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“So its this kind of thunder tribulation!” Lu Yuns eyes widened and he splayed his hand, calling upon the Thunder Palmstrike and swallowing the bolt of black lightning.

Hed seen this kind of lightning before and had met it when he was setting up the Dragonspike in the Exalted Immortal Sect. Itd also taken a great deal of effort back then, and the Thunder Palmstrike as well, to quell that tribulation.

Hed then used the lightning hed collected to subdue the endless immortals of the sect. To think that hed meet the same kind of thunder tribulation when ascending to chaos realm!

When hed collected that black lightning, hed seen quite clearly that it was an amalgamation of the black electricity from the chaos tribulation. So his heavenly tribulation was the chaos tribulation itself!

Then… where do chaos tribulations come from

Lu Yun knew how chaos tribulations were formed, but why did the collision of the chaos sun and moon create the black electricity

There was no time for him to ponder this question further. After absorbing the first lightning bolt, a second, third… many more ghostly faces came barreling out of the vortex of thunder and lightning. Snarling, they all pounced on Lu Yun to lay waste to him.

“These vicious ghosts wont explode into lightning as long as my own power doesnt touch them!” he suddenly realized.

The ghosts were just a smokescreen. As soon as he attacked them, they dissolved into lightning that struck down on Lu Yun. If it wasnt for his Thunder Palmstrike at the ready at all times, that initial bolt wouldve reduced him to dust!

His current level of strength couldnt endure this dreadful attack; the black lightning was enough to kill him many times over. Hellfire couldnt help him now and neither was the Tome of Life and Death showing any signs of activity. This was his heavenly tribulation of ascension—it was solely up to him.

Lu Yun propelled his methods and arts to their utmost, making sure that none of the hundred vicious ghosts could touch even the hem of his robes. He didnt just focus on evasion, but punched out at a ghost to force them into lightning form, then used the Thunder Palmstrike to devour them whenever he found a proper opportunity.

He was solidly in the chaos realm now. With the dao fruit of his past self, he didnt need to successfully weather his tribulation first in order to cement his new cultivation level.

Death arts in the chaos cultivation level exhibited terrifying power. Lu Yun could simultaneously swallow three hundred and sixty-five bolts of lightning at their current level, condense them into thunder beads, and hang them on his nascent spirit.

However, the vicious ghosts made from thunder and lightning were equally petrifying. For every one that Lu Yun dispelled, another hundred rose up in its place.

When three hundred and sixty-five beads hung on his nascent spirit, he opened his arms wide and let loose with a crescent of black electricity a few ten thousand kilometers long. He smote the vortex of his tribulation with a fearsome rumble, shaking the six palaces not too far away and annihilating all of the vengeful spirits that hadnt escaped in time.

The sheer force dispersed the vortex and even destroyed the bank of black tribulation clouds high up in the void. What Lu Yun had released through the Thunder Palmstrike wasnt just the energy of three hundred and sixty-five thunder beads, but a death art enhanced version of all of the combined beads together!

He hadnt struck back with the previous thunder tribulation, but a thunder method under the death arts.

Though the tribulation clouds were no longer, Lu Yuns trial continued. In fact, all of his hairs suddenly rose on end. A pair of vivid green eyes came after the thunder tribulation, one that scanned at him like the eyes of a hungry wolf.

They were just regular human eyes, unlike the enormous ones hed encountered before. But despite being fifty million kilometers away, Lu Yun could still clearly make out every grain and vein within them.

The eyes stared fixedly and intently at the young man, like a hungry wolf sizing up its prey. He actually found it hard to breathe under that forbidding glare.

Tribulation clouds gathered over his head again and black lightning once more roared and gyrated among them. Lu Yun didnt know how long this would last, and the vivid eyes behind them made him feel very ill at ease.

Having no breathing room to consider all of the ramifications, he splayed open his hand before the lightning descended and used Thunder Palmstrike to actively absorb the electricity in the clouds. At the same time, a full eighteen thousand lightning rods that hed refined with talismans of Thunder Palmstrike appeared in the void around him. All of them flared with the light of the death art, alongside his own being as well.

The newly formed black thunder tribulation was immediately summoned downward and devoured by eighteen and one thousand instances of Thunder Palmstrike.

Hell began to tremble.

Black thunder beads swiftly coalesced on the Karmic Tree, their numbers exceeding the karmic fruit on its branches. There were too many for Lu Yuns nascent spirit to house, so here they were on the tree instead.

A moment later, rays of aureate brilliance shone from the tree as it began swallowing the beads! Even more sparkling karmic fruits budded on the tree as a result, raising their numbers to one million and eighty thousand fruits.

Previously standing at dozens of thousands of kilometers tall, the Karmic Tree grew explosively to the size of a world, one on par with the Ten Yama Worlds.

Within the chaos.

Lu Yuns eighteen thousand lightning rods continuously melted down. There were too many bolts of lightning and his level of craftsmanship couldnt withstand the continued barrage. When it seemed that all of them would fail, an enormous shadow of a tree abruptly appeared next to him. Its scintillating luster made it seem like a huge golden world as it wrapped around Lu Yun.

“What is that!”

“We have this kind of treasure in the chaos!” 

Palace experts keeping a close eye on the proceedings exclaimed with surprise when the Karmic Tree revealed itself. It wasnt just a projection of the tree, but the tree in its entirety!

In their eyes, though the Karmic Tree was less than the six palaces, the difference wasnt that big. It was much greater than the creation seeds.

Itd long surpassed the limitations of space and could simultaneously appear in the world of immortals, hell, and beside Lu Yun in the chaos!

Branches trembling, its golden splendor raced into the tribulation clouds and absorbed all of the black electricity there. It seemed like the chaos sun for a moment, illuminating the nearby palaces and half of the darkened chaos.

Under the Karmic Trees assault, the black tribulation clouds swiftly shrank and disappeared from sight. Standing atop the tree, Lu Yun looked upward but saw no sign of those vividly green eyes.-

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