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Lu Yun had to conceal himself for now and refrain from revealing any flaws to anyone he wasnt sure of.

The little fox had already revealed her true form in Zhuo Bufans residence—anyone who cared to could easily find out that she was also the one whod appeared in Redbud City. That a Hongmeng Treasurehunter Rat followed the two of them would make identification even easier.

Thus, she purposefully stayed out of the meeting.

Miao Qimiao had plainly done some homework as well and discovered their background. His attitude grew even more respectful when armed with this knowledge.


“Miao Qimiao greets the honored elder.” Miao Qimiao bowed to Lu Yun.

“Are you here on business” Lu Yun nodded to his visitor from a seated position and indicated for Miao Qimiao to sit as well.

“Yes.” The visiting elder took a surreptitious glance around and heaved a small sigh of relief to confirm that the beautiful young lady illusionist wasnt around.

He was quite certain that the one in front of him was the supplemental grandmaster whod set up the Nineturns Sky Curtain Formation formation in Redbud City. Not only had this guest elder withstood the tide of beasts, but hed befriended the Redbud King and helped the Scorch King add a new city to his domain.

When his thoughts traveled here, and out of consideration for the others identity, Miao Qimiao assumed an even more humble posture.

“A very important business!” He emphasized and continued slowly after a deep breath, “You are a revered supplemental grandmaster, Im sure youll be very interested in this.”

“Youre not about to tell me that you have a way to get the core of an arcane beast king, are you” Lu Yun responded with a chuckle.

He already had access to the entire treasury of Starcloud City. If he wanted to, he could have Zhuo Bufan transfer resources from Scorching Sun City. The only thing that would interest him now would be something he needed that remained out of reach—the core of a king level arcane beast.

It was so rare and precious that it didnt even exist in Scorching Suns treasury.

“Yes, precisely! The core of an arcane beast king!” Miao Qimiao nodded after a pause.

Lu Yun shot to his feet and fixed his eyes on his visitor. “Do you mean that Do you really have clues to a core Of an arcane beast king”

“It looks like the revered supplemental grandmaster does indeed have use for it.” Miao Qimiao smiled.

Lu Yun nodded slowly and sat back down.

Miao Qimiao avoided beating around the bush. “An arcane beast king of Meteorite Peak is grievously wounded…”

“You want to hunt a king” Lu Yun blinked.

The guest elder nodded. “I didnt have the idea at first, but the thought occurred to me after I heard about the two revered grandmasters capabilities.”

“Are you certain of this” Lu Yun rubbed his palms together. He really was very tempted.

A single drop of blood from an arcane beast king was already inordinately precious, to say nothing of an entire crystal core. If they could obtain the complete corpse of an arcane beast king, then he would be able to use his puppet art on it and create a king level puppet.

Since his cultivation level had yet to reach the Hongmeng, anything he killed in this realm wouldnt become one of his Infernum.

Though he counted among the inferior realm of the Hongmeng, he was a stowaway from the chaos. His true cultivation realm was eternal overlord, which was the equivalent of a Hongmeng inferior, but he wasnt actually in that realm.

Once he refined the Eight Treasures Return Pill and broke through to the common realm, he and the little fox would truly assimilate into the Hongmeng and become one of its denizens.

That would also enable the immortal dao to seep into the third realm through Lu Yun and leave its presence behind. Qing Yu would then be able to utilize this presence to help the immortal dao take root in the Hongmeng.

Thus, the Eight Treasures Return Pill was incredibly important to Lu Yun.

“Im certain!” Miao Qimiao nodded firmly. “Meteorite Peak is four hundred million kilometers from Starcloud City. Though that territory isnt part of the Scorch Kings domain, we keep a close eye on it. There was a big uproar when the Meteorite King returned, heavily injured, a while ago. Its not only we who were alerted, but many other factions in nearby cities who are also turning over the same thoughts.”

Lu Yun lowered his head and silently operated formula dao, but could only vaguely discern anything about this Meteorite King.

“The Meteorite King is an arcane beast. He cant cultivate and can only use his natural talents to slowly recuperate. His injuries are too grave this time—several supplemental grandmasters within the city are jointly theorizing that he will be weakened to the utmost after seven days at the very longest.

“That will be the best time to kill him.” Miao Qimiao began to shake at this point. Killing a king level arcane beast was an earth shaking event. It was a Hongmeng rule that kings couldnt be involved in something like this, but all of their experts would certainly vie for the opportunity, as well as others in the realm.

“Alright, in seven days Then we set out for Meteorite Peak after seven days.” Lu Yun nodded. “Does this Meteorite King have close friends or family, or anything like that”

“None!” Miao Qimiao shook his head. “The relationships between arcane beast kings are very complex. Theyre accustomed to being lone wolves, and even the strongest Redbud King operates alone.”

Lu Yun started, then nodded. Some things made more sense when he thought about the Redbud Kings emotional intelligence.


“Going to kill a king” Flushed with excitement, the little fox rushed out as soon as Miao Qimiao left.

“Mmhmm,” Lu Yun confirmed. “We have seven more days, so make use of the time wisely. Hunting down a king is no joke.”

He waved a hand and flung open the doors of Starclouds treasury, summoning most of its priceless ingredients and treasure as an endless stream into his residence. Their identities were a known factor now and everyone wished most ardently that the two would empty out the entire treasury for their use.

Lu Yun once again made use of accelerating time and increased its flow around him tenfold, giving him ample time to prepare. The current iteration of him was far beyond what hed displayed in Redbud City, whether in terms of mastery over supplemental paths or cultivation. Hed also refined quite a few curiosities and oddities over the past three years in Starcloud City, so he was much more prepared this time.

Seven days flew by.

In the dead of the night, instead of during the day, a group of seven dressed in black outfits soundlessly left Starcloud City. Though the Meteorite King was an arcane beast, he was still a king. Setting out with great fanfare to hunt a king was strictly taboo.

Starcloud wasnt the only city to see action on this night. Other cities in Starspace Region and experts in other parts of the Hongmeng also leapt into action and headed to Meteorite Peak.

To kill a king!

This was an incredible challenge and opportunity for those who were yet to be titled kings. There were stories of superior realm cultivators attaining the next realm through fighting an arcane beast king on the verge of death.

This was a veritable feast.

Boo translator thoughts have temporarily disappeared. Mine for this chapter was: Lord thats rather macabre.

Lord thats rather macabre.-

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