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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1235: A Terrifying Layout

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Lu Yun examined the dragon figure up in the air. This form was the culmination of purest Hongmeng qi, and he was certain that it wasnt alive.

However, he could also clearly read aloofness and contempt from the dragons eyes. He somehow felt that he was facing a terrifyingly strong being that only needed to twitch a claw to crush him out of existence.

But Lu Yun wasnt afraid. Equally detached, he leveled it with a stare of thick disdain. Still operating the Dragonshift Method, he attempted to maneuver the figure in the air, but to no avail.

The dragon didnt move at all.

“Its alive and possesses its own consciousness!” he suddenly realized. “This dragon figure is a replica of the great dragon in Redbud Mountain. It carries the dragons will, which means the mountains dragon has developed its own sentience!

“No wonder the dragon of Redbud Mountain is hailed the mightiest dragon in the Hongmeng.”

Lu Yun wouldve already tapped into the dragons power and begun his set up if it didnt possess its own will. But now, though the great dragon remained asleep, the replica it split off wasnt something that he could command.

The more Lu Yun employed the Dragonshift Method, the more contempt deepened in the dragons eyes. It slowly morphed into interest, as if an incredibly bored person had glimpsed a fascinating toy.

Lu Yuns lips curved up. The dragon in the sky overshadowed the entire Redbud Region and was larger than the chaos. Not only would it crush him by simply rolling over, but it could also end the Redbud King with a single swipe.

He was certain that once the great dragon awoke, it would be a major titan of the Hongmeng. The Enforcer Alliance and ghost kings would all be jokes to it.

And still, he remained undaunted.

As he called upon the Dragonshift Method, Lu Yun split part of his attentions for the nascent spirit observation method and observed himself—how he would appear in the fourth realm. He visualized that infinitely mighty body, bigger than all of the Hongmeng, overlooking the entire realm.

Hovering overhead, the dragons eyes widened and its expression froze. Instead of sneering down at the human, it shifted to staring dumbly at Lu Yun.

His smile deepened.

“If you accept my commands, Ill gift you an opportunity to reach the fourth realm when the time is right,” he said softly.

The giant dragon fixed its gaze on Lu Yun for a very long time before the sentience in its eyes faded away. It stilled and its movements grew wooden.

Lu Yun breathed out more easily and quickly used the Dragonshift Method to maneuver the big dragon.

“Damn shame the Moon King and others got away though. If I kill them now, Id have ten more kings under my banner,” Lu Yun clucked his tongue.

The Moon King and others had left when they saw the Redbud King disturb the mountains dragon. She was completely crazy to do so! Not only did she want to die, but she wanted to drag them all down with her.

The dragon in the air dove down to become one with the mountain and rearrange its countless crystal veins in accordance to Lu Yuns ideas and the Redbud Kings strength.

Layout upon terrifying layout came into being around the mountain until there were a hundred and eight thousand of them. There was no heaven and earth in the Hongmeng, so the hierarchy of layouts applicable in the world of immortals didnt work here. Thus, Lu Yun had no idea what level his overall layout would be ranked at.

The one hundred and eight thousand layouts were intertwined with each other. Each of them could be a formation of illusion, slaughter, entrapment, or protection. If all of them were assembled together, they would be another comprehensive formation of death.

The Redbud King was the core of all of the layouts. When she stood within the mountain, the layouts would connect with her and be at her beck and call like a combat art. That was the most frightening aspect of their capabilities.

The layouts could reach almost the entire region. As long as the Redbud King was physically present in Redbud Region, no one of her cultivation level would be a match for her, no matter how many came.

The source of power for the layouts was the great dragon. As long as it existed, her strength would never fail.

It took a month for Lu Yun to finish everything. When he presented the finished work to the king and had her step inside, her expression froze. She couldnt believe that this was the kind of power she commanded now!

“Um… as long as Im in my territory, Ill be able to fight even Hong!” she murmured.

“Hong” Lu Yun blinked when he heard the unfamiliar name.

“Hong is… eh, you dont need to know who he is right now. Youll meet him when you become a titled king.” After a moments thought, she decided to not explain more about this mysterious character.

Lu Yun looked to the little fox, who shook her head. Shed previously become a titled king in the chaos, so she didnt know who Hong was.

However, the Redbud King had said shed be able to fight Hong now that she could borrow the great dragons strength, not beat him. It was plain to see how terrifying this person was. Additionally, he was only Hong and not King Hong. Clearly, his origins were different from the other kings in the realm.

“Forget about Hong for now. Youll know more when you should know. Let me take you to Hopeless Major,” the king changed the topic. “Here are a thousand and eighty premium purple crystal veins. You should take them—youll have great use of them in the Endless Reaches.”

Lu Yun chuckled ruefully. The Redbud King was truly the number one tycoon of the Hongmeng. She gifted purple crystal veins at the drop of a hat, much like the Deaf Prince and his friends.

“Im afraid that a thousand and eighty crystal veins may not be enough… Please give me another ten thousand!” Lu Yun shook his head and countered with an incredible number.

“Ten thousand” The king blinked and grinned happily. “Id rather give you a hundred thousand! I was just worried that you wouldnt want them.”

“A hundred… then a hundred thousand it is!” Lu Yun set his jaw. “A hundred and eight thousand premium purple crystal veins! I want to refine a mountain of purple crystal!”

What an absolutely thrilling thought it was, to smash someone flat with such a mountain!

“That sounds good!” the Redbud King agreed without hesitation. Since the Meteorite King followed at Lu Yuns side, there was nothing to be concerned about even when he carried so much wealth on him.

Redbud Mountain was the largest mine of purple crystals in the Hongmeng. A hundred and eight thousand veins were absolutely nothing to the king. Since she wanted to befriend Lu Yun, she would spare no expenses; her only concern was that Lu Yun wouldnt want her gifts. That hed asked for such a sum of crystal veins made her more delighted than anything.

Lu Yun immediately got to work when he received the sum of crystal veins that hed asked for. A mountain of purple crystal was like one of immortal crystal. Its own method of attack was its weight—weight that would crush a king!

Kings such as the Scorch and Moon Kings owned at most a hundred premium purple crystal veins. A mountain made of a hundred and eight thousand would absolutely flatten them into dust.-

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