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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1221: Dancing Heads

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Hints of strangeness colored an already tense atmosphere after Lu Yun voiced his question.

Half of a Meteorite King

What did this mysterious stranger mean by that

Even Dusksnow Morningstar stared agog at Lu Yun and the king.

Nodding, the Meteorite King said, “There is indeed only half of me here. As for where the other half has gone to… You better hope that you never meet it, or youll die very grim, grisly deaths.”

Malevolent unearthliness filled the kings smile; Dusknow Morningstar trembled and a chill crept over his skin to see it.

Fiery black sparkles brimmed in Lu Yuns eyes as he stared down the Meteorite King.

“You released the news yourself that youre heavily injured! You coordinated this situation to ensure that countless Hongmeng experts would gather here!” Lu Yun abruptly withdrew the hellfire in his eyes.

“Fight already if you want to, cut the bull**!” The kings expression changed drastically when he heard this statement and he charged the nearby Morningstar.

The sudden flurry of motion startled Lu Yun and he vanished on the spot, returning to the little foxs side.


An enormous mushroom cloud rose from where hed just been. Many cultivators caught in the blast zone evaporated before they had a chance to react.

“Hahahaha!!” Dusksnow Morningstar threw his head back with laughter. “Thats right, we fight if we want to! Whats with all the other crap! I dont care if youre a full Meteorite King or half of one, youre going to be my stepping stone today!”


Radiant starlight lit up the void and the image of an enormous bow brightened the sky, breaking apart the mushroom cloud. As numerous shocked cultivators watched on, the stunning genius shattered the Meteorite Kings spatial restriction forcefield!

Morningstar climbed through the air with bow in hand and the stars as his arrows, firing off a barrage of attacks at the king beneath him.

The ground quaked and shook violently, changing the terrain of Meteorite Peak. Everything within it ducked and looked for cover, scattering in all directions in search of relative safety.

Though Dusksnow Morningstar was yet to become a titled king, his battle strength was infinitely close to one. He could be hailed as a half-step king, and therefore the clash between the two wasnt something that ordinary superior realm cultivators could compare to.

What the frantic beings scurrying around the mountain didnt realize was that the path thatd led them here had vanished. It had been replaced by an unfamiliar void, so they wouldnt be able to leave the mountain no matter where they ran to.


“Whats going on” the little fox asked Lu Yun urgently; they were remaining where they were.

She was frightened out of her wits as well. The strange opening move from the king had almost broken her formation. If she hadnt been as fully prepared as she was, her formation of illusion would likely be long gone by now.

“Half a king is still a king!” Lu Yun forced out through grit teeth. “Hes not going to die that easily. He wants to use this half of him to recreate a full version of himself!

“Everyone thats come to Meteorite Peak, whether arcane beast or cultivator, will become his sacrificial goods. Dusksnow Morningstar is the greatest gift of them all!” His tone turned very grave. “The other half of the king is also here and he wants to kill me.”

“Just what is this Meteorite King Is he something from the ancient tomb that fell down” the little fox asked hastily.

“No, I just tested him with hellfire.” Lu Yun shook his head. “We really need to be careful.”

The little fox nodded and began setting up more formations of illusion. Shed discovered that a strange power in the mountain was continuously ramming hers. Once her work was broken, she and Lu Yun could very well become lost in here.

Changes were occurring in the forcefield of Meteorite Peak. Itd formed a peculiar layout—one that appeared to be Ghost Hits Wall in Lu Yuns eyes. Even superior realm cultivators would be blinded by this layout and thoroughly lose themselves in endless loops of the same route.

“What is that!” the little fox suddenly shrieked with disbelief.

Large heads were dancing through the air, mumbling as they flew, “Wheres my body”

“Wheres my body gone”

There were human heads and beast heads, all of them looking very normal other than the fact that they were flying in the air.

One of the heads brightened with eagerness when it took in the fleeing crowds below and swiftly drew close to a sprinting cultivator. Two small hands probed out of its ears and tugged the cultivators head off with ease, then held the headless body upright and fixed itself onto the neck.

“Hahaha! I have a body now! Look, isnt it pretty” The corpse with a new head capered wildly in delight.

“A body, a body! I want a body too!”

“There are so many bodies here!”

“Get them!”

“Take their bodies!” With wild abandon, the heads dove at the fleeing cultivators and arcane beasts.

These beings were already lost in Ghost Hits Wall and werent aware of the frightening heads. Many died gruesome deaths before even understanding what was going on.

The heads always jigged and pranced with joy after obtaining new bodies, but they swallowed all of the vitality within the bodies before long, causing the latter to shrivel up and wither away as dust.

After absorbing new sustenance, the heads grew even stronger and flew off in search of new victims.

“This cant be allowed to continue!” Lu Yun looked on grimly. “We need to break this layout first!”

These heads certainly came from the broken ancient tomb and were something that the Meteorite King kept around. Perhaps his other half was hidden in one of them.

Though Lu Yun had seen through the kings scheme, he didnt understand why this was the plan. Why would the king cut himself into two for no reason at all

Lacking the time to contemplate this, Lu Yun brought out premium purple crystals and began to set up a formation. He didnt know where this Ghost Hits Wall originated from, but given his current mastery over feng shui and formations, it was a simple task to break it.

In the eyes of feng shui masters, Ghost Hits Wall was just a lower level killing formation. But for those who didnt understand feng shui formations, they would be blind and deaf upon entrance and wander around completely lost.

His hands flicked rapidly through the air and he opened his arms wide after a hundred breaths. A purple formation spread out of his arms and slammed into the void.


A muffled impact sounded over Meteorite Peak as something like a transparent cover was shattered to pieces.

“What is that!” shocked screams rose one after another. “Its vicious ghosts! There are vicious ghosts in Meteorite Peak!”

This is a deviated Flying Head Sect!!-

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