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Redbud Mountain was the greatest mine of purple crystal in the Hongmeng and was home to the foremost dragon of the realm. The endless purple crystal veins were a byproduct from that dragon.

Heaven and earth watched over the dragons of the world of immortals. Whoever dared disturb them would be met with backlash from the world itself.

Though the concepts of heaven and earth existed in the Hongmeng, they didnt truly exist in substance. Thus, nothing protected the dragon at Redbud Mountain. However, dragons were uncommonly ferocious in the third realm. Even kings who disturbed dragon veins of their own accord could die from the recoil.

But Lu Yun was here, and with him the forbidden text of the Hongmeng—the Dragonquake Scripture.

He didnt dare use the method in its complete form, but his mastery of the Dragonshift Method had reached great perfection. Itd bifurcated from the Dragonquake Scripture and become its own system. Separately deploying the Dragonsearch Invocation, Dragonshift Method, and Dragonspike Litany on their own wouldnt attract any attention in the Hongmeng.

This time, Lu Yun wanted to use the Dragonshift Method to redirect the great dragon of Redbud Mountain into a layout of his own making.

He didnt have the strength to control it, or he wouldve been invincible throughout the realm. All he could do now was to utilize a hundred millionth of the dragons power. Even such a minuscule portion, however, was enough to slaughter a king.

“You can use the dragon here in a layout” The Redbud King brightened when she heard the little foxs words.

As she wasnt a supplemental grandmaster, all she could manage to do with the dragon was to remove some purple crystal veins from it. However, those werent very useful to her given her cultivation level.

If she could utilize the dragon in a layout, not only would that enhance the mountains defenses, but it would also be very beneficial for future evolution. Since the Redbud King was an arcane beast king, she could only devour Hongmeng qi in lieu of cultivation. If she wanted to evolve and break through, she had to digest the laws of the realm.

Now that she was a mature Redbud Spirit Butterfly, ordinary laws and qi were insufficient to propel her forward. If she wanted to ascend further, she had to borrow the strength of the great dragon.

“I can.” Lu Yun nodded. “But this dragon is too strong, I can direct at most one billionth of its power according to my wishes. If I try to bend it further, I wont be able to withstand its backlash.”

Even he found his words incredulous. Upon further assessment, he confirmed that he could only safely utilize a billionth of the dragons energy!

If he set up a layout with this amount of power, he would easily run over people like the ten kings from earlier. Even the Redbud King would fall to such a layout—she who was one of the strongest in the realm. And yet she was only on par with a billionth of this dragons strength!

This dragon had yet to reach the fourth realm; it was far beneath that level. When Lu Yun viewed the Hongmeng from the fourth realm, hed found it to be the size of a speck of dust. It was only when he visited the third realm himself that he understood how vast it was.

Those kings might only be ants in the Hongmeng. Theyre entirely too far away from breaking through the barrier of the realm and evolving further. So then… how did the Bridge of Forgetfulness manage the leap

Lu Yun shook his head with bafflement. Hed always thought that Lu Qing had sent the bridge to the fourth realm, but it would appear that even his son was far from touching the barrier dividing the two realms.


All of the living beings within Redbud Mountain vacated the premises. Apart from Lu Yun, only the chrysalis remained. There was still only empty life force within the chrysalis—a true spirit and soul hadnt formed yet. It would indeed be a prolonged and exhaustive process.

The Redbud and Meteorite King fully released their forcefields outside Redbud Mountain, enveloping the landmass and blocking all treasures and abilities that would attempt to spy on the proceedings.

The little fox stood next to them, keeping a nervous eye on the mountain. The great dragon of the Hongmeng was so strong that she didnt know if it would retaliate against Lu Yun when he tried the Dragonshift Method. Hed never tried to command it with his arts before.


“Aoooooo!” echoed a piercing dragon croon throughout the Redbud Plains and territory.

Everything within Redbud Region fell to the ground, shivering and cowering. The kings thatd come in search of conquest and loot looked darkly at each other. They knew that the Redbud King had finally started doing something with the dragon inside the mountain.

“What should we do” The Mangcang and Moon Kings had yet to depart. They and their cohorts were waiting to try again after the Enforcer Alliance left.

Death They werent afraid of death.

Would they have come in search of the Redbud Kings head if they werent fully prepared All of them could resurrect from death as long as one of the ten remained alive.

However, the last thing theyd anticipated was that the Redbud King would set her sights on the great dragon of the mountain. If the dragon erupted in full glory, it would be able to destroy all of Redbud Region with a single burst of power. Everything would be vaporized—whether superior realm cultivator or king.

Thered once been a king who tried moving a great dragon and ended up detonating it instead. A vibrant region was annihilated into a lifeless desert, and everything living within it decimated to ash.

“What else can we do We have to go!” The reluctant Moon King shot a vicious glance at the Redbud Plains.

“Why dont we wait a bit longer Maybe shes just putting on a show.” The Mangcang King was very unwilling to pull out at this point as well. He was also an arcane beast king and his primary goal in leading everyone here was the great dragons power.

As rich as Mangcang Mountain was, it didnt harbor a dragon.

“No need. That she dares touch the great dragon means the three enforcers are involved. If we try again now, theyll just fight back with everything they have,” the Moon King disagreed with a frosty expression. “Investigate! Find out who those three enforcers are. Why would kings from the alliance hide their faces and names after coming to Redbud Mountain Its very likely that theyre not from the Enforcer Alliance at all.”

“But they have a Justice token from the alliance…”

“Its probable that they have something to do with what happened at Meteorite Peak. Someone go investigate what happened to the supplemental grandmasters of Starcloud City.”


As the Moon and Mangcang King launched a thorough investigation into Lu Yun and the little foxs identities, Lu Yun focused on operating the Dragonshift Method to call upon the great dragon.

Purple dragon shadows soared into the sky and coalesced together into an even bigger dragon. As more shadows appeared, the dragon grew larger until it covered the Redbud Plains, then all of Redbud Region.

“This is all I can handle!” Lu Yun suddenly gasped and directed the method in another direction, carefully manipulating the dragon shadow in midair.

It looked like a real dragon of the nine heavens! Claws and scales were fully defined and a frosty air brimmed in its large eyes. It stared down coolly at the human within Redbud Mountain.

Lu Yun early days — D.luffy on Discord-

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