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“Earth Light Magneticus Thats Earth Light Magneticus!” Lu Yun flushed beet red when he heard the Skyfall Kings warning. “Meteorite, steer us full speed toward that light!”

Red with excitement, he frantically wrung his hands and peered eagerly ahead. Skyfall looked dumbly at his master; the little fox didnt understand his reaction either.

“Earth Light Magneticus!!” Lu Yun cackled. “Speak of the devil!! Of the two ingredients that my Six Paths Reincarnation Pill lacks, one of them is the Terra Grass that grows by the banks of Terra Light Magneticus!

“Earth Light is the byproduct of Terra Light, where there is Earth Light, there is Terra Light. If we dig down to where this light is coming from, well find Terra Light Magneticus! And where there is Terra Light, there will be Terra Grass!!”

Lu Yun grinned broadly. Hed spent three years in Starcloud City and one in the City of Immortals after arriving in the Hongmeng. While he couldnt be hailed as widely read, he wasnt that far off. Hed focused specifically on studying the natural resources and treasures to be found in the third realm.

The Terra Grass was one of them.

Any other cultivator would keep their distance from the light, but Lu Yun was a supplemental grandmaster whod almost reached kinghood. Working around Earth Light Magneticus wasnt too difficult for him.

The Meteorite King called upon his strength and sped the Immortal Region Glory toward the pillar of light. It looked close at hand, but was as far away as the horizon—at least a hundred million kilometers away.

The pillar was so large that it looked like a sky curtain rushing upwards from the ground. It blotted out the sun and dyed everything green within ten million kilometers.

There was more than one being trapped inside it, but apart from the one that appeared to be a king, none of the rest were alive. Theyd all been tormented to death by the light,

“Thats close enough, stop!” Lu Yun halted their momentum when they were five thousand kilometers from the light. “If we go another couple centimeters forward, well be affected by the Earth Light Magneticus and be sucked in.”

Shuddering, the Meteorite King firmly landed the ship onto the ground.

When they all alighted, Lu Yun sat down cross legged and sized up the enormous column of light. He called upon formula dao to deduce the specifics of what he faced and didnt open his eyes for a very long time.

“Start digging here at a three degree tilt, stop after youve reached sixty thousand kilometers below ground.”

The Skyfall and Meteorite Kings rolled up their sleeves and began digging as their master had indicated. Sixty thousand kilometers might seem a large distance, but the two laborers were kings. It wasnt a difficult task at all.

“Friend… friend! Help me, save me!” A faint cry for help buzzed from the Earth Light Magneticus.

Lu Yun lifted his head and saw the trapped king plastered on a wall of light that was one side of the pillar. He looked at Lu Yun with a woebegone look.

Despite the many layers of light and distance, Lu Yun could distinctly make out that this was the face of a young man. His face was smudged with dirt and his clothes tattered—plainly, hed been trapped inside for a long time.

Lu Yun could sense a strong desire for survival from the young man and how hed never given up, despite being held here for so long. He still hoped that he would someday make it out.

“Alright, wait a moment.” Lu Yun nodded.

The young man brightened at the strangers nod and imitated a massive lizard, firmly adhering to the side of the light pillar and looking at Lu Yun with a face full of hope. He was like a drowning man whod grasped a lifesaving log.

Five thousand kilometers were no different from one meter away for those of the Hongmeng, to say nothing of a king.

“I cant brute force the Earth Light Magneticus apart with my current strength. It can suck in things because of the Terra Light Magneticus. What I can do… is set up a Magneticus Formation to interfere with the magnetic properties of the light.” Lu Yun stroked his chin with thought.

The young man was still glued to the wall of light and peering piteously at his potential savior.

“But a formation that can interfere with Earth Light Magneticus… will consume a premium crystal vein.

“Bah, fine. Hes a king and doesnt mean me any harm. Itd be nice to make a friend.”

There was no hint of negative emotion from the young man trapped in the light. He was as docile as a baby and even felt some gratitude toward the unexpected visitor. This was the major reason behind Lu Yuns decision to help him.


The void shook as a purple shadow appeared over Lu Yun—a sealed premium purple crystal vein.

“Miao, help me,” he called out.

The little fox scrambled forward to help Lu Yun set up a formation. Mentally bracing himself, he took a deep breath and undid the seal over the vein. Purple light and shadow shot into the sky, combining with the green radiance filling the air.

The young mans eyes widened within his confinement. Hed never thought that two strangers meeting him for the first time would bring out a premium crystal vein to save him!

Gratitude and appreciation overwhelmed him.

Lu Yun wasnt afraid of others seeing the vein since they were within range of the Earth Light Magneticus. Even if someone saw the light and shadow, they wouldnt dare make a play for it in this area.

There was a king imprisoned within the light! Anyone who tried to pick a fight would not be long for this world.


The air trembled again and a hazy purple formation took place; an enormous magnetic force flowed from it.

“Fellow daoist, there will be a tiny hiccup in the light after thirty breaths. It will last for a thousandth of a breath and it will be up to you if you can make use of the flaw to escape from the light,” Lu Yun transmitted when the formation snapped into place.

“Understood!” The young man adjusted his breathing and waited for the hiccup. A thousandth of a breath was more than enough for a king.




Lu Yuns Magneticus Formation shook as blasts of magnetic force rushed out and shot into the Earth Light Magneticus. It wavered as the formation affected it, until finally, a minor flaw rippled through it.

“Thats it!” The young man regarded it keenly and blurred into a streak of motion the moment the flaw appeared. He darted out of the pillar of light.-

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