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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1174: Root of the World

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“Bury civilizations!” Lu Yun mouthed.

“Thats right, I bury civilizations.” Violetgraves eyes glittered brightly, completely devoid of her usual sleepy look, though she still habitually yawned and stretched.

“Are the four other hells alive like you” Lu Yun asked after thinking about it.

Violetgrave shook her head gently. “I am the only living being of the five hells. What the Netherdark Hell buries should be more accurately termed the wisdom of all life, rather than its civilizations.

“It is because of this collective wisdom that I was born. As for the other four… well, they all collect dead things.”

“Why are you telling me this” Lu Yun didnt understand the reason for their exchange. Violetgrave had never talked about where she came from or what she was. Shed only ever said that she was Violetgrave. Just Violetgrave.

Lu Yun had always thought that the five hells were prisons used by the great masters of the fourth realm, and that Tianqi had once been their warden.

This now looked to be the furthest thing from the truth.

“Because I am free now!” Uncontrollable excitement flashed through Violetgraves eyes as she looked at Lu Yun. “I am finally free from being a hell. I am my own being with my own sense of self!

“Do you recall what I said to you when you wanted me to keep watch over the World Gates That if you dont take me away before the gates broke, Id turn into something more frightening than those yin spirits”

“Because of the Nihil Hell” Lu Yun instantly grasped where she was leading to.

All of the yin spirits in the cosmos came from the Nihil Hell, which also happened to be devouring the Sanguine Hell. If Violetgrave had remained by the World Gates when they broke, she wouldve been easily corrupted by the Nihil Hell and turned into another horrifying nest of evil.

“Thats right.” Violetgrave nodded and continued gently, “Ive been fighting that existence in the Nihil Hell all these years. I make my deals so I can obtain sufficient quantities of powerful souls and withstand what occupies that hell.”

“Souls” Lu Yun blinked.

“Thats right, souls!” Violetgrave nodded. “Only civilization and wisdom from living souls is true civilization and wisdom by which I can fully deploy my power. However, I dont need souls anymore.”

“Because of me” Lu Yun quickly connected the dots.

“Thats right, because of you.” Violetgrave nodded. “The power of the Hadal, Sanguine, and Abyssal Hells are all on you and youve inherited a part of my power. With the four great hells gathered together and native resistance from the Nihil Hell, weve managed to suppress that thing.

“I have also been released from being an entity of hell because of you. I am a true living being now, so I am no longer threatened by that one.”

“Ive inherited part of your power” Lu Yun blinked. “Though weve made deals before, Ive never personally received any of your power.”

“What do you think the underworld is” Violetgrave asked with a smile.

Pausing, Lu Yun nodded with a rueful chuckle.

The underworld… was probably part of the Netherdark Hell, seeing as they shared the same character for dark in their names. Lu Yuns Xing Chen replica had been a holy king of the underworld and received its legacy. That legacy had been power from the Netherdark Hell.

Since Violetgrave had taken the Netherdark Flame with her, the underworld had remained the underworld instead of becoming the Netherdark Hell.

Regardless, the underworld still fulfilled the duties of the Netherdark Hell, swallowing civilization after civilization in the chaos—as represented by various tombs of heaven and earth dotting its landscape.

“Alright, since the Hadal, Sanguine, Abyssal, and half of the Nihil Hells are all in your hands, I will also give you the Netherdark Hell,” Violetgrave concluded after some thought.

“No!” Lu Yun hastily shook his head. “Even the god of Mount Tai, ruler of the Great Peak of the Five Hells, died because of his post. Do you want to assure that I die a grisly death by gifting the Netherdark Hell to me”

Violetgrave blinked, not having anticipated that Lu Yun would refuse.

“I dont want the underworld or the core essence of your Netherdark Hell either. Do whatever it is you should do, Ill find a way to get rid of the four hells too when the time comes! Too much is wrapped up with these hells, dont try to dump other peoples responsibilities in my lap!

“And, Tianqi died in his past life, hes a brand new Tianqi now. Dont try to levy him with the duties that he once had!” Lu Yun outlined solemnly.

“Well, youre a sharp one.” Violetgrave smiled wryly. Indeed, there was too much connected to the five hells and they represented some sort of rhythm of the worlds. If all five came into Lu Yuns grasp, then the burden of all of them would naturally fall upon his shoulders.

But based on his usual style of sloughing off responsibility whenever possible, Lu Yun would never allow himself to be painted into a corner like this.

Not to mention, he was currently as weak as an ant. He wouldnt be a premier heavyweight if he traveled to the fourth realm; any random sovereign in the chaos or the worlds could squish him dead with their fingers.

Lu Yun never ran from what he should face, but he would be the first to run if forced to take up a mantle that wasnt his.

Though Violetgrave was disappointed, she wasnt angry.

“Are you leaving” Lu Yun asked after glancing at Violetgraves face.

“Leave Where to” She shook her head. “Im not going anywhere other than here.”


“This spatial node. Im standing guard after Qing Yus left.” Violetgrave grinned. “But you, you should go to the chaos now,” she suddenly raised.

Lu Yun blinked.

“Open warfare has erupted between the six sacred palaces and nine sacred lands. Experts of the third realm are impeding your son. Lu Qing cant go to the palaces aid, and if you dont go soon, theyll fall to their attackers.”

Lu Yuns eyes widened with disbelief.

“Lu Qing organized the six sacred palaces as the final bulwark with which to protect the world. If theyre destroyed, the chaos creatures will obtain the greatest orders, avoid the energy of the worlds, and enter your home.”

“Protect the world” Lu Yun fell silent, then asked quietly, “What about the worlds that came before mine”

Violetgrave paused with surprise.

“Were the worlds before unworthy of protection simply because they didnt give birth to the immortal dao Did they deserve to fall into oblivion for that lacking” he murmured.

“Their root of the world was gone.” Violetgrave understood Lu Yuns meaning. “Any world without its root is incomplete. Just like an expanding balloon, the bigger it grows, the greater its force when destroyed. When it explodes, it will take out all of the chaos in a massive pop.”

She mimicked an explosion with greatly exaggerated movements. “From the age of the mythological realm to the current world of immortals, only this world has a root. The Hadal Hell and Blood Sea are its roots.”-

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