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Vicious ghosts!

The heads gyrating through the air were vicious ghosts!

Shock dawned in Lu Yuns eyes when he heard the hubbub of screams. This was his first encounter with vicious ghosts of the Hongmeng, but he hadnt been able to tell that these beings were ghosts!

He hadnt read any ghostly qi from them or even yin qi. In his eyes, these vicious ghosts were just some strange and bizarre living beings. Plainly, that was the furthest thing from the truth. These flying heads were the same kind of ghostly entities as present in the world of immortals and chaos.

Vicious ghosts were the most terrifying entities in the Hongmeng. They appeared and disappeared mysteriously, devouring everything in their path. These types of ghosts were the greatest enemy of all living beings in the Hongmeng.

No one had thought that theyd suddenly appear in Meteorite Peak, at the heart of Starspace Region!

“Stop those ghosts, they cant be allowed to leave the mountain!” shouted a superior realm cultivator. Dressed in purple with eyes glittering like the stars, he exuded an incredibly commanding presence and was stronger than Miao Qimiao.

He suddenly leapt into the air and punched through the remains of the Meteorite Kings forcefield, then grabbed a head hurtling toward him and crushed it with a single hand. The Meteorite King was battling Dusksnow Morningstar up in the air. Hed released his full strength, so the forcefield was naturally weakened.

“The Purpleclad Duke of Starspace City!” Many cultivators present were reinvigorated when they saw the man shoot into the sky and pulp a head with one blow.

The Purpleclad Duke!

This was a long renowned superior realm cultivator widely considered one of the mightiest below a titled king in Starspace Region. Perhaps he was overshadowed by Morningstar now, but no one in Starspace Region would ever not know his name.

“Kill!” Experts from Starspace City immediately clustered around the duke when they saw him and fought back against the heads with coordinated effort.

Hongmeng beings had contended with vicious ghosts for countless eons. Though these capering heads were incredibly eerie and horrifying, the cultivators struck back with ferocity once they regrouped and recomposed themselves.

The Purpleclad Duke charged at the forefront, furiously slaughtering the enemy.

Gurgle gurgle gurgle!

The ground beneath their feet suddenly split open as scarabs thirty meters long rushed out of the earth. Mouth parts chittering hungrily, they swiftly set upon the cultivators and arcane beasts standing on the ground.

Anguished yells and shrieks quickly filled the air as any protective combat art or treasure ripped apart like paper beneath the scarabs mouths.

Agape with horror, the Purpleclad Duke dove from the air and stomped a bug to death. He was beginning to panic.

The scarabs were black as night and thirty meters long. Carpeted by a layer of armor-like spikes, they were all in the superior realm! And most importantly was that they were true Hongmeng beings, but they were helping the vicious ghosts kill other third realm denizens!

“DIE!!” A burst of turbulent power exploded from the dukes body. A pair of purple wings unfurled from his back and beat the tyrannical storm of energy toward the enemy.


Hidden in their formation of illusion, Lu Yun and the little fox located Miao Qimiao and the others and dragged them inside.

“You utter trash! What about the formation I just gave you Dont you know to set it up” Lu Yun wanted to slap them dead himself when he saw how covered in injuries they were. There was even a head stuck to the back of Miao Qimiao, attempting to nibble away at him.

“Esteemed, esteemed grandmaster, things happened so quickly that we didnt have time to set it up!” Miao Qimiao almost burst into tears.

They ordinarily lived in the lap of luxury in Starcloud City and had never imagined that theyd one day experience this kind of battle. Miao Qimiao had been confident that there was no danger of anything going wrong with this trip to kill a king, given that there were two supplemental grandmasters in their entourage.

Who wouldve thought that these kinds of surprises would occur First it was vicious ghosts, then it was the terrifying scarabs. Miao Qimiao and the other five were almost scared witless and reduced to gibbering fools.

“No wonder Zhuo Bufan tapped Zhuo Yu to be the Redbud city lord and not you guys.” Lu Yun was faint from anger.

He finally understood some things, like how Zhuo Bufan had mentioned to not take Miao Qimiao too seriously, that Lu Yun and the little fox were the final authority in Starcloud City.

“You five will right now, this very second, immediately go out to set up the formation!” he roared. “Help the Purpleclad Duke kill the bugs and vicious ghosts!!”

“Under, understood!” Miao Qimiao and the others exchanged quick glances. They shook as they realized their flaws as well. Given their present character, Starcloud City would likely instantly fall into enemy hands if anyone attacked it.

“Sigh, practice the formation while you kill the enemy. Go on.” The little fox felt a bit of pity for them. She sent a formation of illusion into the group, temporarily concealing them from regular vicious ghosts and the scarabs.

The five snapped into formation and rushed out into the fray.

“Zhuo Bufan really is a buffoon and his men even more so,” Lu Yun grumbled. “Im almost starting to wonder if that Scorch King is one too.”

The little fox quirked her lips and didnt respond.

“Are you able to find the other half of the Meteorite King” she asked instead. “I suspect that hes yin and yang in one body—half dead and half alive.”

“…youre right!” Lu Yun blinked with realization. “If the balance between life and death is broken, he needs to divide himself into two. The living portion needs to revive itself with the blood of living creatures, whereas the dead portion needs to partake and strengthen itself with the dense qi of death.”

It was due to this imbalance within the Meteorite King that hed been forced to rip himself into two!

Lu Yun quickly grasped the implications when the little fox posed the possibility. The dead portion of the king was very likely a ghost king! A king level vicious ghost!

“If we kill the dead portion of the Meteorite King, all of this here will be taken care of.” The little fox nodded.

Lu Yun soundlessly called upon the Spectral Eye, but couldnt see through the vicious ghosts because they werent dead. Or perhaps it was the current him who couldnt see through them.

“We dont need to purposefully seek him out,” the little fox added. “Since youve shattered Ghost Hits Wall, the other half of the Meteorite King has probably already noticed you. Hell come for you if you expose yourself.”

“If he does, Im dead meat.” Lu Yun tugged a corner of his lips up. He was only in the inferior realm and had yet to reach its peak. Take on a king by himself

Absolutely courting death.

“Things cant be allowed to go on like this. First those heads, then these scarabs, what next a little while longer” Lu Yun took a deep breath and set his jaw when he looked at the Meteorite King fighting Dusksnow Morningstar in midair. “We dont need to find the other part of the king, we can just kill this one!”-

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