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Lu Yuns past self had committed an incredible blunder in the mythological realm and indirectly led to its destruction. What made him uneasy was that he had a future self waiting for him at a future time…

What might his future self get up to Perish the thought.

Had the little fox sent another tendril of soul force to keep him company He also didnt want to ask or think about it.


Seven days later, Miao Qimiao crawled up from a corner of the dukes compound and cast a shocked look at Lu Yuns little yard. He ran off with his tail between his legs, finally understanding who the two guest elders in that residence were—supplemental grandmasters!

Only the formations of supplemental grandmasters could pull the wool over the eyes of a peak superior realm cultivator like him.

Him barging into the residence without Lu Yuns approval was already a violation of good conduct. That Lu Yun and the little fox hadnt sliced and diced him was a show of face for Zhuo Bufan.

Once he learned that it was two supplemental grandmasters living in the residence, Miao Qimiao turned a blind eye to them wasting the precious treasures of the household. Supplemental path experimentation was an endeavor that consumed an incredible amount of resources to begin with.

Since an explanation had been provided for everything, Miao Qimiao no longer dared nurse any dissatisfaction. Even the Scorch King would have to treat them with utmost respect if they were in Scorching Sun City, to say nothing of a minor dukes residence in a tiny Starcloud City.


Upon receiving Miao Qimiaos express orders forbidding anyone in the compound to question or provoke the new guest elders, the various experts in the dukes household finally realized that things were much more than they appeared on the surface and werent so bold as to continue complaining.

Lu Yun and the little fox were left in happy quiet.

The little fox practiced illusions and her formations were made completely without foundation. Since all she needed was to call upon Hongmeng qi, she didnt need to consume any materials.

However, her mind flitted rapidly and randomly between subjects, and she loved to invent curious oddities. Therefore, the amount of resources she consumed far outstripped Lu Yuns needs.

His experimentation was far more conscientious. He read all of the books and tomes within the dukes compound over the three years, forming a more or less complete grasp of all knowledge within the third realm.

His mastery of the supplemental paths had left the mythological realm behind and fully become something of this era.

After that, his cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds, truly resonating with the great dao of the Hongmeng and successfully breaking through to peak eternal overlord. He was only half a step away from peak inferior realm.

Both Lu Yun and the little fox had reclaimed their previous cultivation levels. They would ascend smoothly if there was enough strength supporting them, enabling them to continuously reclaim their old skills and abilities.

“The Pill Compendium of the Hongmeng records a precious common realm pill—the Eight Treasures Return Pill. It will help us quickly break through the inferior realm and enter the common realm with the fastest speed possible. We might even become superiors!” Lu Yuns eyes gleamed as he held a book regarding pills. “But Zhuo Bufans compound only has seven of the eight treasures for the pill. Were missing a crucial one.”

“Which one” The little fox came close for a peek.

Though their cultivation speed was hardly slow and theyd already reached peak eternal overlord, they didnt dare relax in the slightest.

After receiving ninety-nine premium purple crystal veins, the world of immortals ballooned at an accelerated pace. The immortal dao expanded without limit and traversed the chaos, becoming the great dao of the second realm far ahead of schedule.

Those of the world of immortals grew even faster when it came to their cultivation. At this rate, when the world of immortals reached the Hongmeng, it was possible that these immortals would be so far ahead that theyd have left Lu Yun, the little fox, and Qing Yu behind in the dust.

Bolstered by purple qi from the Hongmeng, the immortal dao met no obstacle in its expansion. It developed so smoothly that the immortal lord, eternal overlord, and chaos sovereign realms appeared within it without requiring Lu Yun or Qing Yu to be present.

“The crystal core of a king level arcane beast.” Lu Yun frowned slightly. “Arcane beast crystal cores are hot commodities in the Hongmeng to begin with and cores of kings are even rarer. Theyre priceless treasures without an actual market.”

“You need two of them!” snorted the little fox. “Dont forget about me!”

“Ones enough.” Lu Yun rolled his eyes. “With my current skill level, I can refine at least eighteen pills with one cauldron attempt. Ive already prepared Little Yus portion.”

“Thats more like it.” The little fox nodded with satisfaction.

“So were short a crystal core from an arcane beast king!” Lu Yun repeated.

“Well buy it, then, weve got money. As rare and expensive as it is, theres bound to be a price for it.” The little fox shrugged.

“We cant.” Lu Yun spread his hands out. “King level arcane beasts are those like the Redbud King. When they fall in battle, they always self detonate to ensure that their bodies arent desecrated. They dont leave behind a single drop of blood, to say nothing of their crystal core.”

“So we cant refine this pill” The little fox was dazed.

“There are always exceptions… The Ten Valleys of Evil, for instance, sometimes specifically hunts down king level arcane beasts. They kill it before the beast has a chance to self detonate, so they can harvest the beasts flesh, blood, and crystal core.”

Lu Yun thought for a moment before adding, “Apart from the valley, sometimes crystal cores from beasts that died unexpectedly can be found in the Hongmeng.

“Starspace Regions biggest market is in Starspace City, which is located in the center of the region and where the Starspace King resides. That city is the most likely location within Starspace Region to possess a king level beast crystal core.

“Starspace King is also one of the kings of the Enforcer Alliance. Hes ranked in the top ten.”

“So we go to Starspace City” The little fox lit up. Shed long wanted to travel around the Hongmeng and visit its various cities.

“Yes.” Lu Yun nodded. He hadnt wanted to venture out of safety as the third realm was too dangerous for them. The slightest misstep could land them in a place of no return. Though the two of them were supplemental grandmasters, their current level of cultivation meant that being grandmaster was more trouble than it was worth.

“Miao Qimiao of Duke Bufans household requests a meeting with the two honored elders.” Miao Qimiaos voice suddenly came from outside as a calling card sailed through the door. He didnt just walk in this time—he stood outside and respectfully extended his wishes with the proper protocol.

Lu Yun and the little fox looked at each other, then shrugged on the elder robes that Zhuo Bufan had left for them. These long robes functioned the same as the enforcer uniforms. Not only could they conceal the wearers true features, but they could also hide their cultivation. In fact, they were indeed modified from enforcer uniforms.

“You may enter.” Lu Yun rasped out, his voice betraying old age.

Just in case yall are wondering, the “miao” characters for MQM are completely different from the little fox. I dont *think* theres a connection between the two, but stranger things have happened in NECRO.-

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