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The entire city quaked after the denouncing, throwing countless scores of Redbud cultivators to the ground and injuring them. The new arcane beast grabbed them by the clawful and tore them to shreds before throwing them into its mouth.

Color drained from the little foxs face. This was a real powerhouse, an absolute heavyweight! While that beast may not be a king, it was far stronger than the steelback golden armored dragon.

“Die!!” She pointed and commanded an answering flare of silver moonlight from Oddmoon. It condensed into a sharp blade that drilled down at the dragon.

As strong as Oddmoon was, its recoil was also tremendous. She hadnt dared release too much of its strength before for fear of subsequent injury. But now, the string of beads that Lu Qing had given her was releasing multiple layers of defenses that surrounded her in comprehensive protection. With nothing further to worry about, she directly called upon Oddmoons domineering power.

The blade of moonlight sliced right through the golden armored dragon and reaped its life.

“Bastard!” came the voice once again as a pair of enormous wings suddenly appeared in the skies over Redbud City. The wingspan was larger than the entire city!

A pair of golden claws loomed down from the firmament and swiped at Oddmoon.


Silver moonlight blossomed in retaliation and clashed with the sharp claws. The harrowing recoil disintegrated the black enforcer uniform and mask on the little fox, revealing her true features to everyone on the scene.

Her robes white as snow, hair floating like the clouds, and a face worth dynasties seemed to fulfill every standard of beauty that could ever exist. Even the beasts lunging in feverish frenzy thanks to the war drum felt their hearts skip a beat.

Within Redbud City, ranks of cultivators stared in awe. Theyd never fathomed that their savior, the black-robed enforcer, would be such a stunning beauty! And most importantly, she was just in the inferior realm!

An inferior personage had killed a steelback golden armored dragon in the superior realm!

The little foxs figure imprinted on everyones minds as an image theyd never forget. Even Jian Wenhe, hiding in a corner and staying out of all the action, poked out a head to greedily drink in her form.

Thirty-six beads sparkled with pale purple light on her wrist, safeguarding her body and preventing that horrendous backlash from disintegrating the little fox as well. She tilted her head back to look at the portent of doom in midair.

It was a black eagle that had a wingspan just bigger than the entire city! It radiated power like an enormous star, a true expert of the superior realm arcane beasts and more than ten times stronger than the golden armored dragon.

It was also assessing the little fox, shock and confusion clear in its pale gold eyes. The little foxs appearance didnt matter to it, but the layer of pale purple shimmers over it did. That was plainly the strength of a king!

Could it be that this young woman was the descendant of a king

The little fox suddenly winked at the black eagle, dreamlike ripples oscillating out of her big eyes that sparkled with silver. And then…

The black eagle and endless horde of arcane beasts around them was abruptly transported to another place. Their most hated enemies were in front of them, their arch rivals and those with whom they nursed death feuds.

Astonished cultivators gaped as their never-ending enemies, vicious beasts that bayed for Redbud City blood, turned on each other and fought to the death under the haze of foggy moonlight!


The little foxs greatest combat art was illusion of the mind. Shed combined her illusory craft with the Oddmoon over her head, utilizing its moonlight to deploy her art. Everywhere the moonlight touched was where her illusion flourished.

However, she pouted instead at her success and was most unhappy.

“The cats out of the bag, the cats out of the bag. Lu Yun will guess that I refined Lu Qings crystal ball as soon as he sees me deploy Hongmeng level illusions!” The little fox blushed with the implications.

Though shed told him that she hadnt wanted to refine the ball just yet, shed subconsciously refined everything within the ball—including the experiences of her soul force replica and what her son had experienced in their absence—as soon as she received it.

The current her had not only retrieved her memories of the mythological realm, but her cultivation then as well!

However, all she wanted to do now was to find a hole in the ground and throw herself in it. She hadnt dared tell Lu Yun about this, and now that shed had no other choice but to deploy an illusion of the mind, that was tacit admission that shed refined the ball.

“What if, what if he wants to create another kit with me” Her thoughts ran wild. “Do I say no but let him have his way, or do I resist to the bitter end and protect my chastity at all costs”




Earth-shaking pounding came from the war drum and her illusion wavered, almost shattered by the sound.

“A king level treasure!” she gasped and threw all random thought from her mind, refocusing on overseeing her illusory realm.

Only momentary clarity appeared in the beasts eyes before they lunged at each other again. However, the drum was too strong. The little foxs illusion wouldnt last long in the face of the continued barrage.

Though she was a Hongmeng grandmaster, she was still too weak. If it wasnt for using Oddmoon, her illusion wouldve covered only fifty kilometers at most.

“What are you waiting for! Get rid of the big guy up there!” she shouted.

“Ah, understood!” Redbud cultivators snapped to attention and a hundred Hongmeng superiors took to the air, screaming war cries at the titanic black eagle.

This was a peak Hongmeng superior. Though it wasnt on par with the lizard-dragon, it wasnt far off. Currently caught in a mental realm and battling nonexistent enemies, it revealed all of its flaws and weaknesses.

The one hundred superior realm cultivators jointly released all of their strongest attacks, smashing the eagles head in. Razor-sharp moonlight closed in to tear apart its exposed nascent spirit and soul.

Redbud defenders breathed out in relief, but their respite was short-lived.

As the war drum crescendoed to new heights, the illusory realm began to waver. Still, the citys cultivators made use of the opportunity to rush their enemies, killing as many beasts as they could.

Be that as it may, the tide of beasts outside the city remained endless, like it was a veritable ocean of beasts. It brought a suffocating sense of despair to everyone.-

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