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“You two are only in the inferior realm!!” The Meteorite King didnt get a clear look at Lu Yun and the little foxs cultivation level until now—they were inferior realm!!

He wanted to choke on regret. If hed known that they were in the interior realm, he wouldve employed the most basic and violent method from the very beginning—wipe out everything on the mountain with a savage burst of power and crush them into minced meat!

Who wouldve thought that two supplemental grandmasters that almost rivaled a titled king would only be inferiors!

Though supplemental cultivators werent skilled at combat, their cultivation realms were far from humble. Even ordinary supplemental cultivators would use precious resources and valuable treasures of the world to forcefully enhance their cultivation level, to say nothing of supplemental grandmasters.

To be a grandmaster almost always meant that one was in the superior realm!

Therefore, the Meteorite King had been strongly influenced by the assumption that the two grandmasters in hiding were in the superior realm. Who wouldve thought that theyd only now be undergoing the heavenly tribulation from inferior to common realm!

The king was so infuriated that he wanted to spit out blood.

“These two used my arcane beast body as an ingredient to refine the Eight Treasures Return Pill!!” He finally understood what Lu Yuns plans were.

Ordinary supplemental grandmasters or cultivators only wanted a cultivation realm, they didnt care about foundations at all. After all, they studied the supplemental daos and not combat arts or secret methods for close body combat. Whether or not their foundations were solid was completely meaningless to a supplemental grandmaster.

When a pill such as the Eight Treasures Return Pill incorporated the crystal core of an arcane beast king, not only would it help the cultivator break through, but it would also consolidate and force the ascension without any damage to their foundation.

The Meteorite King had never fathomed that the two supplemental grandmasters would be refining this kind of pill!

Their heavenly tribulation was hot on the heels of their pill tribulation.


Electricity of colors that ran the gamut of a rainbow wrapped around Lu Yun. Thunder beads orbited his body, each of them brewing with terrifying power.

The green clad Meteorite King retreated with keen briskness. If itd been any other king present, they wouldnt have cared about the lightning snaking around Lu Yun. However, the Meteorite King was a ghost king, and tribulation lightning happened to be an ultimate counter to ghost kings.




Lu Yun waved a hand before the king had time to react and discharged the thunder beads into thunder and lightning that also echoed the colors of the rainbow. They churned together and came roiling towards the Meteorite King.

He shrieked and turned tail to flee. Not only did the multicolored bolts of lightning possess the power of extreme yang, but they were also imbued with the strength to exorcise evil and demons.

These were the attributes of the Yi Wood Cleansing Thunder thatd once belonged to the Divine Azure Dragon King.

Lu Yun had perfectly melded those attributes with his current thunder method and infused the tribulation lightning with those qualities whenever he deployed Thunder Palmstrike.




A battle drum suddenly cut through the din. The tribulation clouds that had begun to disperse in the sky above gathered once more and roared with the fearsome power of wind and thunder.

The Battle Drum of Wind and Thunder.

This was the treasure that Lu Yun had refined in Redbud City with the hide of a kui and the bone of an azure dragon. When employed along with his Thunder Palmstrike and full activation of the Tome of Life and Death, he commandingly intercepted the heavenly tribulation and kept it over the mountain.

The drum directed the thunder and lightning together as a multicolored dragon of thunder that pounced viciously on the fleeing green clad king.

It vaporized all of the vicious ghosts in every spot it passed through, leaving the Purpleclad Duke and Dusksnow Morningstar agog with awe. It was their first time witnessing the power of a supplemental grandmaster.

“No wonder Hongmeng kings show courtesy and respect to any supplemental grandmaster they meet. I had no idea they were so incredible!” Morningstar sucked in a sharp breath. “How strong would they be if they were titled kings”

“The two in front of us are almost titled kings!” the duke murmured. “They can compel their heavenly tribulation to stay—this is unheard of! Its likely that only the supplemental kings of legend have the ability to do so.

“But the Meteorite King is a ghost king, and ghost kings are suppressed by heavenly tribulations. The two supplemental grandmasters wouldnt be able to hold their own if it was any other king present.” The duke was keeping a calm head and quickly identified the crux of the issue.

As strong as supplemental grandmasters were, they were no kings in the end. If it wasnt for the fact that the green clad Meteorite King was firmly counteracted by the heavenly lightning, he would easily kill Lu Yun and the little fox with a casual backhand.

Naturally, Lu Yun wouldnt permit him any breathing space. Thunder ripped and roared through the mountain peak as resounding drum beats rapped through Meteorite Peak, vibrating vicious ghosts to dust.

