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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1233: The Endless Reaches

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“What a good idea!” The Redbud King lit up when she heard Lu Yuns words. “If I concentrate all of my power on attacking one of them at a time, I can kill four, heavily injure three, and then die to the last three.

“One for seven, thats a fantastic deal!” Her eyes gleamed with enthusiasm.

The ten kings besieging Redbud Mountain scowled broodingly. The Redbud King was right—if she decided to attack with her full strength, shed be able to kill four with her speed before they contained the situation.

As one of the strongest kings in the Hongmeng, she would out muscle any of them if they took her on solo.

“Its not one for seven, but two for ten.” The Meteorite King stepped forward without looking at the Moon King. He was Lu Yuns Infernum now, so everything that had ever been when he was alive was no longer. Though he was still grateful to the Moon King for her protection during his weakness, he lived and breathed for Lu Yuns command now.

“If you include me, well be able to go down with all of you.”


The shortsword Quiet appeared in his grasp with a shake of his hand, freezing the air around Redbud Mountain when it materialized.

“Leave!” The Mangcang and Moon King met each others eyes, both noting how terrifying the weapons capabilities were. This was absolutely a great treasure of the Hongmeng!

Though the Meteorite King was weaker than any of the kings attacking the mountain, the exotic sword he wielded could absolutely ensure mutual destruction of both parties. A strong treasure was much too important in the third realm.

Lu Yun heaved a sigh of relief to see the Mangcang King and others depart. He and the little fox would be dead without a doubt if a fight broke out, regardless of who took down who.

“What a pity that they got away.” The Redbud King smacked her lips, still up for some action.

“Eh” Lu Yun blinked. “Did you have other trump cards that you could use against them”

“No.” She shook her head. “It just wouldve been nice to smash some of their heads.”

“Uhhh…” Lu Yun chuckled ruefully. This Redbud King was a weird one.

“So what brings you two here” she asked with confusion. Though the king couldnt see through their disguises, she still recognized them. She could even tell that the masked enforcer was the Meteorite King.

“…this isnt a good place to talk, lets go inside.” The Redbud King waved a hand when Lu Yun remained silent, changing the surroundings and bringing them to the great hall theyd visited last time.

The hall was now a massive spacetime formation of illusion, and the Redbud Butterfly chrysalis rested in its center.

“So tell me, what is it” The Redbud King seemed to have forgotten that shed faced ten kings only moments ago and asked after Lu Yun instead.

“I want to go to Hopeless Major!” He cut straight to the chase. “The Hopeless Major of the Ten Valleys of Evil.”

“Hopeless Major!” gasped the dauntless Redbud King whod wanted to fight even when she was hopelessly outnumbered. She almost jumped into the air. “Why do you want to go there” she quivered.

“Um… is it that scary” Lu Yun goggled at her reaction.

“Id rather engage all ten of those kings in battle than provoke Hopeless Major,” the Redbud King responded solemnly. “You need to tell me what you want to do there, or Im not telling you where it is.”

“Im looking for someone!” Lu Yun took a deep breath. “My dao partner is in Hopeless Major and if my guess is correct, she rules it.”

The Redbud Kings jaw dropped and she froze with shock. “Your… your reason is quite valid.”

She didnt ask about any other details. When shed last seen Lu Yun and the little fox, theyd been in the inferior realm. And now, they were supplemental grandmasters.

Plainly, these two nursed great secrets and she had no reason not to believe Lu Yun when he said that the ruler of Hopeless Major was his dao partner.

“Hopeless Major is at the northernmost tip of the Hongmeng and the deepest point of the Endless Reaches,” sighed the Redbud King. “The Redbud Region is in the south of the Hongmeng.”

Lu Yun looked at the little fox, who looked back at him with an innocent expression.

“Whats to be found beyond the northernmost tip of the realm” Lu Yun asked curiously.

“I dont know.” The king shook her head. “The north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest peaks of the realm are where eight of the Ten Evils are located. That is the limit of Hongmeng geographic knowledge. No one knows what lies beyond.”

“The fourth realm” guessed the little fox.

The Redbud King shook her head, not wanting to say more.

“Then where are the remaining two of the ten” the little fox probed further.

“The other two Ten Evils are located in the most mysterious locales of the Hongmeng. No one knows where they are, they have to voluntarily show themselves.” The king shook her head again. “If you want to go to Hopeless Major, I can take you to the edge of the Endless Reaches in the Hongmengs great north. It will be up to you if you can find Hopeless Major from there.

“But once youre in the reaches, you should conceal the Meteorite Kings sword from the public eye. The Endless Reaches are also known as the graveyard of kings. No one knows how many kings have died there.

“Someone like the Meteorite King would also be considered an inferior there.”

Lu Yun swallowed hard, and the Meteorite Kings expression was stiff beneath his mask. Hed heard of the Endless Reaches before, but had never thought that one of the Ten Valleys of Evils would be in there.

“Then I would trouble the Redbud King to take us to the Endless Reaches.” Lu Yun nodded.

“Youve decided You dont need to make further preparations” She seemed to have anticipated his response, but still wanted to make sure that he was ready.

“Ive been preparing for three years, what should be ready has long been readied.” Lu Yun nodded again.

“Alright then, but you should take off your enforcer robes before we go. There are many fugitives on the run from the Enforcer Alliance in the Endless Reaches. If you go there in those outfits, theyll attack you on sight.”

“Oh” Lu Yun considered the notion, then smiled. “In that case, we wont take them off. These clothes are perfect.”

“Wait, thats right, you have the Justice token.” The Redbud King rubbed her forehead.

“But we should make certain arrangements for Redbud Mountain before we go,” the little fox suddenly proposed. “Today, those ten kings were scared off by the Meteorite King wielding Quiet. Theyll be back with twenty next time, and thirty the next. We should make some preparations here first!

“If all of the purple crystal veins of the mountain are combined together, theyll form a huge dragon!”

Lol are crystal veins are Legos And she blurted out something sensible for once! I like this!-

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