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Lu Yun spent another month refining the purple crystal mountain. When he finished and looked upon his newest treasure, he etched another one hundred and eight thousand formations into it to fully equip the mountain.

The last addition elevated the mountain beyond purely smashing enemies to death. Wind and thunder would gather when it descended and fire and water would burst forth in unison. If a king was hardy enough to survive the mountains physical impact, the ensuing barrage of a hundred and eight thousand formations would finish the job.

Lu Yun flattened the Meteorite King several hundred times over throughout the course of his experimentation. Now when the king saw the mountain of purple crystal, uncontrolled shuddering was his gut reaction.

Before they set out, Lu Yun and the little fox modified their appearances. They also draped themselves with all sorts of treasure from the Redbud Kings vaults, looking like typical wealthy scions with more money than brains.

The Meteorite King allowed his strength as a titled king to seep out and wore the standard outfit of a butler.


Kaleidoscopic Region encompassed the northernmost territory of the Hongmeng. It was also the largest and most disorderly of the realm.

No one held authoritative power here, and the Enforcer Alliance didnt dare intervene in its affairs. Any kings who visited had to humbly lower their heads as well.

Kaleidoscopic Region was a motley zone of confusion and lawlessness. The law of the jungle reigned supreme and whoever was stronger ruled. Might absolutely made right here, and even someone like the Meteorite King refrained from throwing his weight around when he was in the area.

Beyond the region lay the frightful Endless Reaches—a terrifying forbidden area of the realm thatd claimed the lives of more than a hundred kings.

Everyone knew that it was off limits, but very few knew that one of the Ten Valleys of Evil was located within. The Endless Reaches were taboo because of Hopeless Major.


“Oh, damn it.” When they reached the outskirts of Ancient Beast City in the Kaleidoscopic Region, Lu Yun suddenly smacked his forehead with regret.

“What is it” The little fox looked sideways at him.

A large folding fan with edges gilded in gold waved gently in his hand, and a variety of precious jewels and jade hung on his body. He was a veritable descendent of a wealthy family out for a jaunt.

While the little fox wasnt as over the top as him, she was also dressed in an extremely opulent silk dress. A thin face veil obscured half of her stunning features, her unparalleled elegance and grace accentuated by the shifting covering.

Shed revealed her true face before in Redbud City, and Lu Yun knew that the Moon and Mangcang King were investigating them. Thus, there was no point in disguising their appearance. It didnt matter what those kings found out, as long as they didnt learn that the two came from the chaos and world of immortals.

“Jin Naluo is also in the Kaleidoscopic Region,” Lu Yun mumbled. “Hes probably looked into all of my affairs, so we cant use our real names in this area.”

Jin Naluo had set up a sprawling scheme in the chaos to plot against the Di Clan, immortal dao, and seize the Blood Sea. He was extraordinarily familiar with the immortal dao and aware of Lu Yuns various abilities.

If the two of them met, Jin Naluo would likely expose him to the entire realm.

Although the two had reached an agreement and become allies when Lu Yun threatened him, Jin Naluo would wholeheartedly take advantage of the situation if the human was right under his nose. He was an incredibly strong king and more ferocious than the Moon and Mangcang Kings.

In fact, he was almost on equal footing with the Starspace King. If hed been anywhere else in the Hongmeng instead of the Kaleidoscopic Region, he would control at least two regions. The Redbud King had given Lu Yun a map detailing some of the factions in the Kaleidoscopic Region before she left. That was where hed seen Jin Naluo mentioned and discovered his title of “Butcher King”.

“Why dont we change our names” the little fox proposed when she realized the potential issues. “Or I can get in touch with our son and have him come take out Jin Naluo.”

“Um…” Lu Yun scratched his head. “Lets not. Plus, I think Lu Qing has his own faction inside the Endless Reaches, or even Hopeless Major.”

Though the reaches were forbidden territory, kings with sufficient power could still hew out their own cities and receive Hopeless Majors approval for setting up inside. Lu Qing was one of them.

As one of the strongest kings in the Hongmeng, Lu Qing would easily trample Jin Naluo, no contest.

“Lets settle down here first and slowly approach Hopeless Major. Well steer clear of Jin Naluo if we can,” said Lu Yun.

Too much was at stake when it came to his son. Hed be mobbed by a crowd of kings if he set foot in the Hongmeng, walking away with grievous injuries if he walked away at all.

As they chatted, Lu Yun, the little fox, and the Meteorite King approached Ancient Beast City.

Unlike some of the other cities in the realm, this city wasnt as massive as a star. It was several hundred thousand kilometers across, making it a pocket sized city of the Hongmeng.

“Yo, you three look new. Do you know the rules of Ancient Beast City” An impoverished young man suddenly blocked their way and regarded them with a flippant look.

“Well, yes.” Lu Yun nodded and threw a look at the Meteorite King.

The king stepped forward, grabbed the young mans neck and threw him upward, hanging him on the city gates.

“A king!” The young man almost wet himself with fear. He was just picking on some random strangers, how was it that hed run into a king!

Hed just made it into the superior realm and a king could kill him with a clench of the hand. Who wouldve thought that a right and proper king would be dressed like a servant and follow behind a young man and woman


“Teeheehee, things are getting interesting. I wonder which clans simpleton is it this time They think they can do whatever they want just because they have a king in their party.”

“One of the Constant Kings children tried doing that in Kaleidoscopic Region a while back, and someone beat them to death for their impudence.” Gleeful looks of schadenfreude flitted in the crowd after seeing the Meteorite King start trouble.

“This young master has nothing but money!” Lu Yun stopped forward and—


A hunk of purple crystal the approximate height of a man smashed into the ground.

“Whoever teaches that kid how to be a proper person can have this crystal.”


Hard swallows could be heard around the scene. Premium purple crystal the size of a man!

In the Hongmeng, particularly the Kaleidoscopic Region, a fist sized portion of crystal was incredibly precious. Though it wasnt worth cities, fights would absolutely break out over it.

“Teach him how to be a proper person Ill teach you first!” A snarling man didnt think twice before throwing himself at the crystal.


He flew backward at twice the speed and crashed into a section of the city wall.

“Whoever can drill some proper manners and respect into those two can have the crystal.” Lu Yun nodded at the Meteorite King.

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