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The moon was an ultimate treasure that three kings of Mangcang Mountain had crafted using everything at their disposal. It was meant for use in the world of immortals, and even Lu Yun wasnt certain of how strong it was.

If it hadnt been for the abyss materializing in the chaos and swallowing the moon, it wouldve crushed a hundred Zhuo Bufans.

Of the five hellfires, the three that werent the Hadal and Netherdark Flames had just grown from being an ember, so they couldnt release overly strong power. In addition, the Sanguine Flame was a special hellfire. It had to devour Lu Yuns own immortal force in order to develop. Only through the increase of his own cultivation would it continue to mature.

The remaining Nihil and Abyssal Flames only needed to be infused with the power of merit from the Karmic Tree to steadily improve.

“Its up to you then.” Lu Yun gently caressed the moon floating in the air. The abyss had tamed it into one of his treasures; only a simple thought was required to deploy the fearsome energy within.

However, if it appeared in the Hongmeng, that would draw attention from Mangcang Mountain and trouble would swiftly come knocking.

Regardless, there was no other option available given the current situation. Not only did this matter have to do with a hundred million lives residing in Redbud City, but it also had to do with the survival of him and the little fox.

The tide of beasts would arrive in three days. He and the little fox wouldnt be able to get too far in that amount of time. They wouldnt make it out of Redbud Plains even if he deployed the Boundless Step with everything he had.

The plains were too big and the incoming hordes too great. When they arrived, they would cover the sky and earth. Nothing could escape—their only hope was to defend the city to their last breath.

Shame. Though I can open the gates to hell and return to the world of immortals through it, I wont be able to come back here because its a real world. Lu Yun thought wistfully.

Hell was also developing and had exceeded the sophistication of the world of immortals. However, it couldnt leave any spatial coordinates in the third realm since it had yet to reach the Hongmengs level.

Over the next three days, Lu Yun fully called upon all of his supplemental arts and enjoyed unfettered access to the Redbud treasury. Formation after fearsome formation flew out of his hands and landed in all corners of the city. They were proper Hongmeng level formations, not ones of the world of immortals.

Thanks to the dao fruit of his past self, his mastery over the supplemental paths had long since reached the Hongmeng and soared to terrifying heights. It would be no hyperbole to call him a grandmaster of supplemental daos. Unfortunately, this level of mastery was useful only in the Hongmeng, where he could utilize the greatest treasures of the realm.

Thered been many in the mythological realm who exceeded the chaos. Of them, those who landed in the common or superior realm of the Hongmeng were too many to be counted. There were even some whod been made kings!

Thus, Lu Yuns current realm in the supplemental paths wasnt too out of the ordinary.

The frightening aspect of supplemental grandmasters lay in that they could deploy strength that was an infinite times greater than their frail bodies. In the Hongmeng, even the weakest grandmaster was a walking cannon.

This was also Lu Yuns greatest assurance in coming to the third realm.

“If I can locate the dao fruit of my future self, perhaps my cultivation will rise to peak inferior realm—placing me in the sovereign realm.” He swallowed another pill and calmly restored his internal energy.


Three days passed by very quickly, and the horrific tide of beasts arrived on schedule.

The mammoth Redbud City, an enormous metropolis as large as a sun star, seemed incredibly minuscule in comparison. To avoid being attacked from multiple directions, the city had landed on the ground and firmly put down roots. Lu Yun strongly suspected that if it was possible, Jian Wenhe wouldve had it burrow completely beneath the earth.

Lu Yun and the little fox were standing side by side on the city walls, watching the surging hordes. Lu Yuns brows knit tightly together.

“This tide of beasts isnt just passing by. Theyre here specifically for Redbud City,” he noted.

Zhuo Bufan was marshaling the city cultivators for various defensive maneuvers. Though he was a bumbling fool, he was a hundred times better than the city lord in Lu Yuns eyes. At least the buffon knew what to do and when.

