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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1178: The Art of Words

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The three sovereigns of the sacred lands trembled and shivered in a corner. The chaos beasts that the lizard-dragon had just eaten were all on par with sovereigns in the chaos, and many times stronger than the three of them whod just set foot in the cultivation realm.

But this dragon that looked like a lizard had just casually popped those beasts into its mouth

The lizard-dragons eyes rolled around and fixed on the three.

“I, Im not tasty!” one of the sovereigns blurted out with a sob. “Im bony, dry, and just all around not good to eat!”

“I dont want to eat you,” yawned the content lizard-dragon. “Be a good toy and stay quiet on the side.”

“Y-yes.” Feeling like theyd been pardoned from a death sentence, the three sovereigns scrambled to get out of the way.

The abyss had completely enveloped the Dubiety gate by now and the chaos beasts thatd been streaming through it came to a halt. Though they lacked civilization and enlightenment, they still possessed intelligence. When they discovered the abnormalities on the other side of the gate, they naturally paused and refrained from going to their deaths.

“Not coming in anymore” A bloated lizard-dragon approached the gate and sneered at the packs of beasts in the Dubiety Realm. “What am I going to eat if youre all staying outside”

It stuck its head out of the abyss, opened its mouth wide, and sucked in the air of the Dubiety Realm.

A terrifying suction force exploded out of its mouth and created fearsome gales in the realm, swirling chaos beast after chaos beast into the abyss.

Absolute pandemonium erupted through the Dubiety Realm. Chaos beasts shrieked and squawked for dear life, scattering for survival in all directions. However, they were as weak as ants compared to the lizard-dragon, so there was nowhere they could escape to.

The pressure on the other five palaces suddenly more than doubled. Frantic chaos beasts pounded through the other five gates, but purely in a bid for survival rather than to launch an offensive.

Those of the Inception, Ethos, Opposition, Nirvana, and Burgeon Palaces watched with mouth agape. There were chaos beasts streaming out in front of them wailing, “Dont eat me!” and fleeing helter-skelter with terrified tears and snot streaming down their faces.

“Whats going on in the Dubiety Realm” Several Inception sovereigns looked at each other blankly, not daring to attack the chaos beasts in this state of mind.

“I… dont know Maybe someones doing something about the Dubiety Realm” No one had any idea.

“But theyve gone completely mad. What do we do Let them charge into the chaos like this”

“But…” The thought was still unfinished before an enormous roar echoed from the realm.

“Come back!

“Come back!

“Come back!!” The phrase reverberated in the void and oscillated into strange sound waves, careening into each other and giving rise to more echoes. They seemed to possess some sort of magic as they tapped into the various orders of the chaos the moment they appeared.

In the blink of an eye, the hordes of chaos beasts rushing out of the other five gates seemed strangely bewitched. They traveled back to the gate in whatever manner they rushed out of it, leaving none in the realm outside after the span of a breath.

“The art of Words!” Palace experts gaped at the sight. Even the five sacred monarchs locked in battle looked blankly at their respective gates.

The art of Words!

This was a terrifying combat art that only those beyond the chaos could deploy!

Whatever one spoke of would come to be, even if one sought to change the various orders of the chaos—including the highest ones! If the Myriad Inception Fist of Inception Palace reached beyond the chaos, it would also possess the same level of strength.

The art of the Fist.


All of the chaos beasts vanished from the six palaces in the manner of a few seconds.

“What just happened!” The nine beings from the creation seeds disengaged from their battles with the six monarchs and gathered together, glowering with confusion.

The nine sacred lands werent strong enough to directly face the six palaces. They had to borrow the strength of the chaos beasts in the Dubiety Realm to stand a chance, and the lack of that reinforcement spelled their complete defeat in this campaign.

As a result, the nine sacred lands quickly retreated out of the six palaces like the receding tide.

The palaces didnt give chase. Theyd suffered great casualties this time, what with countless halls broken into and treasures robbed. Large swathes of disciples had died grisly deaths and were being reborn in their soul lamps.

Further battle was the last thing the palaces wanted as well.

“Its all thanks to you this time. Otherwise, the six sacred palaces wouldve become history.” Fuxi and Huaxu came up to Lu Yun; Fuxi gently patted the humans shoulder.

“It was just a small errand. If it wasnt for the six palaces, the nine sacred lands wouldve made straight for their target and conquered the world of immortals long ago.” Lu Yun wiped away a light sheen of sweat from his forehead. Hed made it here in time only because of Violetgraves reminder; the consequences wouldve been dire if the six sacred palaces really had fallen.

“So what happened, why did we lose the Dubiety Realm” Lu Yun frowned tightly, not believing in the slightest that the sacred lands couldve tampered with the gates to the realm.

Hed first suspected that the sovereigns originally from the sacred lands had turned traitor, but hed just seen them defend the palace and fight their old peers. None of them had betrayed their new factions.

“The Dubiety Realm belongs to the third realm to begin with.” Fuxi wore an exceedingly unpleasant expression. Theyd all thought that the chaos beasts and the Dubiety Realm were products of the chaos that happened to be diametrically opposed to the chaos creatures.

However, strength from the third realm had exploded from the Dubiety Realm and blasted the gates open right before disaster descended. The six palaces hadnt had time to react before chaos creatures started stampeding out. Most of the experts guarding the gates had been instantly trampled and returned to their soul lamps.

Only the Creation princess and a few other sovereigns had made it out alive.

The armies of the nine sacred lands arrived shortly thereafter and surrounded the palaces in a pincer move. If it wasnt for their own innate strength, it mightve been the end of the six palaces today.

“The powerhouses of the third realm have always been plotting against us! We owe you our deepest thanks.” Fuxi bowed at Lu Yun.

“No no, not at all!” Lu Yun jumped with shock and quickly helped Fuxi up.

In his eyes, Fuxi was his ancestor! The great one had guarded humanity for a hundred million years and even sacrificed himself for the human race. It was all right and natural, no matter what he did for Fuxi now.

Besides, saving the sacred palaces meant saving the world of immortals.

When the mythological realm swallowed the chaos back in the day, it hadnt been able to swallow the six dao palaces. The sacred palaces now were even stronger than the dao palaces, and if they ended up in the hands of the nine sacred lands, they would certainly attack the world of immortals with the palaces.-

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