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With the Meteorite and Skyfall Kings working in tandem, theyd naturally made the passageway large and spacious. In fact, the tunnel glittered with gold and could only be described as sumptuous and grand. Those not in the know would think this was an underground palace!

Lu Yun and the little fox looked wordlessly at the two kings, who beamed back at them with fawning smiles.

“Who is this Lu Yun Is he the descendant of a ninth step king Hes got the Skyfall King as well trained as a dog,” mumbled Hua Fengwen off to the side.

He knew the Skyfall King as the latter was very famous. This was an eminent second step king who was most likely to break through to third step. Skyfall was also known for a nasty and stubborn temper. More than one sixth step king had wanted to recruit him in the past, but hed unceremoniously turned them all down.

As he noted the obsequious smile on Skyfalls face, Hua Fengwen felt that something huge mustve happened in the hundred thousand years in which hed been indisposed.

Sixty thousand kilometers were neither a short nor long distance; they quickly reached the end of the tunnel.

“Alright, all of you back up!” Lu Yun said with extreme caution. “Another five hundred kilometers down is where the Terra Light Magneticus is. Its inherently lethal and ordinary kings cant withstand it.”

Meteorite and Skyfall nodded at the same time and protected the little fox as they retreated.

Hua Fengwen didnt move, staying behind Lu Yun because he wanted to see what his savior would do to avoid the Terra Light Magneticus. Hed already watched Lu Yun use a formation to disrupt the Earth Light Magneticus.

Neither did Lu Yun mind the genius observing his process. He was deploying regular supplemental methods that wouldnt touch upon his secrets. Eighteen premium crystal veins appeared around him and transformed into eighteen dragons that coiled and hovered in the roomy tunnel.

“This, this kind of wealth!! Is he the son of the Redbud King No, wait, the Redbud King is an arcane beast king. He… he…” Hua Fengwen stared blankly at Lu Yun and couldnt form any other words.

Meanwhile, Lu Yun coalesced the initial form of his formation and turned it into a terrifying layout.


Scintillating purple light shimmered into a strange world that filled the void.

“The poles are to the north and south and fill the earth and sky. Stellar above us and terra beneath us…” Lu Yun murmured. “Since its Terra Light Magneticus here, Ill use a formation to project Stellar Light Magneticus!”

“Project Stellar Light Magneticus!” Hua Fengwen was utterly flabbergasted.

Stellar Light Magneticus

Could someone even do that Stellar Light was a terrifying force that proved fatal for even ninth step kings if they ran into it, but a little fellow not yet in the superior realm wanted to attempt projecting it

Before Hua Fengwen had a chance to consider this further, an incredible suction force flared from Lu Yuns body and the eighteen purple dragon shadows gathered together into a very bizarre layout.

“This isnt Stellar Light Magneticus, but a layout that possesses its attributes!” Hua Fengwen gasped. “How did he create this layout How does he know the characteristics of Stellar Light …has he seen it before”

Unbidden, hed started backing away from the scene. Though he was a sixth step king, he didnt understand what was going on in front of him, nor did he wish to comprehend it.

Hua Fengwen wasnt a supplemental grandmaster and while he possessed some knowledge of formations and layouts, he wasnt skilled in them. If he had to divert attention to studying them, that would impact his own dao.

In the hundred thousand years that hed been trapped, it had been both torment and trial—an alternate kind of cultivation. If he could consolidate his experience during that time and move forward with it, his progress would shoot ahead.

Seeing that Hua Fengwen was retreating out of sight, Lu Yun held nothing back. The layout of Stellar Light exploded into forty-nine iterations, strengthening its magnetic force with each change.

Forty-nine shifts later saw the formation transform into a purple shaft that stretched five hundred kilometers ahead.

“Lets go!” Lu Yun shouted and jumped into the passage. The little fox, Hua Fengwen, and others were close behind him.


A vast space of unbounded azure blue appeared before them. A rippling pool in its center exuded shimmering blue, and tufts of blue grass grew less than a few kilometers from its banks.

Terra Grass!

“The Terra Light Magneticus here has become a Terra Pool Magneticus!” Hua Fengwens eyes widened when he saw the modestly sized pond. He was so overcome that he ignored his goal from a hundred thousand years ago—the Terra Grass.

