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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1225: Success

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“Do you seriously believe the Meteorite Kings words when hes a ghost king!” shouted the Purpleclad Duke when he heard the kings captivating threat.

Scowling, the green clad Meteorite King reached out and brought his hand down on the dukes head. He wasnt someone whod just been made a titled king—he was an extremely strong ghost king. Even Lu Yuns six puppets had been flattened into meat patties with just one blow.

“Stop!!” screamed Dusksnow Morningstar when he saw this. “Ill self detonate if you dare kill the duke!!”

He spoke with rapid urgency, forcing the green clad Meteorite King to stop right before the terrifying hit reached the Purpleclad Duke.

Self detonation!

If Morningstar detonated on the spot, he would vaporize both himself and the injured Meteorite King. Hed already defeated the Meteorite King and would become a titled king if he killed his opponent. The same didnt apply to the Purpleclad Duke, so he wouldnt ascend to kinghood even if he interrupted the proceedings and killed the Meteorite King.

Various emotions flickered through the green clad kings face as he considered the duke. He suddenly slammed his hand down and annihilated more than a hundred beings isntead.

“Starting from this second, I will kill five hundred people with every ten breaths,” he intoned frostily. However, he didnt retrieve the other Meteorite King, leaving him by Morningstars feet instead.


A pillar of purple light flashed overhead and blasted the green clad king off his feet; it was swiftly followed by a gigantic moon rising into the air. A beam of resplendent moonlight shot down at the comatose Meteorite King and sliced him into two.

The little fox and Lu Yun suddenly appeared next to the two halves and shouldered the body, then vanished once more.

Too fast!

No one had the opportunity to react—even Dusksnow Morningstar and the Purpleclad Duke were left gaping with surprise.

“Who was that!” Flickering with unnatural green light, the green clad Meteorite King charged into the air. A domineering presence billowed forth from him like a stormy gale.


Another pillar of purple light fired into the air and the king shrieked as he was once more sent flying.

“Kill them all! Leave nothing alive!” he howled with indignity.


Another pillar of purple light rammed into him and almost drove him into the ground.

“Premium purple crystals! Who. the. FUCK is hitting me with an entire vein of premium purple crystals!” he bawled with shock and fury.

He could clearly sense that the three blows thatd hit him were all backed by the power of a premium purple crystal vein. Each one had contained the complete energy of an entire vein! The three attacks had fully connected—not a drop of energy from the crystal veins had been wasted.

Theyd resulted in some injuries to his body and hed be gravely injured if three more fired at him. Most importantly was that not everyone could deploy the strength of a premium purple crystal vein. That meant that there was at least one supplemental grandmaster here on the verge of becoming a titled king!

King level supplemental masters were more frightening than any king level cultivator or arcane beast.

Additionally, even the green clad Meteorite King only possessed a hundred veins of premium purple crystal. He normally kept them carefully sealed away and couldnt bear to use them!

Consuming a vein to hit someone

Who else would do such an extravagant thing apart from supplemental grandmasters who practiced “wealth makes right” Thinking of how his Ghost Hits Wall had been dismantled, the green clad king was increasingly certain of his speculations.

When his thoughts traveled here, he cautiously decided to go back into hiding and refrain from exposing himself. At the same time, he had no intention of letting anyone leave the mountain alive.

If any word got out that he was actually a ghost king, Starspace Region kings would show up the next day to raze Meteorite Peak to the ground. He had to kill all of the arcane beasts and cultivators here, including the grandmaster hidden in the shadows.


“Success!” Lu Yun and the little fox retreated to the little foxs formation of illusions.

Hed already employed Size Manipulation to shrink the formation smaller than a particle of dust, then sunk it into the ground and set up several powerful defensive formations around it. Even a king would be hard pressed to track them down in the disorderly mountain.

“Start refining the pill! None of these ghosts will be a concern to us if we truly reach a Hongmeng cultivation level!” Lu Yun had already removed a crystal core from their half of the Meteorite Kings body. The living part of the king had transmuted into an arcane beast, while the green clad portion was the ghost king.

While Lu Yun might still have trouble with the ghost king even when he reached a Hongmeng cultivation realm, none of the ghostly entities outside would pose a threat to him. After all, catching ghosts was his area of expertise!

Acting decisively, he unleashed Spacetime Reincarnation and sat down cross-legged to refine the Eight Treasures Return Pill inside the tiny formation.

Meanwhile, a maddened slaughter began outside.

Countless ghosts raged like theyd gone berserk, surging from all directions to kill everything alive in the mountain. However, the cultivators and arcane beasts werent easy targets for the taking either.

Dusksnow Morningstar and the Purpleclad Duke had allied together; Miao Qimiao and the other four also possessed the strength of a half step king when assembled in the formation that Lu Yun had given them. The five of them worked with the two powerhouses to gradually withstand the ghosts charges.

“We cant communicate with the outside world, the Meteorite Kings sealed off the peak with his forcefield!” Morningstar was as white as a sheet. Hed tried using communication talismans and formations to send messages, but found that Meteorite Peak was completely isolated.

It was far too easy for a king to seal away his domain with a forcefield.

“Stop those ghosts!” Miao Qimiao suddenly snapped. “It will be the doomsday of that Meteorite King when my lord emerges from seclusion!”

“Your lord” Morningstar blinked. “Zhuo Bufan Whats that buffoon doing here Hes not good for anything.”

“…not the duke.” Miao Qimiao almost spat blood in his anger.

“Is it the one who broke apart the layout here and beat back the Meteorite King three times” The Purpleclad Duke slew a hundred ghosts with a single stroke.

“Thats right, him.” Pride appeared on the faces of Miao Qimiao and the others. They were now fully won over by Lu Yun and the little fox—not just by what the duo had displayed in the mountain thus far, but by the amazing benefits theyd reaped from the gifted formation.

“Can it be…” Morningstar seemed to realize something and asked with shock, “Is your lord one of the two from Redbud City”

“Not just one of the two, both of them are here!”-

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