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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1197: The Third Realm

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“Violetgrave was just here.” Lu Yun narrowed his eyes at the little fox.

“Oh, no wonder the fragrance seems so familiar.” Shed met Violetgrave before, so all she did was stick out her tongue. “No, wait, what does it matter to me if you have a woman outside It should be Qing Yu whos worried.”

She sank into deep contemplation as Lu Yun scowled with resignation.

“Zhuo Bufan, you can take us to the third realm now.” Lu Yun suddenly realized that Bluegrave had taken the eleven creation seeds with her. Since they contained a great secret and he didnt want to brashly jump into action yet, it was best for now that she take them away.

“Eh” Both the little fox and Zhuo Bufan blinked, with the former asking, “Are we not making further preparations”

“Preparations for what Do you want to say goodbye to your friends and family Or have you forgotten something at home” Lu Yun asked, perplexed.

The little fox blinked, then shook her head blankly. Though this was part of their plans, a sudden trip to the Hongmeng… a place where everyone in the chaos both feared and desired… was a bit too much to handle.

“Or do you want to stay here” Lu Yun asked when he looked at her face.

“No!” The little fox resolutely shook her head. “The third realm! The legendary Hongmeng! I must go and take a look!”

A dreamlike radiance flashed outside her body as she prepared to return to her true form. Lu Yun poked her in the forehead and interrupted her transformation art.

“Stay in human form if you want to go to the third realm, or Ill immediately send you back here,” he ordered with a glare.

The little fox backed up subconsciously and wrapped her arms protectively in front of her chest. “What, what do you want to do to me!”

“I hear nothing, see nothing, and know nothing,” Zhuo Bufan quickly offered.


Lu Yun smacked his subordinates head. “Stop dilly-dallying and take us to the third realm.”

“Ah, eh, yes!” Zhuo Bufan shook and quickly returned to the chaos, Lu Yun and the little fox hot on his heels.

“Young master, mistress, you must be careful,” he struck a grave tone. “It is forbidden for enforcers to bring chaos creatures into the third realm without authorization. Well be attacked by the rules of the Hongmeng as soon as we enter. Though I can avoid this punishment because I am the son of a king, the young master and mistress will still be affected to a certain degree.”

“Mm.” Lu Yun nodded. “Wait!” He suddenly recalled something important. “I forgot to ask Violetgrave where Little Yu is now.”

His primary purpose for visiting the Hongmeng was to look for Qing Yu. Hed wanted to stop by the world of immortals first to ask Violetgrave where she was, but had been so disoriented by Bluegraves sequence of actions that hed completely forgotten about it.

However, it only took a few moments thought before he put it out of his mind.

Violetgrave knew that he was going to the Hongmeng, but hadnt told him where Qing Yu was. And with his personality, he never wouldve forgotten to ask Violetgrave. Yet, he had. Plainly, Bluegrave had used some sort of mental cue to encourage him to temporarily forget about the matter.

She wouldnt have kept things from him if hed asked. Then, this meant that Violetgave didnt want to tell him for now.

“I wonder where Little Yus gone, theyre being very mysterious.” Lu Yun, the little fox, and Zhuo Bufan vanished from the chaos in a ball of dreamlike purple radiance.

Bluegrave reappeared once they left and looked in the direction that Lu Yun and company had left in. “Im not telling you for your own good,” she murmured. “If the first thing you did after arriving in the Hongmeng was to ask about Hopeless Major, you wouldnt even know how you ended up dead.

“Strange, when I first established a faction, I wanted to create a land of virtue and merit that committed kind acts. Why has it become Hopeless Major and part of the Valley of Ten Evils in the Hongmeng” Bluegrave cocked her head in deep thought, completely baffled at where things had gone wrong.


The world of immortals.

Though the Dao Academy had retreated out of public sight, it still remained the eternal sacred land of the world and ever more mysterious.

The main academy in Dusk Province no longer took in disciples. Instead, it was the heavenly courts of the thirty-three facets that set up branches of the academy and enrolled students, slowly replacing the original Dao Academy.

On a certain day in the one hundred and fiftieth year of the Xuanhuang calendar, immortal radiance sparkled from Mount Xuanhuang and resplendent beams shot into the chaos. A towering mountain slowly rose in the order sacred land.

Mount Xuanhuang!

Another mountain had appeared in the chaos, one of bronze metal and immortal luminescence. Thus marked the true appearance of the immortal daos prototype in the vast chaos, an imperceptible shift in the way that chaos creatures cultivated.

Not only that, but the polluted chaos currents in regions where the energy of the worlds extended into began to clear up after the immortal lights sudden passage. They clarified into pristine currents, a shocking display of the immortal daos ability to defuse damage that the energy of the worlds would inflict on the chaos creatures!

At the same time, brand new realms budded in the immortal dao.

Immortal lord, eternal overlord, and sovereigns!

However, they didnt exist for regular immortals. Only those who reached chaos realm would be able to see these last three realms. 

Of course, the chaos was so expansive that it would take an indeterminable period of time for the immortal dao to grow into the great dao of the realm. But under the guidance of the order sacred land, all chaos creatures began to cultivate immortal dao.

The seeds of life that the six sacred palaces had saved in the last chaos tribulation became the first batch of chaos creatures to practice the immortal dao.


Matters of the world of immortals and the chaos had nothing to do with Lu Yun anymore.

After the purple haze receded, a current of exceedingly tyrannical energy poured into his body. Unbidden, he opened his arms wide to fully devour this immense qi.

Power of the Hongmeng!

This was the strength that all Hongmeng beings needed when cultivating.

His new chaos cultivation realm instantly stabilized and rose with exponential speed. It took only moments for him to reach peak chaos realm and march on to the next.

Creator realm!


He seemed to kick open an enormous door in his body and easily set foot into the creator realm. Creators could mobilize the orders of the chaos to create matter, making something out of nothing.

However, he was currently in the Hongmeng, not the chaos. Creators could easily manipulate the orders of the chaos, but couldnt touch the laws of the Hongmeng. These were two concepts on entirely different levels.

Creators could rewrite orders in the chaos and create all life, but that hardly applied in the third realm. For that reason, Lu Yuns breakthrough didnt result in any tribulation. It was a trifling matter in the Hongmeng.

His new cultivation level gradually steadied and he breathed out slowly, then opened his eyes. The little fox was sitting quietly on a cushion nearby, having also broken through to creator realm.

“This is… uh… a bit crazy” The two looked at each other. Theyd both had breakthroughs right after arriving in the Hongmeng

“Ahem!” Zhuo Bufan smiled wryly off to the side. “Young master and mistress, this is the meditation chamber where this humble one enters closed door cultivation. The energy and laws here are most suitable for cultivation. Your core essences are strong, so breaking through here is very normal and expected.”-

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