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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1179: Im His Father

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After the withdrawal of the nine sacred lands, the six monarchs called upon the highest orders to derive the power over space, pushing the six sacred palaces together to occupy the same locale. They were thus able to attack and defend each other.

When reconstruction efforts began, Lu Yun sat down cross-legged in the void at the center of the six structures, a pillar of protection for the area. He was still empyrean realm, which was sixth level mortal realm in the chaos.

Despite that, his presence loomed like a towering mountain. It brought reassurance to the six palaces and also bore down on the sacred lands with untold pressure.

Everyone knew that the sacred lands attack on the six palaces had failed because the Inception prince had returned to the chaos. It was completely unthinkable that a sixth level mortal soul was a pivotal character in a battle that had engulfed the chaos!



The six newly sealed gates to the Dubiety Realm suddenly blasted open and six faint figures walked out of them, slowly coming together as one humanoid form.

It was a man three meters tall with an indiscernible age. Energetic eyes and brows marked his face, and a heroic air wafted around him. Long black locks flowed past his shoulders down to long robes that were as black as the darkest night.

He stood in the center of the six palaces across from Lu Yun, looking down at the six structures beneath him.

“Has someone from the Hongmeng arrived” The mans tone was resonant and his words carefully enunciated. Each syllable traveled clearly into everyones ears like a type of dao.

Lu Yun slowly opened his eyes and looked at the man. “What, are those from the Hongmeng not allowed in the chaos”

The man looked at Lu Yun with surprise.

“Then you should go visit the nine sacred lands. The nine guys from the creation seeds are all beings of the Hongmeng, are they not” Lu Yun explained when the other remained silent.

“Thats different.” The man shook his head gently. “They were all reborn into the chaos through Hongmeng nodes. Theyre chaos creatures then, which isnt a violation of the rules.”

“Rules So there are rules, then” Lu Yun smiled.

The man from the Hongmeng nodded slightly, not dismissing Lu Yun just because of the humans weakness. On the contrary, he sensed a strange threat from the young man, a strength that was perceptible through the mans replica.

“Indeed, there are rules. Beings with strength that reaches the Hongmeng are forbidden from remaining in the chaos. The one in the chaos sea is being hunted by the enforcers.” The man grew distracted when he mentioned Lu Qing.

“Okay,” Lu Yun responded and closed his eyes without a word.

Having adopted an aloof, slightly superior attitude, the man suddenly felt rather awkward.

“Do you know who that Hongmeng being is and where they currently are” He took in a deep breath before posing the question.

“Youre a master of the third realm and didnt even know that the lizard-dragon from Dragonhollow Mountain was hiding in the nine sacred lands. How would I know” harrumphed Lu Yun after sweeping a glance over the man. 

“You…” The man stared dumbly at Lu Yun. He did indeed know that the lizard-dragon from Dragonhollow Mountain had descended to the lower realms and was hiding in the abyss. Though Dragonhollow Mountain and the nine sacred lands werent part of the same faction, they were still in the same boat. The lizard-dragon would never ruin the plans of the nine sacred lands and Dubiety Realm.

“Who the heck is this guy” Lu Yun sent a replica into the abyss to ask a lizard-dragon that was happily roasting, baking, and frying chaos beasts. Hed never thought that the lizard-dragon was a foodie, and one with superb cooking skills!

“Him” The lizard-dragon followed Lu Yuns gaze to the man. “Zhuo Bufan of the Enforcer Alliance. His surname means distinguished and his name stands for uncommon. Together, they make for someone rising above the common herd, but hes just trash wrapped in good jade!

“Young lord, you dont need to personally do anything about this trash. Allow this humble one to take him out!” The lizard-dragon puffed its chest out with great righteousness.

“Hes here for you.” Lu Yun cocked his head. “I told him youre the lizard-dragon from Dragonhollow Mountain.”

“Um…” The lizard-dragon blinked, then smiled. “Youre playing with him, arent you, young lord How would you possibly be afraid of him, given who you are But true enough, things are a little bit tricky since the Enforcer Alliance is behind him. “Heh, heh heh, hehehe…” it chuckled dryly.

It wasnt afraid of Zhuo Bufan, but it was wary of the alliance behind him. Itd be one thing if Zhuo Bufan was here in his primary body—the lizard-dragon could smash him to pieces with a claw.

However, only one of his replicas was here and the lizard-dragon wasnt a king; he couldnt kill someones primary body through their replica.

All was fine if he remained hidden, but if he really did come out and kill Zhuo Bufans replica, then its grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles on Dragonhollow Mountain would be made into stuffed lizards.

The lizard-dragon shrank back on itself at the thought.

“Is Zhuo Bufan really trash” Lu Yun asked seriously.

“Trash with a capital T! He wouldve died a hundred times over if it wasnt for his king of a dad!” The lizard-dragon nodded seriously.

Lu Yun rolled his eyes and slowly dismissed his replica.


“What about me” Lu Yun remained sitting cross-legged in the void, not moving a muscle.

“The lizard-dragon of Dragonhollow Mountain has died in battle. It wouldnt betray us. So tell me, who is the transgressor Is it the Purple King in the chaos sea, or one of his men” Zhuo Bufan questioned.

“Purple King” Lu Yun paused. “Lu Qing”

Zhuo Bufan was once again rendered speechless. He looked blankly at Lu Yun and murmured, “You really have a death wish. How dare you call the Purple King by his name… Though hes preoccupied with three enforcers, a single thought of his can kill you a hundred times over.”

“The Purple King” Lu Yun lifted one of the corners of his mouth. “Im his father.”

Zhuo Bufan shuddered and lost his composure, backing up quite a few steps. His eyes shifted around with horror. Insulting a king in this manner This young man was an absolute madman from beginning to end!

“I mean it, I am his father!” Lu Yun grinned brilliantly. “Zhuo Bufan, your father is also something of a king, right”

“Hes a noble and proper king!” Zhuo Bufan corrected reflexively.

“Right, right, a very noble and proper king.” Lu Yun nodded. “My son is also a king! The Purple King, Lu Qing, is my son!”


Thunder crashed in the air and lightning reduced a large patch of chaos currents into ash.

“See, my sons responding to me.” Lu Yun looked at the sky with a wide smile.

“Lunatic!” Zhuo Bufan shrieked and turned tail. He ran for a few steps before suddenly remembering something and exploded into six copies that darted into the gates.

“Youre right, he is indeed trash.” Lu Yuns replica reappeared in the abyss with a smack of his lips.

“Hehe, young lord, you scared him witless,” the lizard-dragon chuckled stiltedly. “You really are too bold though, to say that youre the Purple Kings father. If it wasnt for several Hongmeng experts working in tandem in the chaos sea, they wouldnt dare make a move against the Purple King either.”

“But I really am his father.”-

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