Up in the sky, the deep purple Oddmoon flared with cuttingly sharp moonlight, joining the enormous dragon of thunder and lightning to smite the Meteorite King.

“I am a king!!” he snarled, the crumbling bone pennant in his hand burst with searing white light. “A high and mighty ghost king will not be desecrated by worthless ants!!”


The bone pennant exploded into a gigantic white bone flower that glowed with a menacing light that the scintillating dragon of seven colors smashed resoundingly into. A colossal explosion rang out as the scene turned white in front of everyones eyes.

The horrific collision sent everyones flying, and Lu Yun felt like the void would rip his body apart.


Peoples minds cleared after an indeterminate period of time.

“Meteorite Peak is no more.” The Purpleclad Duke struggled to his feet, taking in the surroundings and seeing that the ring-shaped mountain had crumbled into piles of boulders and dirt. The forcefield that had enveloped it was gone without a trace.

Everyone was grievously injured, but no one had died. Most of the fallout had been absorbed by the floating Oddmoon and the forcefield thatd surrounded Meteorite Peak. Lu Yun was covered in blood—he carried the little fox in his arms and stared fixedly at the center of the mountain.

The little fox no longer breathed and her heart had stopped. The thirty-six beads on her wrist lay on the ground as a pile of wood dust. Her fingers twitched as hazy light rose from her body, she then sprang up from Lu Yuns embrace.

“Did I just die” She blinked large silver eyes and rubbed her forehead.

Lu Yun nodded.

“Well then, thank goodness I had your talisman,” she chuckled merrily.

“Our sons gift to you is ruined,” he responded shortly.

Shed released all of the power within the beads and shunted it toward Oddmoon, using it to protect every living being on the mountain. In return, shed died from the backlash. The Resurrection Talisman hed gifted her had activated upon her death, reviving her.

“No worries, Ill have him make a few more for me,” she giggled with the laughter of the blithely carefree. Dying and then coming back to life… tasting the great horrors of life and death had resulted in great benefits to the little foxs cultivation.

Lu Yun, however, wasnt in near so good a mood.

The green clad king slowly stood up from the center of Meteorite Peak. His eyes released two beams of green light—he was no longer in the form of a living being. He was now a vicious ghost through and through, a king of vicious ghosts!

“Ive used up the heavenly tribulation, but I still wasnt able to kill him.” Lu Yuns heart sank as he watched the leering Meteorite King.

“Hahahaha!! Supplemental grandmaster!!” The king floated into the air. “Sad, are you You couldve been a king of supplemental dao if youd killed me, but you couldnt!”

His body began furiously devouring all of the yin qi in the surroundings. Though the mountain lay in ruins, the remains of the great tomb were still there and that made for an unending source of yin and ghost qi.

The Meteorite Kings ghost body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“I just wanted to see how big the gap between the current me and a titled king was,” Lu Yun sighed as he looked at the fully recovered king. “Id thought that Id be able to dominate the Hongmeng once I was in the common realm, that I could go find her… But to think that I still fall far short.”

The little fox grasped his hand. Oddmoon had returned to the center of her brows as an imprint on her forehead.

“Oh” The king blinked when he heard the response, as did the Purpleclad Duke and Dusksnow Morningstar. Something seemed off with Lu Yuns words.

Despair blanketed the scene as everyone knew there was no hope of surviving a ghost king. But… Lu Yun had sounded like he was just confirming his strength

The “her” that hed mentioned went completely unnoticed.

“Ill have to work hard once I go back and ascend to the superior realm before I can walk the Hongmeng,” he sighed.

“Go back Hahahahaha—youve ruined everything, how can I possibly let you go back alive!” he shouted almost at the top of his lungs. When he reached out, his hand had turned into the claw of a vicious ghost and sparkled with black ghost qi.

“DI—what!” The Meteorite King shot backward right when he arrived in front of Lu Yun.

A willowy purple figure had appeared in front of the grandmaster at some point. It was a young girl, an exceedingly beautiful young girl. Elegant and graceful, she wore a pretty purple silk dress.

“Hmm We meet again, little friend. …what is this place” The Redbud King first looked around with surprise, then snapped to grave attention. “A ghost king!”

She darted forward and laid him flat out on the ground with one smack.

“This is…” Her slender eyebrows knit together tightly. “Meteorite Peak, youre the Meteorite King.”

I choose you, Butterfree!

Holy this was a long chapter.-

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