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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1172: A New Creator

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“This entire abyss evolved from this fragment of Mount Tai. That makes it the core of this area, and it remained undiscovered by the zombie king and lizard-dragon all along. It probably wouldnt have materialized if I wasnt refining the abyss with hellfire.”

Neither the zombie king nor lizard-dragon had fully controlled the abyss. Though it was no longer hell, it still carried the same attributes and the same robust strength. If the lizard-dragon had obtained this fragment, it wouldve easily broken through the seal from the Bridge of Forgetfulness.

What a shame that there were no ifs, ands, or buts in life.

Lu Yun reached out and closed his hand around the small fragment. There was no sense of repulsion from it. On the contrary, it exuded a very intimate and joyous feeling.

“This fragment belongs to Tianqis past life, alright,” Lu Yun sighed gently.

Tianqis past life had been an unparalleled existence of the fourth realm. Sadly, that great one had died and reincarnated as the new god of Mount Tai. The one now overseeing the Sacred Peak of the Five Hells and in charge of all five hells was Tianqi.

Lu Yun was Tianqis master in this life and shared a karmic relationship with the mountain god. Thus, any power left behind by Tianqis past life would naturally be close to Lu Yun.

Strength from the Tome of Life and Death enveloped the fragment and easily refined it, turning the abyss into Lu Yuns world.


“Though this abyss is a real world, its core essence is a passage.” Lu Yun carefully sent his senses around the abyss after refining it and discovered that its very bottom was connected to another locale—the third realm, the Hongmeng!

“I see, I see!” A fine sheen of sweat beaded his forehead.

Once the world of immortals grew to the point of being able to endure power from the third realm, experts of the Hongmeng would descend upon the world of immortals through this abyss.

At that time, the world would belong to the creatures of the third realm. Once they arrived, there would be none in the world of immortals who would be able to match them!

No one in the chaos had been able to rise beyond and reach the Hongmeng since the age of the mythological realm, to say nothing of the world of immortals.

Thankfully, the lizard-dragon didnt know what the heavyweights of its realm were planning. If itd quietly bided its time in our world and gone with the flow, it mightve succeeded.

For now, Lu Yun left the abyss alone and merely redirected its connection from the end of the East Sea to his hell.

After breaking free of the Hadal Hell, hell was stronger than before. With both hellfire and the Karmic Tree in residence, Lu Yun was certain that before long, not even kings of the third realm would be able to throw their weight around in the netherworld.

“Hmph!” a cold snort echoed in the abyss. 

Lu Yun shifting the other end of the abyss out of the world of immortals naturally drew attention from the experts of the third realm. Thus marked the failure of his new plan at its inception. Those of the Hongmeng were no fools. Though they couldnt personally visit the abyss, nothing that happened to it would escape their notice.

“Someone from Dragonhollow Mountain” Lu Yun lowered his head and peered at the depths of the abyss.

A dragons head had appeared there at some time, one far different than any of the dragon race that Lu Yun had seen thus far. It didnt resemble one out of the Chinese legends, but looked like a dinosaurs head.

That didnt surprise Lu Yun much. The lizard-dragons appearance took after a large lizard, which was also a type of dinosaur.

Dinosaurs had also once existed on Earth, evident in the fossils excavated from the land. No one knew what precise period theyd existed in. Though it was public knowledge that an asteroid had caused their distinction, this Earth was different from the Earth that Lu Yun was familiar with, so the extinction of dinosaurs was likewise a mystery.

The dinosaurs head in front of him looked like that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it was many times bigger and filled the entire bottom of the abyss.

Lu Yun had put away the Bridge of Forgetfulness. If that dragon dared enter the abyss, he would smash the bridge down on it and capture it as well.

However, it only took a glance at Lu Yun before shrinking back. It didnt enter the abyss proper.


A certain power blasted the other end of the abyss and severed its connection to the Hongmeng. Plainly, that dragon had watched how Lu Yun had killed the zombie king and subdued the lizard-dragon.

“Damn shame. It looks like the creatures of the third realm are all craftier one after another. It wont be that easy to plot against them.” Lu Yun smacked his lips with pity. He didnt have a way to enter the third realm at the moment. No one could, when their strength didnt reach that level.

With that, he put the abyss away and returned to the end of the East Sea.

It was an expanse of cerulean blue again. The polluted sea waters, as well as the marine monster spirits thatd come under the abyss control, were all back to normal.

However, nothing would restore the destroyed monster courts. Lu Yun could only collect their fragmented souls from the four oceans to the best of his abilities and send them to the sea of Hell Flowers for rebirth.

The unrest of the four seas was thus quelled, and the hidden threat to the divine race forever erased.

Spectacular rays of divine light dawned over Exalted Major. The moment the abyss melded into hell, a pillar of divine light soared to the heavens. The ruined Exalted court appeared once more, transforming into a new existence—the primordial divine court.

This was the divine court that the primordial divine race had established!


Terrifying rays of sword qi exploded out of the boundless sword marsh at the southernmost tip of Dusk Province. An enormous sword shadow rose into the air and pierced through to the outer realms!

The Sword Barrow!

Having buried the primordial divine civilization, the Sword Barrow finally cast off the last of its restraints and soared into the outer realms with the past glories of the ancient court.

Within the outer realms, Exalted Celestial Lord Dongfang Hao let loose with two piercing rays of sword light when he opened his eyes. The Sword of Chaos flared with piercing splendor that almost vied with the fire of the immortal dao in the cosmos!


“The Sword Barrow has struggled free of its restraints and the primordial divine races glory has returned to the world. This sword heart should go back to fellow daoist as well.” Within Mount Xuanhuang, the dean of sword dao, Zhao Wushuang, suddenly opened her eyes and hand. A sword shadow shot up into the outer realms, sinking into Dongfang Haos body.

He shook violently as his cultivation progressed like a hot knife through butter, instantly reaching a brand new realm—creator!

He was a new creator among the world of immortals!-

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