A variety of arcane and divine beasts made up the tide that stemmed from deep within the Redbud Plains. Lu Yun couldnt identify the end of the swarm no matter how he looked. Most of the arcane beasts were in the inferior and common realm, but there were so many of them that a lower cultivation realm didnt matter anymore. They turned the purple skies and plains into a murky gray.

Quite a few superior realm beasts ran with them as well.

“Mmhmm.” The little fox nodded slightly. She showed no trace of her usual flippancy—only gravity was on her face behind the mask.

“Let me send you back,” Lu Yun suddenly said.

“What, you want to wash your hands of your responsibility now” She looked sideways at him.

Lu Yun almost choked on the unexpected response and hacked a cough. “Its too dangerous here.”

“I wont be able to come back here if I go down. Hmph, I need to keep an eye on you for Qing Yus sake! What will Qing Yu and I do if you find another woman” The little fox refused to let up on this crooked line of reasoning.

Lu Yun was rather speechless. Hadnt she just seemed dependable, especially in times of need It looked like her true nature was coming out to play again.

“Mi, milords! E-everyttthing is ready, ready in the, ci-city! Everything!” A high-strung Jian Wenhe stumbled over to Lu Yun. Here he was, a proper Hongmeng superior, but he couldnt even form a full sentence when faced with such an overwhelming enemy.

How the hell did he make it to his current realm and the city lord of Redbud Lu Yun had no idea.

But according to Zhuo Bufan, Redbud City was just a minor city in the Hongmeng. It all made sense then.

“Alright, youre dismissed. Dont get in other peoples way.” Lu Yun had wanted to ask the city lord a few questions, but Jian Wenhe didnt look like hed be able to manage any answers.

“Under, understood!” As if pardoned from a death sentence, the meatball scrambled out of sight.

“That seemed to be an act, hes definitely hiding something from us.” The little fox frowned at the departing Jian Wenhe.

“Well handle him after we handle the tide of beasts.” Lu Yun nodded. “His acting skills arent half bad, but his fear is real.”

The Karmic Tree was still useful in the Hongmeng; Lu Yun had been able to clearly pick up on Jian Wenhes emotions. That city lord was a dunce through and through, there was no doubt about that.





All of Redbud City began to vibrate from the assembled tide. An enormous dark green beast with horns on its head and several thousand kilometers long began to crazily ram the city walls. It wouldve already charged through them if they hadnt been reinforced by Lu Yuns formations.

“Activate the formation!” Zhuo Bufan took to the air with a roar.


Beams of radiant gold flashed through the air outside Redbud City. An aureate curtain draped down from overhead, slowly fluttering toward the outskirts of the city. Wherever it passed through, countless Hongmeng beasts flew apart upon the wind.

When the curtain reached five hundred thousand kilometers outside the city, it hardened into a sturdy barrier that fully enveloped the territory within. Heaven-shaking cheers sounded from Redbud, and in his hiding place, Jian Wenhe wiped off beads of sweat from his forehead.

“Thank, thank goodness that black-robed enforcer is a Hongmeng level supplemental grandmaster!”

Zhuo Bufan blinked as well. He knew that Oddmoon was on Lu Yun, which was why he felt very confident in their chances. But… he hadnt thought that Lu Yuns formations would contain such power!

A supplemental grandmaster, and a Hongmeng level one! Even the kings would treat such a personage with respect!

Despite the show of force, the tide outside the city didnt pause. They furiously threw themselves against the golden curtain, trying to tear it to pieces.

A blood-red streak slowly gathered on the curtain and its power rapidly declined. Finally, a tiny crack formed in it.


The curtain shattered completely and the boundless tides poured through.

“Activate the next!” Zhuo Bufan roared again.

A second curtain descended and slowly swept to the outskirts of the city like before. It dusted every beast it touched, no matter inferior or common realm. When it reached the range of its predecessor, it hardened and halted the tides momentum.

“Aooo aooo aoo!!” A furious howl came from the beasts and a titanic purple creature, five hundred kilometers tall, dove from the sky at the curtain.

A superior realm arcane beast!

Ah, pardon. The title doesnt make much sense because I had to splice the last few paragraphs into the next chapter.-

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