Quickly stepping forward, his expression changed again when he fully took in the pool of light thatd turned into a liquid state.

“Your formation sent us here in one go, what kind of perverse existence are you!” He whipped around and looked at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun ignored the genius, instead bending down to carefully harvest the Terra Grass. This was one of the main ingredients for the Six Paths Reincarnation Pill!

Hua Fengwen sheepishly shut his mouth when no answer was forthcoming.

“Master, theres a tiny island in the middle of the pool with a piece of Stellar Stone Magneticus on it,” the Skyfall King suddenly whispered to Lu Yun.

“Stellar Stone Magneticus!” Lu Yun jerked his head up to peer at the center of the pool.

There was an azure blue island there with a fist-sized crystalline item at its center. Translucent throughout, it emitted layers of fantastical radiance.

Stellar Stone Magneticus!

One of the most premier materials in the Hongmeng!

The Stellar Light Magneticus that could be found within the stone was the sharpest material in the realm. Additionally, the stone itself was prime material for refining flying swords. But in order to make use of it, the refiner had to reach kinghood through supplemental dao. Only then would they have the right to touch the stone.

“This stone will be the greatest benefit that we reap on this trip,” Lu Yun took a deep breath. “I have Quiet, so I dont need another sword. But if I incorporate the Stellar Stone Magneticus into the mountain of purple crystal…”

The idea lit a fire in his heart that couldnt be doused.

“A fist-sized piece of Stellar Stone Magneticus!” Hua Fengwen sucked in a sharp breath as well. “The piece that appeared in Multitude City a hundred thousand years ago was just the size of a speck of dust. It went for an incredible hundred thousand veins of premium purple crystal… How much would this one sell for!”

A hundred thousand crystal veins were the equivalent of Lu Yuns big mountain. Second step kings such as the Scorch and Moon Kings possessed at most a hundred veins in their personal wealth.

“Sell Why would I sell this Im a supplemental grandmaster whos almost made it to titled king! Ill be able to refine this stone if I ascend.”

Reaching kinghood through the supplemental paths!

This was the first time that the thought entered Lu Yuns mind after arriving in the Hongmeng. Hed never been in a hurry to reach kinghood before because he wanted his cultivation and grasp of supplemental paths to progress at the same rate. He aimed to reach that level for both of them at the same time, but the appearance of the stone changed his mind.

“If I want to become a king through a supplemental path, I need to refine a king-level treasure or pill. The Six Paths Reincarnation Pill can help me and the little fox reach superior realm, but its not on par with a king level pill.” The more Lu Yun thought about this, the crazier his thoughts became.

Hua Fengwen stood quietly off to the side and didnt express any sentiments. Like hed said, hed sworn a solemn oath to the Hongmeng Tower that he would work for whoever saved him from the Earth Light Magneticus. Thus, he had no designs on the stone.

“The isle thats half a kilometer long beneath the Stellar Stone Magneticus should be a product of a Terra Stone Magneticus,” he suddenly said. “Though its not as precious as Stellar Stone, its still a rare treasure. It also nurtures Terra Light Magneticus!”

“Well take it, well take it all!” the little fox suddenly crowed. “Were taking that pool of Terra Water Magneticus with us as well!”

“Yes, well take it all.” Lu Yun forced his leaping emotions to calm down and turned to the genius. “Theres still time enough for you to change your mind.”

“I wont.” Hua Fengwen shook his head. “I said that Id serve whoever saved me, and while I wont be your servant, I will never betray you.”

“Alright then.” Lu Yun nodded. “Theres no need for the tower if you do betray me, Ill execute you with my own hands.”

Hua Fengwen nodded wordlessly.

With a wave of his hand, Lu Yun deployed the abyss in the void over the pool. It swallowed the entire body of water, as well as the Terra and Stellar Stone Magneticus, like a cavernous mouth.

“Thats… a hell of the fourth realm!” Hua Fengwen shuddered. It was too late now if he wanted to change his mind.

The names are a little bonkers, I know. The pool is producing the light, the stone is more precious than any of it and also contains the light. Just stick to remembering water, light, or stone. Forget the rest of the name.-

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