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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1238: Treasure Here

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It all seemed incredibly ludicrous to Lu Yun. Theyd taken out a city lord as soon as they arrived in the Kaleidoscopic Region and now owned a city!

At the precise moment of the Ancient Beast Kings death, the ancient city surged with a burst of fearsome power and sent it into Lu Yuns body. That was the core essence of the city.

Now that it was his, he was the new city lord in both deed and name.

In the public eye, however, the Meteorite King was the new lord since he was the one whod killed the Ancient Beast King. The truth of the matter was that since Quiet was Lu Yuns treasure, anything that Quiet killed was credited to its wielder.

It was a pity that the short sword was so heaven defying that itd swallowed all of the Ancient Beast Kings life force, ripping him out of the Tome of Life and Deaths grasp. Otherwise, the late king wouldve become Lu Yuns newest Infernum.

The Tome of Life and Death was most likely a great treasure of the fourth realm and Quiet was the number one sword of the fourth realm.

Lu Yun didnt mind the outcome of the situation. He raised his head to assess the large city in front of him and murmured, “Ancient Beast City What a… lousy name. Lets change it to…”

He looked at the little fox.

“The City of Immortals,” she giggled. “Once we conquer the Kaleidoscopic Region, lets change its name to the Immortal Realm! If Qing Yu hears that name in the Endless Reaches, shell know without a doubt that its us. Maybe shell come out and find us then!”

“City of Immortals it is.” Lu Yun smiled. “If Jin Naluo learns that were a city lord in the Kaleidoscopic Region, he might think twice before making trouble for us.”

He wouldve been concerned about running into Jin Naluo at any other time, but now that he was a city lord in this particular region, there was nothing to fear since he had found his footing.

Numerous Hongmeng experts yearned after the immortal dao as it could bring time to the realm and turn it into a real one. Whoever controlled the immortal dao would be the future liege lord of the entire Hongmeng.

Thus, many were the places named using “immortal”, each of them a token of the namers ambitions. It wasnt anything out of the ordinary that a City of Immortals had appeared in the Kaleidoscopic Region.


Up on the city walls, the characters for Ancient Beast City had been revised to City of Immortals. When they saw the new name of their home, city residents reacted with shock.

They knew what using the “immortal” character signified. The three people about to enter the city, the new city lord of Ancient Beast City, held the ambition to rule over the Hongmeng!

Wielding Quiet with one hand, the Meteorite King led the group and set foot into the city. Everyone in the new City of Immortals paused in their current task and knelt in the direction of the Meteorite King.

Apart from the Ancient Beast King, there had been a second king in the city as well. Here to observe the new city lord, this second king raked Lu Yun and the others with an extremely hostile glare.

“Do you really think that you can take over the city through these despicable means!” The second king was a woman dressed in blue. Her face was frostily beautiful and she glared at the Meteorite King with a strange air of hatred.

“Purecloud King—dao partner of the Ancient Beast King” Contempt floated flitted through the Meteorite Kings face when he looked upon the woman. “Get out of the City of Immortals within ten breaths or Ill send you to meet your dao partner.”

Fixing her eyes on the short sword in his hand, the Purecloud King ground her teeth and left the city in a streak of blue light. Her dao partner was dead and she was weaker than him. She stood no chance of victory against the strange sword; only death was guaranteed.

She would have to make her plans slowly if she wanted revenge.

While monumental to the City of Immortals, the fall of her old city lord and enthronement of the new one didnt raise any ripples in the Kaleidoscopic Region. It was just a border town in the area and only two kings were in residence before. Now that the Ancient Beast King was dead and the Purecloud King departed, the city had actually declined in strength. It would be further ostracized in the region.


At this moment, all factions in the city were gathered at the city lords mansion. They were to swear fealty to their new city lord or take stock of the situation to determine if they should stay.

Lu Yun and the little fox remained out of sight, giving over the task to the Meteorite King. Having once ruled over Meteorite Peak, the king naturally knew how to administer the City of Immortals and hold sway over the various factions so they would remain loyal.


“Youre awake!” Lu Yun exclaimed to see the Treasurehunter Rat in front of him.

The rat had returned to the common realm, but his talents were greater than before. The Treasurefall Coin that Lu Yun had stored in the Tome of Life and Death had somehow become one with him.

Not only could he seek out treasure now, but he had some of the coins abilities as well—taming treasure!

However, the Treasurehunter Rat could no longer take human form and his appearance changed as well. Previously solid purple, his fur was now a golden purple and he was the size of a palm.

As for what other interesting abilities hed gained, of that Lu Yun couldnt yet tell.

The palm-sized golden purple rat was waving his limbs around and contorting himself into different positions, attempting to tell Lu Yun something. Though the rats name was in the Tome of Life and Death, his master didnt speak rat.

“You say theres treasure here” The little fox came close and cocked her head to listen. “And an important one!”

“Where” Lu Yun brightened.

Bedlam and mayhem rampaged in the Kaleidoscopic Region—not only because of the Endless Reaches found in the north, but also because of the cornucopia of treasure in the area. Countless numbers of kings visited to treasure hunt, almost entirely divesting the region of its treasures after all this time.

What remained were highly important or significant treasures. Of course, there were even more treasures in the Endless Reaches, but no one dared try their luck there.

The rat gestured with his short front claws for a bit before vanishing in a golden-purple blur with a twitch of his body.

“So fast!” Both Lu Yun and the little fox jerked with surprise. They hadnt even been able to tell how the rat had left!

“After it!” Lu Yun grabbed the little foxs hand. They could follow the rat through their shared connection.

The little fox blushed, but didnt shake off Lu Yuns hand and allowed him to pull her along.

The two traveled swiftly, concealed by the little foxs illusions. They left the City of Immortals without attracting any attention.-

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