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A sword shimmering with purple light appeared in the Purpleclad Dukes hand. He threw himself forward, blocking the almost crazed Dusksnow Morningstar.

Lu Yuns six puppets were mired in a dense throng of vicious ghosts and scarabs. Each one of the puppets was the equivalent of a peak superior realm cultivator. They hacked their way out of the tide of enemies and doggedly kept on the Meteorite King.

Their quarry wanted to rage with indignation.

He was already at the end of his tether and gravely injured. If Lu Yuns six puppets drew near him, he would be dead without a doubt!

Everyone around them was so taken aback by the scene that they didnt know what to think. Why was the Purpleclad Duke stopping Morningstar from killing the Meteorite King The Starspace King had personally conferred his dukedom and hailed the Purpleclad Duke as the strongest powerhouse beneath kinghood.

When Dusksnow Morningstar came into the spotlight, the duke had purposefully stepped back and almost entirely disappeared from the public eye so that he wouldnt steal the limelight. No one felt that the dukes current actions were committed out of pettiness or jealousy. If he wanted to prevent Morningstar from becoming a titled king, all he had to do was to kill the Meteorite King himself.

“Whoever kills the Meteorite King today can keep his body!” the Purpleclad Duke suddenly roared.

“Seriously!” The cultivators below bubbled over with excitement. This was why all of them were here, but they hadnt dared take any action out of consideration for the duke, Dusksnow Morningstar, and the six strange existences thatd suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“When have I ever gone back on my word!” the duke shouted as he defended himself against another fearsome arrow. “Whoever kills the Meteorite King can claim his body. If anyone wants to take it from the victor, Ill be the first to kill them!”


The sword in his hand erupted with an otherworldly light and forced Morningstar back.

With that, the cultivators beneath them didnt care about the fight between the two powerhouses anymore. Whooping and yipping with greed, they charged the Meteorite King.

A situation thatd somewhat stabilized on Meteorite Peak was once more thrown into disarray as stunning battles broke out all over the place.

The scarabs and vicious ghosts were as strong as before, but they now faced both Lu Yuns puppets and packs of maddened cultivators. The six puppets were six identical weapons—a vein of premium purple crystal could be found in each of them as well as a complete Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.

More important was the formation that the six formidable puppets formed—another Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals. They were able to deploy the formation at its maximum output.

The formation formed a vortex of six colors over Meteorite Peak and sucked all of the vicious ghosts and scarabs into it, churning them to pieces.

“A king!” All of the cultivators and arcane beasts came to a halt, raising shocked eyes at the kaleidoscopic vortex above.

They could clearly see that the six bizarre figures were only in the superior realm, but when the six worked in tandem to assemble an odd formation, they possessed the battle strength of titled kings!

I had no idea this kind of thing was possible!

One had to know that no matter how strong a superior realm cultivator was, they would never possess the strength of a king prior to being baptized by the Hongmeng Tower. Take Dusksnow Morningstar—though hed defeated the Meteorite King in open combat, he was still a half step king before the tower acknowledged his efforts and bestowed a title upon him.

The strength of a king remained off limits to him, but the six strange figures had been able to obtain king level power in their own way!

The Meteorite King was well and truly panicking now. If the six puppets had been a threat to him before, they could absolutely take his life now! His scarabs and vicious ghosts were jokes in front of this formation; they were no impediment to the six strange figures.

“Get out here!” he suddenly roared.

The ground beneath his feet split open once more and headless bodies crawled out from below.

Vicious ghosts!

These were yet more vicious ghosts. When the heads flying through the air noted their arrival, they descended upon unoccupied necks with cheers of glee.


Rays of uncanny green light beamed from the newly born vicious ghosts and covered all of Meteorite Peak. They came together and gradually solidified into a man in green. He was tall and limber, with green hair past his shoulders. Long, emerald green robes draped around him and his eyes shone with green light.

The man in green looked just like the Meteorite King!

When the green clad Meteorite King appeared, the spatial restriction forcefield abruptly doubled in strength. Furiously battling in midair, the Purpleclad Duke and Dusksnow Morningstar fell down from the sky.

“What is going on here!” When Morningstar picked himself up from the ground, he gaped at the green clad Meteorite King in midair. Hed finally realized that something was wrong.

The Purpleclad Duke set his jaw with concentration. He was under much more pressure than the genius.

“You cant become a titled king here. Youll become his sacrificial good as soon as you do so!” he panted. “The Meteorite King isnt an arcane beast king at all, hes a ghost king!”

All was eerily quiet on Meteorite Peak. Gray wisps of smoke rose from the black scarabs and drifted around the mountain in a chilling manner, completely changing its appearance. Lush forests and verdant growth vanished, replaced by mottled mud and rocks scattered in a mass grave. Broken graves and shattered tombstones were jumbled in random piles throughout the gray landscape.

Chills skittered across the skin of all living beings in Meteorite Peak.

Up in the sky, the green clad Meteorite King waved and summoned the dying half of himself to his hand. He tossed the king back out again, throwing him at Morningstar.

“Ill let the others go if you kill him. Otherwise, all of you will die,” he said coldly while looking at the genius.

As he spoke, he delivered a casual backhand and flattened Lu Yuns six puppets. The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals and hardy puppets had no room with which to react.

Too strong!

A true titled king wasnt a level of existence that Lu Yun could touch at the moment. Inside the formation of illusion, he spat out a mouthful of blood and the little fox hastily kept him upright when he swayed.

“You will be a titled king if you kill him,” the green clad Meteorite King repeated coldly.

Dusksnow Morningstars fingers twitched.-

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