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A huge hand came crashing down on Lu Yun. It didnt even want to grab him, just smack him into meat mush!

A sovereign!

The hand came from a sovereign of a nine sacred land. Lu Yun was but peak empyrean realm, his arts of concealment didnt fool a sovereign at all.

“Heh heh heh!” Lu Yun leered to see the hand come down on him.


An enormous black pit opened up beside him and swallowed up the hand.

“Another toy,” mumbled the lizard-dragon as it hauled the rest of the sovereign into the hole.

It didnt think that Lu Yun couldnt defeat the sovereign. Rather, it was that his new master couldnt be bothered with getting his hands dirty. Since it was a new addition to its masters roster, the lizard-dragon had to find opportunities to prove its value.

Thus, it was very happy to handle minor tasks like these.

Many more followed in the sovereigns wake; all of them landed within the abyss and became the lizard-dragons new toys. Some other immortals thatd discovered Lu Yun and wanted to rush over stopped dead when they saw the outcome of the first group.

Lu Yun turned back, coldly stared them down, and continued for the gate that led to the Dubiety Realm. 

“He… what kind of person is the Inception sacred prince That was three sovereigns! He swallowed them all without a struggle!” Gasps of shock abounded in the onlookers.

Those sovereigns had once been eternal overlords whod painstakingly suppressed their cultivation and bided their time in the sacred lands. Now that they had powerful backers of their own, they no longer needed to borrow their heads to pressure from the sacred palaces. Thus, the eternal overlords all broke through to sovereign realm one after another and now did battle in the six palaces.


Lu Yun couldnt be bothered with the others casting hostile looks his way. There was no point in having the lizard-dragon kill them; all would be resolved once he sealed the Dubiety Realm again.

So had the experts of the Creation Palace realized the crux of the issue, but a strange power had made the gate inaccessible. It allowed only exit without entrance, thereby enabling chaos beasts to walk out, but barred anyone from entering the realm.

Even the palace experts could do nothing about this strange seal; they could only take down whatever chaos beasts that walked out.

Chaos beasts were bloodthirsty and savage. They fed on chaos creatures, possessed intelligence, but lacked civilization. They were unenlightened, just like the fur seals of old in the West Sea of the world of immortals.

If they charged en masse into the chaos, they could easily cause mass extinction in the realm. Most importantly, they could withstand the energy of the worlds.

Those of the nine sacred lands had once tried domesticating chaos beasts to destroy the worlds, but the stronger beasts proved impossible to tame. Not only did they devour the heavyweights of the worlds, but they also ate the people of the sacred lands.

Thus, the sacred lands gave up on the notion and only dared capture some mortal realm chaos beasts to train.

With the third realm as their patron, however, they no longer feared these chaos beasts. The sacred lands had previously guarded some cracks to the Dubiety Realm, but completely filled those in before blasting open the gates that the sacred palaces were guarding.

“Prince of Inception!” Creation experts crowded around Lu Yun when he arrived. Theyd seen him take care of three sovereigns by himself, setting them at ease now that he was here.

“All of you can withdraw, Ill handle this.” Lu Yun scanned the dozen Creation sovereigns guarding their post and nodded at the group. The previous Creation sacred princess was also among them.

She hadnt betrayed the palace even after Huaxu deposed her. Drenched in blood, she stood at the very front of the contingent and continuously threw herself at the chaos beasts that charged out of Dubiety Realm.

“Hold!” Lu Yun called out to the former princess. “I hereby reinstate you to the position of princess of Creation Palace.”

He waved a hand and sent a tiny ray of light into her body. A tremor ran through the restored Creation princess and absolute joy blossomed over her face.

The ray of light contained the distilled essence of the order of Creation and was the hallmark of the Creation princess. Huaxu had previously withdrawn the ray of light and gifted it to Qing Yu. But with the seed of immortal dao integrated into all beings of the chaos, Qing Yu no longer needed it. Thus, Lu Yun returned it to the previous Creation princess and reinstalled her to her former position.

With the return of her old identity, the Creation princess strength more than tripled. She instantly cleared the chaos beasts around the gate to the Dubiety Realm.

However, there were so many beasts exiting the gate that they couldnt be quantified. They were almost on par with the yin spirits burrowing out of the fissure in the cosmos. If it wasnt for a dozen Creation sovereigns overseeing the location and furiously attacking the chaos beasts, Creation Palace wouldve been overrun long ago.

“Lets go!” In fine fettle after being restored, the Creation princess rose into the air and decisively left with the dozen sovereigns.

“Open!” Lu Yun roared, turning the void several tens of thousands of kilometers around him pure black. The endless depth of black yawned like an enormous mouth, rushing at the gate to the Dubiety Realm for a bite.

Countless chaos beasts charged into the abyss.



“Another toy” Bored, the lizard-dragon kept several sacred land cultivators pinned under one claw and randomly flicked its tail around, sending a chaos beast flying. These toys were no longer of interest to it.

It was beginning to accept this new reality that it was just a henchman in hell and the world of immortals. Only in the chaos or the Hongmeng was it a boss.

“The Dubiety Realm” It looked at the gate and yawned lazily. “So its set an entrance to the chaos. Id thought you guys really were removed from the affairs of the world. It turns out youd set plans in motion a long time ago.

“But so what My young lord is on another level, and his subjects are all kings as well!” The lizard-king grabbed a nearby chaos beast and popped the creature into its mouth, munching and crunching with gusto.

Cold sweat poured from the three sovereigns thatd been captured by the abyss when they saw the sight.

“What, are you surprised” The lizard-dragon flicked a sidelong glance at them. “You call these things chaos beasts, right Theyre called Hongmeng beasts in the third realm. Theyre slaughtered and cleaned to be steamed or stir-fried for banquets, mm mm! Or they can also be eaten raw since their skin is thin, have lots of meat, and are really juicy. So delicious!”

The lizard-dragon licked its chops with satisfaction and grabbed another chaos beast for a snack.-

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