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While Lu Yun remained chuckling wryly, waves of shock rose in his heart. The little foxs skill in formations of illusion had reached such incredible heights!

One had to know that although Miao Qimiao had yet to attain kinghood, he was absolutely at peak superior realm and one of the mightiest powerhouses in the current Hongmeng. Hed fallen into the little foxs trap during a moment of inattention. Though hed detected some abnormalities and tried to struggle out of the formation, he ultimately failed to do so.

He was now fully immersed in the various illusions of the formation.

“This Miao Qimiao is so much less than your past self. Can he really protect the city by himself” The little fox wanted to roll her eyes at the completely bamboozled guest elder.

Lu Yuns past self had been an expert in the mythological realm. Logically speaking, that realm was less than the Hongmeng.

“My past self had reached the threshold of being a titled king—it was stronger than both the lizard-dragon and venerated one. If Id had a bit more time, I wouldve been a king as well.” Lu Yun spread out his hands. “After my past self became a dao fruit, your soul force replica became a king, didnt it”

“A king” The little fox blinked and cocked her head to the side in thought. “I think… so. A beam of purple light blasted into my head one day and left me with a new title.”

“What title” Lu Yuns eyes widened.

“The Immortal King of Illusions,” she replied with resignation. “So thats what the Hongmeng Tower gave me I thought it was just a joke from the old farts in the mythological realm.”

Lu Yun was speechless. That title was indeed ambiguous enough that the little fox hadnt given it much thought. Since the immortal dao had been the great dao of the mythological realm, there also existed a realm called immortal king.

Back then, his family and Qing Han hadnt been willing to have too many doings with the entities of the mythological realm. Theyd lived like secluded hermits.

“What happened after that Who destroyed the mythological realm The Hongmeng” He looked at the little fox. Hed wanted to ask these questions a long time ago, but had been concerned with bringing up bad memories for her.

Now that the little fox had raised the topic herself, it meant she was ready to speak of the events of yesteryear.

“I dont know either…” She shook her head. “But the disaster that destroyed the mythological realm… did indeed have something to do with us.” Her voice turned low and muffled. “The brush in your hands always remained in Qing Hans possession, and the source of that disaster is located within it.”

Lu Yun stared, dazed.

“I dont know where that brush comes from, but you handed it to Qing Han with your own two hands!” She suddenly looked at him. “After your past self turned into a dao fruit, it suddenly came back one day, handed the brush to Qing Han, then disappeared again.”

All of Lu Yuns hairs stood on end. The brush could give rise to akasha ghosts, and his past self had given it to Qing Han! God had once said that the existence of akasha ghosts had something to do with him!

Lu Yun felt like his brain was about to explode.

“Do you… really not remember” the little fox asked with a deep breath.

Lu Yun frowned with contemplation. His past self had chronicled all of his memories up to the moment he turned into a dao fruit.

“No.” He shook his head. “Did someone possess my past self at one point Or was I under someone elses control”

He immediately called upon the Tome of Life and Death and charged into his dao fruit, inspecting it again and again, but found nothing out of the ordinary. Hed sealed the brush into the book all this time, afraid that it would suddenly take untoward action.

The little fox reached out and pointed at the center of his brows, summoning a great illusion in front of him.

It was a night of heavy wind and rain.

Lu Yun suddenly walked out of thin air in front of a tiny log cabin and pushed open the door. He was dripping wet and covered in mud, like hed crawled out of the ground. A ghastly light shone out of his two eyes and he tightly clasped a brush in his hands.

The little fox, Qing Han, and Lu Qing were shocked senseless by his return.

Lu Yun moved like a marionette and made straight for Qing Han, shoving the brush into her heart. She stared dumbly at Lu Yun, then fainted dead away.

An eerie smile curbed the corners of Lu Yuns lips, and he turned his ghastly white eyes onto the little fox and Lu Qing before vanishing with a neat turn.

The illusion also dissipated.

“This…” Lu Yun couldnt help a shudder. He wouldnt have reacted that way if itd been anyone else, but the person thatd suddenly appeared and shoved the brush into Qing Hans heart was indeed himself!

He had no recollection whatsoever of whatd just taken place.

“Was that really me And not something that looked like me” he asked, anxious and doubtful.

“My soul force replica traveled to that era with your past self, I wouldnt have been mistaken.” The little fox shook her head lightly. “After the fact, both Qing Han and Lu Qing forgot the events of the night.

“I was already in the superior realm then, and Lu Qing and Qing Han were in the common realm. We were beyond the chaos.

“I found nothing out of place when I closely inspected Qing Hans body, but when she broke through to the superior realm, the brush reappeared and drew a door in the void. Then, disaster was upon us.”

She pointed between Lu Yuns brows again and depicted the scene thatd occurred.

“But neither Qing Han or Lu Qing remember anything about it! When the door appeared, the brush returned to Qing Hans possession.”

Lu Yun stared dumbly at the door, at the mirage-like figures that rushed out one after another. He hadnt thought that the source of all disaster would be himself.

“Does Lu Qing know about all this” he frowned.

“I gave him this memory before my replica died, asking him to give it to my true body. It looks like hes never viewed it.” The little fox scratched her head. “I dont know if he knows about them either.”

Lu Yun nodded and asked no more. He felt like he was caught in a massive net; all he could do now was continuously accrue strength so he could break free.

“Why isnt he moving around anymore Is he dead” He suddenly looked at the formation and changed the topic when he noticed that Miao Qimiao was no longer moving.

“Thats all he could take Weakling.” The little fox curled her lip and waved a hand, throwing out the unconscious guest elder.-

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