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Absolutely covered in retribution.

Igniting the chaos tribulation ahead of time meant destroying nearly all of the seeds of life in the chaos. This shocking level of bad karma vaulted beyond regular retribution and condensed as a retribution fruit.

How many life forms were there in the chaos Countless and unquantifiable by numbers. When the resentment of those who died unnecessary deaths gathered together as a retribution fruit, it was sufficient to call down an instant lightning strike upon a sovereign and smite them into ashes.

If it wasnt for the nine hailing from the Hongmeng and thus being outside the jurisdiction of the orders of the chaos, they wouldve already died countless times over.

While the orders of the chaos couldnt give orders to these Hongmeng beings… Lu Yun could. His simple point activated the Judgment of Life or Death.

“Be careful!” All of Huo Zongxings courage deserted him to see Lu Yun point at them. Even Chi Wuxias weapon of a curse had flown apart after Lu Yuns point—what other outcome could there be for bodies of flesh and blood

The one behind Huo Zongxing didnt have time to react before he flew apart as a cloud of dust, scattering with a puff of blue smoke among the pure black chaos currents.

The chaos tribulation continued as fear clenched around everyones hearts. Unparalleled experts from the third realm had just disintegrated, just like that

Eyes sharp as a hawks, Lu Yun set his sights on Huo Zongxing again.

“We go!” Terrified out of his mind, nothing else other than running for his life registered in Huo Zongxings mind.

“You want to leave after igniting a chaos tribulation!” came a furious roar from the six palaces. Leize rushed out at the head of the pack to block Huo Zongxings way.

“Kill!” The other five monarchs were hot on Lexies heels.

As strong as the nine reincarnated Hongmeng creatures were, they were able to stand toe-to-toe with the monarchs only because there were nine of them. In addition, theyd made use of Hongmeng battle formations.

Now that there was only eight, their strength was affected and formations incomplete. As long as the six monarchs formed into the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals, their eight opponents wouldnt be a concern.

These creation seed beings wouldnt be allowed to get away this time.

They were only sixth level mortal realm, but they fought at a sacred monarchs level. If they successfully withdrew this time, they would certainly continue cultivating somewhere in the chaos. If they broke through to chaos realm one day… Their battle strength would be on par with the Hongmeng.

Theyd arrived in the chaos through the creation seeds and still bore their original Hongmeng core essence. The orders of the chaos wouldnt be able to restrict them then.

Lu Yun narrowed his eyes at the fleeing eight and pointed at the void again.


Another one of them died under the Judgment of Life or Death.

Pale as sheets, the remaining seven brought their greatest strength to bear and fled like end of times was after them. They didnt dare spend another second in this locale.

“They run pretty fast, huh.” Lu Yun took another look at the cultivators of the nine sacred lands. None of them were in a mood to fight—fear had completely paralyzed their minds.

“Playing jackal to the tiger and helping a tyrant victimize the people… There will be no quarter and no mercy shown to any of them!” Lu Yuns frosty tones rang out like the clang of metal and traveled into everyones ears. “We told you to discard the divine sect name last time, but you chose to revive the sacred land name instead Alright then, all of you can die alongside your cherished title.”

“Understood!” Palace experts snapped to attention when they heard Lu Yuns words and they charged the sacred land contingents.

“You cant, you cant do this!” Mindless fear and panic spread through the sacred land troops. Theyd never dreamed that Lu Yun would want to pull them up by the roots!

“Stop! We surrender! Were willing to swear loyalty to the six palaces and never betray you!” Some of them started begging for mercy, some of them tried to run to safety deep in the chaos.

All was disorderly mayhem in the realm now that a chaos tribulation was ongoing. Since none of them were sovereigns, they couldnt flee too quickly.

Palace sovereigns hesitated when they heard the pleas for leniency and they looked at Lu Yun.

“We already gave you chances before.” Lu Yun shook his head. “I might have been able to soften my heart if the chaos tribulation hadnt appeared. But now, you can rest easy and accompany countless chaos creatures in their deaths. Kill them all.”

The last comment reminded the palace experts of what was at stake here. When the tribulation started, more than half of their own powerhouses had rushed into the chaos to do all they could to save the mortal beings. The nine sacred lands, however, had sent almost all of theirs to attack the palaces!

Perhaps there were some among them trying their best to save people, just like the sacred palaces, but anyone here well deserved to die!

“KILL!!” A heaven-shaking battle stirred in the chaos.

While there were also sovereigns in the nine sacred lands, theyd only just broken through and were hardly comparable to the highly experienced veterans of the six palaces. Though most of the palace sovereigns were preoccupied elsewhere, the nine sacred lands had lost their courage and backbone. It was almost a completely one-sided slaughter.

“Prince of Inception Palace!” An absolutely insane shriek cut through the din. Dressed in flaming red battle armor, Huo Shentong suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yun and slammed his hand down on the youth.

At peak eternal overlord, Huo Shentong was so fast that Lu Yun didnt even have time to form thought, much less direct his body in an appropriate reaction.

Too fast.

Though Huo Shentong had yet to become a sovereign, his cultivation level was ten times stronger than before. This palm strike was not only aimed at Lu Yun, but also encompassed Ying Luo and the others behind him.

Just as death seemed certain, a crystalline reached out from Lu Yuns side and sent Huo Shentong flying. Another man wreathed in flames slowly padded out.

“Huo Shentong, your opponent is me,” Chi Wuxia sneered at the man that hed punched away.

“Chi Wuxia, are you betraying the sacred lands!” Huo Shentong danced with rage that his ambush had been foiled.

“Betraying the sacred lands” Chi Wuxia snorted with laughter. “Ive already comprehended the great dao of nirvana and am the sacred prince of Nirvana Palace. If were talking betrayal, youre the ones who betrayed me first.”

“The sacred prince of Nirvana Palace!” Huo Shentongs eyes ignited into scarlet flames as he stared fixedly at Chi Wuxia.

“Then I leave him to you,” Lu Yun sighed gently with relief. Hed really gotten a bit too full of himself. Even an immortal lord or eternal overlord could kill him if they really wanted to, to say nothing of a sovereign. With his current cultivation level and strength, he wouldnt have a chance to react before they sent him out of the world of the living.

Ying Luo and the others behind him were also mortal beings. They wouldve been smote into dust a long time ago if he wasnt protecting them from the tribulation.

Chi Wuxia smiled at Lu Yun and slowly rose into the air, assuming a standing position in front of Huo Shentong.

“Huo Shentong, youre such a piece of trash,” Chi Wuxia chuckled darkly. “I once stomped all over you and nothings changed since then.”

“Is that so” Huo Shentong leered and burst into flame, pouncing on Chi Wuxia.

“Get away from him, he wants to self detonate!” Lu Yun jumped with shock when he realized Huo Shentongs condition.-

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