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There was no fear or shock on the ghost ancestors face, just great confusion. It didnt understand why the abyss had fallen into Lu Yuns hands, and why the lizard-dragon in its depths was helping the human.

The lizard-dragon exceeded the chaos and was second only to the kings in the third realm. As strong as the ghost ancestor was, it was only an ant in front of that being and thus easily dragged into the abyss.


Down in the depths, the lizard-dragon reared up and looked down its nose at the ghost ancestor.

“Master Lizard-Dragon” carefully asked the very humble ghost ancestor.

“Mm.” The lizard-dragon flicked its tail, sending the ghost ancestor tumbling head over heels.


The ghost ancestor cowered on the ground and looked up at its master, not daring to say anything.


Another flick of the tail sent the ghost ancestor flying out again.


The ghost ancestor slammed heavily into a cliff face and slowly slid to the ground. Before it could respond, the lizard-dragon snapped another tail whip over and sent the ghost ancestor flying again.

Feeling immensely wronged, it had no idea what had happened to inspire this abrupt abuse. On the other hand, the tail flicking didnt hurt and only sent it careening into the walls again and again.

How would the ghost ancestor know what kind of suffering the lizard-dragon had endured these days

The lizard-dragon had thought that only Lu Yun possessed the level of perverse strength that allowed the human to bully it at will. But after entering the kingdom of hell through the Gates of the Abyss, the lizard-dragon found itself still used for target practice.

Its vaunted cultivation realm and strength were the butt of all jokes. Any random seventeen-year-old-looking girl in the netherworld could trounce it and beat its face into the ground. There was also a strange little dragon with three heads and three tails that flicked the lizard-dragon around like a ball.

Things had gotten to the point where the lizard-dragon wondered if something was wrong with its health. Had it somehow lost most of its strength

Now that it was able to easily wipe the floor with the sovereign realm ghost ancestor, its heart sank enormously.


Those freaks in the kingdom of hell were all kings of the Hongmeng!

A king wasnt a cultivation realm, but a title. No matter the cultivation level, one could be hailed a king of the Hongmeng as long as one possessed the requisite battle strength. Those beings in hell who could stomp all over the lizard-dragon were all kings!

The lizard-dragon was almost crying in fear now. If itd known that the world of immortals was so strong, it wouldve never accepted this mission!

All it could do now was vent its frustrations on the ghost ancestor and regain a bit of its confidence this way.


Lu Yun took a look into the abyss and sealed the entrance shut. With the Bridge of Forgetfulness shrouding it, the ghost ancestors strength was sealed away the moment it entered the abyss. Since it was much weaker than the lizard-dragon, it naturally couldnt offer any resistance to the bullying.

However, the bridges strength was limited to only the abyss. Itd created something like a restriction there, a boundary that was partially broken the moment the lizard-dragons arm reached into the chaos. If the arm continued to remain outside, it couldve released the strength it possessed in the Hongmeng.

Of course, if the lizard-dragon and ghost ancestor then entered hell through the abyss other exit, the seal would remain in their bodies and theyd still be smacked around by the experts in the netherworld.

“Teeheehee, is that the end of that little bastard, the ghost ancestor” A cackling fox burrowed out of Lu Yuns robes. It was only at times like these that he felt this absentminded creature was really a fox.

“Let the lizard-dragon beat some sense into it. If we can subdue the ghost ancestor, thatd be another great force at our command. We can also learn more about the akasha ghosts through it.” The stronger Lu Yun grew, the more terrifying and mysterious he found the akasha ghosts. God had also once mentioned that he had something to do with them.

He swung his head from side to side, trying to recall how hed managed to provoke the akasha ghosts. In that Han Dynasty tomb on Earth, hed fallen into their layout of absolute death, upon which the Tome of Life and Death sent him to the world of immortals.

Had that been the critical encounter

Lu Yun cleared his mind and summoned a tiny formation with a flip of his hand. this was the transportation formation that Huaxu had gifted him when hed gone to retrieve the Blood Sea from the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. No matter where they were in the chaos or what kind of danger they faced, the formation would safely deliver them to the Creation Palace.


The formation trembled and Lu Yun disappeared. When he next reappeared, he was at his destination.

The once prosperous Creation Palace was now blanketed by an atmosphere of violence and killing intent. Blood dyed its walls and the fires of war raged everywhere. Fuxi and Huaxu faced powerful opponents up in the air, and numerous sovereigns, immortal lords, and eternal overlords fought for themselves.

Those from the nine sacred lands and chaos beasts furiously attacked Creation disciples.

“What the heck!” A ray of sword light almost sliced Lu Yun in two when he materialized. Thanks to his fast reflexes, he avoided having his head separated from his body.

“…Dubiety Realm is lost!” he immediately realized.

The sacred palaces were unassailable. With the nine sacred lands current strength, they couldnt shake the palaces. But if trouble rose in the Dubiety Realm, the palaces would no longer be as invincible.

The moment in which hordes of chaos beasts rushed out of Dubiety Realm meant the moment that Creation Palaces foundations trembled.

“Impossible, this cant be happening! Even if weve lost Dubiety Realm, the sacred palace shouldnt be drenched in blood like this. The six have endured countless chaos tribulations since their origin and wouldnt fall in this way!

“…public opinion!” Lu Yun suddenly understood. The six palaces were now heretics in the eyes of the chaos general public, heretics that prevented the nine sacred lands from destroying the worlds!

“Public opinion is with the nine sacred lands now, and the six sacred palaces are the great devils, the villains! Whoever wins the will of the people wins the land. …it seems this saying holds true no matter what world Im in.” Lu Yun carefully hid himself from the raging battle and observed the situation.

Though the sacred palace had been breached, the location where the soul lamps were kept still remained safe. As long as the soul lamps remained, the palaces foundations werent truly affected.

There were sovereign realm enemies charging the palace holding the soul lamps even now, but as the most important part of the palace, it wouldnt be a quick and easy task to raze it.

Huaxu and Fuxi were preoccupied by two powerhouses of their level and locked in a stalemate. That the other five palaces hadnt come with reinforcements meant that similar scenes were playing out with them.

“Just the strength of the nine sacred lands and other chaos creatures alone dont rival the palaces. The palace cultivators are exhausted handling the chaos beasts. If I seal away Dubiety Realm, thatll solve everything!” Lu Yun headed for the realm gates when the idea struck him.

“The prince of Inception Palace!” howled a heavyweight when he caught a glimpse of Lu Yun. “Hes here in Creation Palace, get him!”-

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