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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1194: What You Looking At

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Zhuo Bufan felt it quite out of place that the three-eyed man was glaring at him. He rubbed the back of his head. “What you looking at”

“I…” the three-eyed man was flabbergasted. “How is this possible! Ive closely studied the Dragonquake Scripture and derived the forbidden combat arts within. How are you still alive!”


Zhuo Bufan walked up and firmly cracked his hand across the mans face.

“What you looking at,” he repeated.

“Im not looking at anything!”


“What you looking at, if not anything” Another slap.

“You bastard!” The three-eyed man flew into a rage. He was one of the top experts in the chaos and had reached sovereign realm a long time ago!

After the chaos dragons attacked him, hed come across another stunning opportunity and raised his level of strength once again. He now nearly rivaled one of the sacred monarchs of old, but this boy of unknown origins dared slap him!

A vermillion ripple blossomed from the mans body and slammed into Zhuo Bufan.


Another slap broke apart the fearsome counterattack and landed his hand on the mans cheek again.

“What you looking at!”

“AHHHH! The three-eyed man flew backward with an anguished wail. He was going out of his mind!


The vertical eye in the center of his forehead flared with a bright light and projected an eye that was five hundred meters into the sky. It opened with a cutting radiance that drilled into Zhuo Bufan.

“And what you looking at” He completely ignored the look that could annihilate the six monarchs and raised his hand for another slap.


“Hes gone nuts from all of your bullying.” The little fox looked wordlessly at Lu Yun, who rubbed his nose without comment. Zhuo Bufan did indeed need a place to vent his bottled up emotions.

The vaunted son of a mighty king—a member of the Enforcer alliance—had become Lu Yuns servant. Though he didnt dare defy Lu Yun, he still nursed his own thoughts and emotions deep down.

Those needed to find an outlet, or theyd stew and fester into something worse. The three-eyed man in front of them was the perfect target at the perfect time.

Zhuo Bufan slapped the three-eyed man silly in front of Oddmoon Cave, all the while muttering, “What you looking at.”

The man also wanted to go crazy. He knew that the person in front of him wasnt a secluded expert of the order sacred land or whatever it called itself now, but a true powerhouse beyond the chaos!

But, there was someone like that in residence in the cave as well!

There were no further hints about Zhuo Bufans enforcer identity as hed withdrawn his power and refrained from sending out his terrifying aura. In addition, hed changed his appearance and didnt look the same as when hed first descended into the chaos.

A few hundred slaps later saw the three-eyed man heaving for breath on the ground. The projected eye over his head had also been fully dispersed.

“Friend, since youre also from the Hongmeng, why bother with these ants of the chaos” A genteel voice traveled out of Oddmoon Cave as a figure in blue strolled out. It was a composed and dignified young man who moved with an air of superiority. He was loftily above all—including even Zhuo Bufan.

“What you looking at” Zhuo Bufan threw the three-eyed man to the side and frostily repeated himself.

The newcomers expression darkened when he heard the response.

“Friend, an enforcer has already come from the Hongmeng. If you dont wish to be arrested, you should quietly go about your business and refrain from raising a fuss!” the young man warned.

Though the Enforcer Alliance was on their side, the rules of the Hongmeng had to be upheld. The enforcer would look the other way and ignore their doings only if the two parties didnt run into each other.

The moment they did, the enforcer would have to carry out the laws of the Hongmeng and kill the other party, even though they were from the same realm.

“What you looking at” Zhuo Bufan still repeated the same words.

“You!!” the young man started purpling with rage.

Zhuo Bufan suddenly stepped forward and set his foot on the three-eyed mans chest, bending over to dig the third eye out of his forehead.

With a ghastly shriek, the mans presence faded away. All of his cultivation was centered in his third eye. It was his strongest point, and also his fatal weakness. If his third eye was destroyed, then he was entirely crippled.

“You knew that he practices the Dragonquake Scripture, but still took him in.” Zhuo Bufan shifted his foot to the three-eyed mans head and crushed the mans skull.

With that, the last of the three-eyed bloodline in the chaos was fully no more.

The young mans breathing hitched.

“Youre from Mangcang Mountain” Cerulean light flashed through Zhuo Bufans eyes as he looked at the youth. “Evilfox of Mangcang Mountain”

“Youre the enforcer!!” Evilfox gasped with horror when the stranger identified him with a look. Hed never imagined that the enforcer to the chaos would come knocking on his front door!

Most terrifying of all was that the enforcer was here in his primary body!

Evilfox was very strong. He was a force to be reckoned with in the chaos if one disregarded Lu Qing and Violetgrave. But in the Hongmeng, he was just a minor player. He wasnt on Zhuo Bufans level, to say nothing of the lizard-dragon.

It was he whod rescued Huo Zongxing and the others when the six monarchs chased after them. Those four were currently hiding in Oddmoon Cave. Evilfox was also the one to rescue the three-eyed man, reshape his soul, recover his peak strength, and propel him to the heights of a sacred monarch.

Minions in the Hongmeng were easily heavyweights in the chaos. Thus, in order to maintain the balance of the second realm, those of the third were forbidden to visit without authorization. This was the reason for the Enforcer Alliances existence, but it was only one of their purposes. They had many other duties and matters to mediate in the Hongmeng as well.


“Hes here for us! Go!” Deep inside the cave, Huo Zongxing and the other three panicked. Though Zhuo Bufan was facing off with Evilfox, the senses of the four rang with alarm that they were the true targets.

They circled further into the depths of the cave and wanted to slip away through another exit.

“Seal!” Zhuo Bufan waved his hand and sent out an enormous talisman that sealed off the entire mountain. “Evilfox, do you accept your sentencing at my hands today!”

“Fuck off!!” Evilfox shrieked and summoned the odd moon hanging overhead. It flared with light that seemed tangible to the touch and smashed down on Zhuo Bufan.-

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