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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1196: The Sixth Hell

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Lu Yun felt even his teeth ache when he heard the name. Violetgraves nether fire was purple and her dark fire was blue. The Bluegrave in front of him… was plainly Violetgraves replica. She was also the one whod appeared when Qing Yu was weathering her human tribulation.

“You didnt tell me to call you Bluegrave the last time you saw me.” Lu Yun plopped down on the ground and craned his neck up at the girl.

Bluegrave shrugged and sat down as well, leaning against Lu Yun.

“If I hadnt used the perspective of a chaos creature to tell you all that, where would you be now”

A small creek suddenly appeared in front of them and Bluegrave dangled her bare feet in the clear waters.

“I…” Lu Yun blinked.

Their conversation in the dao palace and summary of the difference in perspectives between the chaos and the worlds had completely changed some of his thoughts towards the chaos creatures.

Hed once viewed them as vile demons and enemies. All of them were savage, despicable existences that deserved every kind of death possible. They well deserved to be erased from existence. But after that encounter… his thoughts took a completely different turn.

Thus, there hadnt been any estrangement or discomfort when his thirty-six golden warriors joined the various factions in the chaos. Otherwise, it wouldve been very difficult for him to accept the realm even after learning of Fuxi, Wahuang, Leize, and Huaxus true natures.

Lu Yun nodded gently.

“So are you Violetgrave or Bluegrave” He turned around and asked the stunning face that was completely different from Violetgraves.

“Whats the difference Its just a name.” Bluegrave smiled. “Just like the little fox—is there a difference between the present her and the soul force replica in the mythological realm”

Lu Yun grinned wryly and shook his head without a word.

“Violetgrave is preoccupied guarding the spatial node, so here I am.” Bluegrave gently leaned her head against Lu Yuns shoulder. 

It felt like lightning had struck him. He froze, not daring to move.

“Dont think too much, Im just tired and want to borrow your shoulder for a bit,” Bluegrave yawned.

Lu Yun looked sideways at the girl. Her eyes were already closed and her long lashes quivered with each breath. Her breathing was steady—shed fallen fast asleep. Bereft of anything else to do, he closed his eyes and remained unmoving.

After an indeterminate period of time, Bluegrave opened her eyes and extended in an extensive stretch.

“Awake now” Lu Yun turned his head around to look at her.

“Youve got some brains, kid, to not wake me up.” Bluegrave patted his shoulder. “So youve decided to go to the Hongmeng”

“Yep.” Lu Yun nodded. “The world of immortals and chaos dont need me anymore, so Id like to try my luck there.”

He suddenly realized that the bit of distance he felt toward Violetgrave had vanished after Bluegraves nap.

“Youre leaving because they dont need you” She looked at him with a half smile.

Lu Yun didnt respond.

“If youre going to the Hongmeng, I recommend you bring all five hells with you.” Bluegrave suddenly turned solemn. “The Great Peak of the Five Hells and the five hells themselves belong to Tianqi. If he continues to develop his strength and returns to being god of Mount Tai, the hells will return to him.

“Almost none of your current strength and what you rely on originates from something that belongs to you alone. Thus, you need to start making plans for yourself.”

Lu Yun nodded.

What he worried about wasnt the five hells, but the Tome of Life and Death. All of his accomplishments stemmed from that treasure. If it decided to leave him one day, he would truly be left with nothing.

“What does this have to do with the five hells though” he asked with confusion.

“Because the five hells arent the complete five hells.” Bluegrave thought for a moment and continued, “There should be six hells in the world.

“Wisdom, the mind, the soul, fresh blood, the body… and another crucial thing is the true source of life. If you can materialize the sixth hell into this world, then youll fully free yourself from everything around you and become an independent you.” Bluegraves limpid eyes stared straight at Lu Yun.

“The true source of life” He frowned slightly.

“Yes. When you comprehend the true source of life is when the sixth hell will be born. Thats all I can say for now.”

“Alright then.” Lu Yun nodded. “But the Hadal Hell has been integrated into the world of immortals and somethings got ahold of the Nihil and Sanguine Hell. How am I supposed to obtain them”

He was truly perplexed. If possible, he wouldve rushed into the Nihil Hell and wiped out whatever was in there. However, hed already calculated that if he charged in with the Bridge of Forgetfulness, hed just die for the attempt.

The lizard-dragon and Zhuo Bufan would only be snacks if they went in.

The terror of the thing in the Nihil Hell didnt stem from just the machinations of the third realm, but the innate strength of that hell.

“The true source of a hell lies not with the hell itself, but with its flame,” chuckled Bluegrave. “The flame inside a hell comes from the Sal Tree of Life and Death. In an impossibly far off time, the Sal Tree supported all five hells and thus all five flames burned on it.

“Now that the Sal Tree is in your hands and has evolved to the even stronger Karmic Tree, you wont have any trouble igniting the fires of the remaining hells.”

While the flames of the Abyssal and Nihil Hells had indeed gone out, the Karmic Tree could relight the fires.

“I came this time to give you the embers of those two flames.” A gray and a white ember floated upward when Bluegrave opened her hand. They seemed to be attracted by something and immediately sank into Lu Yuns body, devoured by the Tome of Life and Death.

She blinked. “It looks like theres another treasure in you that I cant see through. Its not only the five hells!”

“Mmhmm.” Lu Yun nodded.

“Then I am at ease. Ill be on my way now, theres another place in the chaos that requires my attention.” With that, Bluegrave abruptly vanished and everything returned to normal. The deep abyss appeared in front of Lu Yun and the little fox and Zhuo Bufan stood by his side before he could react.

It was as if nothing had happened.

“Smells so nice.” The little fox suddenly brought her face up to Lu Yuns and sniffed his shoulder. “Why does it smell so nice! You have another woman outside, dont you!” she demanded with a hot glare.-

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