of skin closely stuck to their bones, like they were also withered corpses.

“What is that” Instead of focusing on the body, Lu Yuns interest was piqued by the corpse-like monkeys. There was a frightening concentration of resentment and fury radiating from them, the combination forming a noxious blend of destruction.

“These creatures are the life forms of pure emotion!” Lu Yun sucked in a breath.

Bitterness and wrath at certain concentrations resulted in the formation of the ethereal and corporate soul partss. Those created a true spirit and turned them into a true living being. However, these creatures were directed by those emotions, their minds filled with nothing else other than wild and violent desires to destroy.

When the monkeys noticed Lu Yuns descent, they shrieked piercingly and surged in his direction.


The Bridge of Forgetfulness burst forth with an almost tangible array of ripples. The white monkeys immediately plopped to the ground when they hit the wave of energy.

Standing on the bridge, Lu Yun slowly landed at the bottom of the abyss. The floating corpse of the divine spirit slowly rose into a standing position, his eyes opening and gracing the air with rays of bloody light.

“So youre the one behind Diexi… youre the one who set up the tomb for the living,” murmured Lu Yun when he looked at the corpse.

This body had plainly transformed into a zombie and then evolved into a zombie king, and a perfect one at that. It was a heaven-defying existence and an utmost concentration of life. It had reversed life and death and returned to yang from yin!

His evolution was even more perfect than the current Diexi!

Diexis body came from Changxi, connate demon god of the Taiyin Star. Meanwhile, the zombie kings body had come from God. God had died once, and his corpse at the peak of Mount Buzhou had disappeared.

It appeared that someone had placed his body at the bottom of the Abyss for Divine Burial to lay the groundwork for turning it into a zombie king.

The abyss buried the glories of the divine race and obscured their deeds of great merit. It cast them as the sinners of the world, a twisting of the truth that gradually invaded Gods corpse. It transformed the body into a zombie king that brimmed with the desire for annihilation.

“It was me.” The zombie king nodded gently and retracted the bloody light within his eyes. He looked calmly at Lu Yun and the Bridge of Forgetfulness. While the bridge was still discharging magnificent waves of power, that level of strength couldnt affect him.

The world beneath the abyss had become a domain of absolute power that belonged to the zombie king.

“I am the one behind the Corpse Refiners and the inventor of the corpse refining method in the world.” The zombie kings gaze was gentle, but Lu Yun saw a flash of bloodthirst behind the benign look.

If it wasnt for the Bridge of Forgetfulness, Lu Yun was certain that the zombie king would rip him to pieces. The most frightening creature of this abyss wasnt the lizard-dragon, but the god of destruction that was the zombie king.

“Ill tell you everything you wish you know.” The zombie king suddenly leered in an extremely evil fashion. “You look quite delicious… Ill tell you everything you want to know if you let me take a bite!”

“Okay.” Lu Yun grinned broadly and jumped down from the bridge.


Blazing hellfire ignited around him.

The zombie kings eyes turned bloodshot and he shot backward, not wanting to come in contact with Lu Yun.

“Hellfire!” he mumbled.

“Oh no, no, no. Hellfire is just a broad category.” Lu Yun shook his head. “To be exact, this is the Hadal Flame, and it comes from the Hadal Hell.”

The zombie king continued retreating. Though Lu Yun had jumped down from the Bridge of Forgetfulness, the hellfire that he blazed with was an even greater concern. If set afire, the zombie king would be reduced to ash with his current level of strength.

“This is also hellfire!” Lu Yun flipped his hand over and materialized the scarlet oil lamp. Now the size of a palm, the Sanguine Flame flickered with an eerie bright vermillion.

“The flame of the Sanguine Hell!” shrieked the zombie king when that fire appeared. “Take it away! Dont let it come near me!”

He blurred into a streak of light and headed for the upper reaches of the abyss.

“Go back!” A violent tremor erupted from the bridge and shook him back.

“Id thought that only my immortal force could bring the Sanguine Flame back to life… but when I came here, I found that you have the same effect.” Lu Yun advanced upon the zombie king with the scarlet oil lamp.-

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