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Meteorite Peak was four hundred million kilometers away from Starcloud City. This was an excessive distance to immortals, but a normal travel distance for beings of the Hongmeng. It appeared as an enormous ringlike mountain from the distance, as if a huge star had descended from the skies and smashed into the earth.

The Hongmeng possessed its own cosmos with stars formed from a concentration of Hongmeng energy. Each star was an ultimate treasure. However, it was also extremely dangerous.

Though it appeared over the realm, it was actually another world—another plane. It intersected with the Hongmeng, but lay in a completely different plane.

Even titled kings struggled through numerous close shaves when they ventured inside; death was constantly a very real possibility. If any of the realms denizens wished to obtain a star, the safest way was to wait for it to fall down of its own accord.

That the Meteorite King was able to occupy the entire mountain and fallen star by himself was a testament to his strength. However, he was now on the verge of death and thus a dragon out of his element.


Lu Yun and his group arrived at Meteorite Peak when white hinted on the eastern horizon. The mountain was encircled by a unique forcefield that brought down weight on their bodies and sent them crashing out of the air.

“A spatial restriction forcefield! The Meteorite Kings also sensed danger and hes released his domain as a spatial restriction forcefield!” Miao Qimiao realized with a wry grin.

Forcefields were a special combat art that only titled kings could employ. They could interfere with the various orders and rules of the Hongmeng—such as the one the Redbud King sent out three years ago to deactivate Redbud Regions transportation formation. That forcefield had also disabled light from other transportation formations passing through the area.

This time, the Meteorite Kings forcefield was one that restricted space. Any cultivators who were weaker than him wouldnt be able to fly through it.

“The Redbud King has low emotional intelligence, but this Meteorite King has low intelligence, period.” The little fox scrambled up from the ground and checked her aching limbs for injury. “Does he think well just fly up to him and ask for his life even if he doesnt restrict space like this”

“Agreed, this is a waste of energy.” Lu Yun nodded. “The Meteorite King is very strong. He may not be as strong as the Scorch King, but he is undoubtedly a peak king. Though hes been seriously injured, a single exhale from him can blow a hundred of us to death.

“Superior realm cultivators can only ambush a king if they want his head. Is there anyone who would approach the Meteorite King out in the open and just seek a fight to the death”

“Perhaps… there really is someone like that!” Zhuo Bufan said quietly. “There is a stunning genius in Starspace City whos rather young, but already peak superior realm. His battle strength hovers at the edge of a titled king. Its said that he once fought the venerated enforcer of the Enforcer Alliance and tied after three moves.”

“He tied after three moves with the venerated one” Lu Yun blinked, startled.

“Thats right!” Miao Qimiao sighed with emotion. “That battle shook the Hongmeng, but when everyone hoped they would continue, they stopped and fought no more. What an absolute pity.”

A fight between two powerhouses infinitely close to being titled kings would only be massively beneficial to those in the superior realm. The dao of the kings was too profound for them to peer into. Only when opponents of this level sparred could someone like Miao Qimiao pry into this level.

“Three moves…” Lu Yun stroked his chin. “For heavyweights of that level, life and death is determined by the fourth move. The Starspace King of Starspace City is a king of the alliance himself, so theres no need for anyone from the two sides to fight to the death.

“Three moves was enough for them to learn from each other and test their respective understanding of the dao.”

Miao Qimiao chuckled ruefully and responded no further. The other four wore strange looks on their faces, but didnt say much. They were all domineering superiors who were almost on the same level as the guest elder.

“Milords, this operation—” Miao Qimiao was about to speak when Lu Yun cut him off.

“Im now sharing this joint battle formation with the five of you to ensure that you dont die to the Meteorite King.” He handed a jade slip to Miao Qimiao.

The five lit up and quickly clustered around the jade slip, taking in the formation inside it. Ignoring them, Lu Yun and the little fox started setting up another formation together.

“Is this location alright” asked the little fox.

“Its a bit too far away,” Lu Yun mused with a frown. “We should head another twenty-five million kilometers in.”

The two vanished on the spot with a twitch of their bodies.

Though Miao Qimiao and the other five were busy learning the formation, they quickly caught up to Lu Yun and the little fox when they saw the two disappear. In their understanding, as ferocious as supplemental grandmasters were, they werent skilled with combat. It would be very dangerous for the two to leave their protection.

“The five of you can stay there, dont follow us,” Lu Yuns voice echoed in their minds. “This mission to hunt a king is no secret, and there are certainly other people here apart from us. Follow the plan, the two of us will look for opportunities from the shadows.”

His tones brooked no disagreement.

“Understood.” Miao Qimiao gave up the chase when he heard this and found a safe spot for the five of them to fully grasp the formation.

When Lu Yun and the little fox reached their predesignated point, they started etching a formation without another word.

“Lu Yun, have you noticed something” she suddenly raised. “Its so eerie and sinister here, like a graveyard. But I see no tombs or burial mounds around.”

Lu Yun lifted his head and operated formula dao, thoroughly scrutinizing the area. “There was indeed a tomb here once, but it exploded for some reason and the yin qi within spread out over all of Meteorite Peak…”

His expression suddenly shifted with shock. “No, wait, Meteorite Peak wasnt formed by the impact from a falling star, but from a falling tomb!”

He bounced up from the ground.

“A dragon sleeps in mountains coiled, those deathly cliffs with mysteries roiled.

“A mountain obscured if doors do hide, danger lurks in waters wide!”


The Dragonquake Scripture rumbled with power inside of him as he called upon the Dragonsearch Invocation. Lu Yun turned a radiant golden and a feng shui luopan appeared in his hand.

“What is this” He jerked his head upward.

It was not yet morning, so stars still twinkled in the sky. But his expression turned very strange as he regarded the firmament sparkling with a plethora of Hongmeng stars. In his eyes, those shimmering celestial bodies werent real stars, but… tombs.

With the stars as tombs!

Oh the four realms definitely share the same origin point. Tombs, tombs, everywhere.-

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