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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1228: Co-Conspirator

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Staring dumbly at the stunning woman, no one could say a word. Who wouldve fathomed that Lu Yun would suddenly summon the Redbud King


“You… you…” A stammering Lu Yun also stared at his reinforcement. “You sent your primary body, not a replica!”

“Thats right.” The Redbud King nodded.

“Didnt you say this token would call only your replica” he asked ruefully.

If hed known that the Redbud token would summon the Redbud King in person, he wouldve never used it so easily. The karmic repercussions were too great when they involved a king, and he would now owe too big a favor.

With the Redbud Kings foot firmly planted on the green clad Meteorite Kings chest, the struggling ghost king felt like a mountain had landed on him. He couldnt twitch a single finger.

The Redbud King truly stood at the apex of the realm. She was the strongest powerhouse in the Redbud Region, its only ruler and king. Now that she was here in person, she immediately suppressed the Meteorite King and contained the situation.

Everyone on the scene held their breaths and lowered their heads, not daring to look directly at the stunningly beautiful king.

She scratched her head, then smiled. “I decided to come myself when I sensed ghostly qi around you. Who wouldve thought that the Meteorite King would be a ghost king

“Thank goodness Im here in person, or all of you little fellows wouldve died to the last, even if my replica could keep him in check.”

Lu Yun nodded with resignation.

“Alright, this is Starspace King territory, so I cant remain here indefinitely. Hmm, Ill take the Meteorite King with me then.” She hauled him up by the collar and paused when she was about to leave. “Wait, that doesnt seem right. If I leave like this, will people think that Im a co-conspirator”

“Dont kill him!” Lu Yun flung out a hasty hand when he saw purple light glint balefully in the kings eyes. “If you kill him, thats doing away with a key suspect. The best way to handle things now is to send him to Starspace City and have the Starspace King handle this.”

Given her relative lack of social experience, the Redbud King often made the wrong decision when it came to interacting with others. If that hadnt been the case, she wouldnt be the only king in the vast Redbud Region.

She frowned slightly, “The Starspace King is an old fart, Im supposed to deal with him Forget it, you handle it.”

She casually threw the sealed green clad Meteorite King onto the ground before Lu Yun, whose jaw dropped at her actions.

The Redbud King rubbed her temples, then vanished with a turn of her body.

“Ive placed another one hundred and eight sealed premium purple crystal veins into the two tokens. Mm, mmhmm, Ive discovered that the spacetime formation of illusion that youve set up for me can evolve!” Her voice sounded in Lu Yun and the little foxs ears. “The value of this formation cant be measured in premium purple crystals anymore.”

The two looked wordlessly at each other. So… the Redbud Kings primary purpose for coming in person was to bring them money.

Theyd set up the formation with their core great dao. As their daos assimilated into the Hongmeng over the past three years, so did their grasp of the supplemental daos continuously improve. Thus, the formation that theyd set up together matched the pace of their advancements.

It now had the potential to be a king level formation.

The Redbud King wasnt really an idiot; she knew full well what this meant, which was why shed willingly offered up her friendship. Though her manner had been a little too straightforward, it was precisely what Lu Yun needed.


The other cultivators in the area stared dumbly at the two grandmasters. The highly revered Redbud King had been like a girl next door to these two, completely bereft of the bearing and stance that a king should have.

Lu Yun and the little fox grew ever more mysterious to them.

“Lets go.” Lu Yun beckoned to Miao Qimiao and the others. The five quickly came up to him and opened a tiny transportation formation, leaving with the restrained Meteorite King.

Though he was in their custody, this wasnt a safe place. Other horrific creatures of the dark could pop out at any moment. Additionally, it was impossible that he didnt have any co-conspirators, given his ease in penetrating the heartland of Starspace Region and being able to lay such extensive plans.

All Lu Yun could do now was to leave this area of trouble as soon as possible.


“So whos gonna be first” Lu Yun heaved a sigh when he looked at the Meteorite King sprawled on the ground. The king was so badly beat up that he resembled nothing of his former self, but he was still alive.

Since the Meteorite King was a ghost king, all Lu Yun had to do was to kill him to make him an Infernum. However, the overlord of hell was so far removed from a titled king that he couldnt kill one even after trying everything in his arsenal.

There was a peculiar energy lining the Meteorite Kings body, a strange power that rebuffed all of Lu Yuns attempts. He hadnt been able to puncture that layer of protection even when all five hellfires burned in unison.

“Probably the Starspace King.” The little fox sat on a tiny stool, her chin in her hands as she watched Lu Yun throw everything he had at the Meteorite King. She wondered, “Who else other than him can install a ghost king in a central location of Starspace Region without attracting attention”

According to Lu Yuns calculations, the first to visit Starcloud City for the Meteorite King would have a very close relationship with the king. If not a solid co-conspirator, then pretty much the same equivalent.

“If even the Starspace King is a ghost king, then things really are a mess in the Hongmeng.” Lu Yun gave up trying to kill the Meteorite King. Though he was in the common realm now and part of the third realm, it was still almost impossible for him to kill a king.

“What do we do now Wait here, or go find Qing Yu at Hopeless Major” the little fox continued.

“Lets wait a bit longer, we arent strong enough yet,” Lu Yun sighed. Hed gained a thorough understanding of the realms dangers. Given their current strength, theyd swiftly end up dead if their concentration lapsed for a split second.

He could use the Resurrection death art to bring the little fox back if she died, but all was over if he died. His Resurrection Talisman incorporated the actual death art. If his primary body died, then the death art would no longer exist.


An enormous explosion sounded from outside the city as Starcloud shook from the impact.

“Here they are!” Lu Yuns eyes shot wide open. “Id thought he would attempt courtesy first, that hed use an investigation in the name of the Starspace King as an excuse to retrieve the Meteorite King. I hadnt thought that he wouldnt even bother with a pretense!”

As startled as he was, Lu Yun didnt panic. Hed taken this possibility into account and made various arrangements around the city.

“Miao Qimiao, who is it thats come” he shouted when he walked out of the chamber.

Roll roll roll.

A head dropped from the sky—Miao Qimiaos head!

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