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“Are we going to Mount Cloudcover right now” The little fox jumped up and down with excitement.

“Why would we go there” Lu Yun looked blankly at her.

“To search for treasure.” She didnt understand his reaction.

“That huge mountains been there for such a long time and its readily visible to ninth step kings. Do you think they cant tell theres treasure inside” Lu Yun shook his head. “Its obvious that people have gone before, but no ones made it out alive. The two of us will end up just like them if we make a trip—well die very grisly deaths.”

“You know how to raid tombs!” the little fox pointed out.

“Tomb raiding has to do with feng shui and layouts. Those havent been lost in the Hongmeng.” Lu Yun pursed his lips. “Hidden experts abound in the third realm, Im sure there are plenty of feng shui masters that are stronger than me. My only advantage is that Im skilled in the Dragonquake Scripture.

“Nope, were not going. Well only die if we do.”

“Alright then,” the little fox gave up with resignation. “What should we do next Im so bored.”

“Bored” He flung a look at the sighing fox in human form. “Youre only in the common realm and havent even reached the threshold to superior. You may be close to becoming a titled king with your supplemental dao, but theres still a huge gap! How dare you be bored Go back and cultivate!”

The little fox shrieked when Lu Yun roughly tousled her long, soft hair and fled back to the city lord manor.

The City of Immortals still lay empty, though itd become the core city of the Multitude Regions southern belt. Itd swallowed all of the core essences of the other one hundred and eight cities around it.

Apart from Shi Yan and a thousand cohorts, no living being walked its streets anymore. Cultivators thatd once fled from the City of Immortals were barred when they tried to return.

Lu Yun had rearranged the city so that the Hongmeng qi inside was a hundred times more concentrated than its surroundings, drawing huge interest from its former residents. They attempted to regain entry a few times, but were always run out of town by Shi Yan and the city defenders.

The former inhabitants even banded together at one point to pressure Shi Yan into acquiescing and showed signs of attacking the City of Immortals, but left aghast when the Tiger Butcher King appeared with all of the other former city lords. The kings knelt in unison at the city gates and hailed the Immortal King with loud cries.

The true ruler of the Multitude southern zone was the Immortal King, not the Tiger Butcher King!

The news shook the entire region. Though the fringes of the territory didnt amount to much, it was still too overwhelming that one hundred and nine kings were allied together. Even the Enforcer Alliance took note and sent a few king-level enforcers to meet the Immortal King.

However, all of them left with smiles after meeting the one who commanded this tremendous force. No one knew what the topic of conversation was.

No one else in the Multitude Region showed the inclination to meet the Immortal King. The key to the Hongmeng Tower was their true focus—they were too busy for anything else.

Lu Yun refrained from penetrating further into the region after conquering the south. The fourth step Black Rainbow King ruled the adjacent territory and he was far stronger than Tiger Butcher. Ten of the latter combined would still be no match for the Black Rainbow King. While the difference from third to fourth step kinghood wasnt a matter of heaven and earth, it remained significant.

The Immortal King uniting the southern front attracted attention from all of the kings located in the area. If he tried expanding further, they would all band together against him. Of course, very few knew who the Immortal King was, most still thought he was the Meteorite King.


“Man… what happened to journeying the Hongmeng and adventuring through the world Im so so bored,” moaned the little fox as she sprawled on a table and stared at a pile of glittering purple crystals.

“Stop griping. Come on, lets go have some fun.” Lu Yun rubbed her head jokingly.

“Really!” The little fox bounced upright and looked at him with sparkling eyes. “Where to”

“Multitude City,” Lu Yun smiled. “I need two more ingredients to refine the Six Paths Reincarnation Pill, so lets go try our luck at Multitude City. Plus, I have six pills leftover from refining the Eight Treasures Return Pill. We can go trade them for something useful.”

The little fox leapt into the air and clung onto Lu Yun like a koala. He disengaged her limbs with a rueful smile.

“Oh, shouldnt we keep some of the Eight Treasures Return Pills for those in the world of immortals” she asked hurriedly when she thought of something.

“Ive already gifted them to those who have the ability to take one. Anyone else who touches a pill is just looking to die. Theyll explode from even the slightest whiff of pill aroma. The world of immortals has yet to reach the chaos and is far too removed from the Hongmeng, current immortals dont have the right to touch the things of the third realm.

“Alright, enough of that. Lets go to Multitude City.”

Multitude City was the biggest city in the Multitude Region and it lacked a city lord. It was ranked in the top ten of cities in the region. If Lu Yun could establish his own faction in the city, that would mean he was a mogul in the Hongmeng.

However, the region was so large and this grand city at its center too far from the south. If Lu Yun traveled there under his own strength, he wouldnt reach his destination before he died of old age.

“I need to refine the Six Paths Reincarnation Pill as soon as possible and enter the superior realm!” he sighed.

This pill was an entirely new creation that would help him and the little fox become superiors in the shortest amount of time possible. However, its ingredients were so precious that they still lacked two of them even with the Redbud Kings full efforts.


A massive purple ship cut through the skies of the Multitude Region. Named the Immortal Region Glory, it was the fastest flight treasure that Lu Yun could refine thus far with his skills. It was faster than even ordinary first and second step kings.

Regardless, his calculations placed them at needing six months for the trip to Multitude City.

A complex network of relationships spanned the Multitude Region. All sorts of factions and kings were at odds with each other, or at the very least, not friends. Thus, there were no transportation formations between cities.

The little fox stood at the bow of the ship and yelled for joy with open arms, venting her frustrations of the past year. Apart from her and Lu Yun, there were also two kings on the Immortal Region Glory. One of them was the Meteorite King wielding Quiet, and the other was the Skyfall King—city lord of the first city that Tiger Butcher had conquered.

Since Skyfall was a peak second step king, Lu Yun had handed him the purple crystal mountain. There was nothing to worry about when it came to their safety during this trip.

“Eh Whats that” The little fox yelped and pointed out a hazy green light in the distance.

“Is that… someone in the light” Lu Yun ran over and raised an eyebrow at the light.

A pillar of hazy light beamed into the skies from underground; there seemed to be a figure struggling within it, trying to escape from its confines. But the light seemed to be an indestructible prison keeping them firmly trapped within.

“Its Earth Light Magneticus!” the Skyfall King gasped. “Master, leave now! If we get near it, well end up trapped like that king and be tormented to death!”

Magneticus is Latin for magnet because I didnt want to call the damn thing Earth Magnet Light. I even thought about “Maglight” and was like crap, thats an actual flashlight brand.-

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