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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1261: Crazy

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Some suspicion had brewed within the general public that Jin Gushen was colluding with the Skyfall King, but the latters thorough demise erased that notion from the crowds minds.

The chaos denizen slowly flushed beet red upon hearing that he could enter the sparring rings and face off against true geniuses of the Hongmeng. An uncontrollable eagerness raged in his heart!

“Hold!” A voice full of authority came from the sky as a man in white walked down from the air. It was the white shirt whod stopped Lu Yun outside the Colosseum—the third step king.

Lu Yuns expression shifted drastically when he saw the newcomer.

“Windcall King!” Overseer Xiao was startled to see him. “What might the Windcall King need from this ring”

“Does this thing have the right to claim fifty wins” snorted Windcall. “Others might not have seen through it, but I saw it clearly just now. He had a little something going on with that dead servant!” He looked at Dusksnow Morningstar.

“Dusksnow Morningstar, youre just a shield. This has nothing to do with you. Have the kid behind you come out. Are the rules of the Colosseum to be defiled by ignoble juniors like you”

He threw his head back with laughter. “If you dont show yourself, Ill bash this Jin God to death with a single strike.”

Jin Gushens face immediately drained of all color; the Windcall King was exerting too much pressure on him.

“Windcall King, is it If you dare harm even a hair on that mans head, Ill show you how it feels to wish for death.” Lu Yun walked out from behind Morningstar with a glowering expression.

An imperceptible trace of cockiness tinged the kings face when he saw Lu Yun and the little fox.

I said so before, so what if you come from big backgrounds This is Multitude City, I can crush you to death in a hundred different ways! he sneered inwardly.

Hed used the rules of the Colosseum to quietly monitor the two after they entered the building. This kind of surveillance wouldnt normally go undetected by a sixth step king, but Hua Fengwen was subsumed by dejection and his dao heart wavering. He wasnt paying any attention to the outside world.

Though the Windcall King didnt know what Lu Yuns exact plan was, he knew that the inferior realm slave was very important to the latter. Thus, he decided to step forward at this time and prevent a successful rescue.

Windcall was a third step king; those whod sent Jin Gushen to the fighting rings were only in the superior realm and fell silent without a peep when the king showed himself.

A variety of expressions flickered through Overseer Xiaos face, but enlightenment was forthcoming when he saw the little fox. The Windcall King valued pleasures of the bedroom more than his own life; he was a pestilent scourge of libido in Multitude City.

Almost all of the beauties in the city had caught his eye at some point, but their backgrounds were such that he didnt dare make a move on them. If it were some outsiders, however

They were his for the taking, whether through threats or bribery.

The Windcall King had been part of the Colosseum for three million years. During his tenure, hed sullied at least thirty million female cultivators.

Despite that, Overseer Xiao didnt say anything at this juncture. He was just a lowly superior realm cultivator and would easily die to a careless swat from the king.


“Oh” The Windcall King stood in the air and summoned Jin Gushen to his grip with a wave of his hand. “You expend so much effort and sacrifice a slave with uncommon potential, all to save this one. Who is he to you”

He chuckled. “Overseer Xiao was right earlier, this Jin God is very likely from the chaos. Can it be…”

His eyes narrowed and he sent his consciousness into Jin Gushens mind, trying to read his toys memories. The kings expression shifted dramatically with his findings. “You really do value him a lot, youve placed a king-level treasure inside him!”

All of the cultivators within the ring, including the audience, reeled with shock. What kind of person was this young man to so easily send a king-level treasure into an inferior realm slave

Though the slave looked like it had remarkable potential and had the right to enter the sparring rings of people, it was just an inferior realm fighter slave at the day.

Or was it not

Lu Yuns expression turned increasingly chilly and he looked wordlessly at the Windcall King.

“It seems like you do really care for this slave. Alright then, Ill give him to you if you send that woman by your side to me for a year… no, ten years. Ill trade you the slave then, how about it” The Windcall King finally revealed his true goal. “Ill overlook you breaking custom at the Colosseum as well.”

“You want me to share your bed” The little fox spoke up before Lu Yun had a chance to respond. Exuberant joy bursted through the sparring ring when she smiled and rays of dreamlike purple radiance billowed from her body.

“A king!”

“A king of the supplemental paths!” Startled gasps echoed through the audience stands.

Most cultivators here were descendants of rich clans or those newly come into their wealth and authority. Despite that, they were not to be underestimated by the simple virtue of being from Multitude City.

There were many kings in the Hongmeng and too many to count in the city. However, kinghood though a supplemental path was extremely rare, and each supplemental king enjoyed a highly respected position in society.

Windcalls eyebrows shot toward his hairline, but a crazy thought immediately developed in his mind. If he could claim this unfathomably beautiful king… The madness in his eyes deepened as he thought about everything he could do to her.

“Give her to me or Ill kill him right now!” His right hand turned into a sharp claw and he clutched Jin Gushens head with it, flinging him to and fro.

Shocked disbelief fully grasped the entire ring. A king of the Colosseum had designs on a supplemental king!

“Windcall King!” Overseer Xiao couldnt sit back anymore. “Think about this carefully! This is a supplemental king!”

“And thats exactly what I want!”


Hua Fengwen lifted his head for a glance at Windcall, then shook his head. “What an idiot who knows not of what hes doing.”

Morningstar took in the situation with horror and brought out a communication treasure, wanting to send word of what was happening in the Colosseum. Incredible shock dawned when he discovered that numerous layers of spatial formations had sealed the place off, and that no treasure could get a message out!

“This is crazy, this is completely crazy! What does the Colosseum want to do!” He glowered ominously with the direction of events. This had absolutely gone beyond the Windcall Kings sole purview. The other kings of the organization had gotten involved!

“Windcall, remember what you said. Ill help you take down these little boys and girls, and youll feel my wrath if the item isnt forthcoming at the end of all this,” sounded a sinister voice in the Windcall Kings mind.

“Dont worry, Spacetime King. Im a man of my word! I wont let you down,” responded Windcall.

“Good. Ive sealed off space here and the little girl should be a supplemental king of illusion. You will be fine as long as you guard your heart and mind and dont fall victim to her enchantment.”

The Spacetime King! The Redbud King had mentioned him before as one who trained in both space and time!

Though this king didnt understand the order of time, his grasp of space and its dao neared great perfection. He may be only a fifth step king, but even sixth step kings walked gingerly around him. At the same time, he was one of the Colosseums kings and the one responsible for the enormous spatial formation around the building.

Hed adjusted its parameters so that it now sealed off the Colosseum instead; not even sixth step kings would be able to break through his handiwork. If the great formation activated, it would make swift work of sixth step kings as well.

The little foxs expression was frigid as ice and none of her usual exuberance to be seen. Or rather, she only showed that side of herself to Lu Yun. She currently resembled herself in the great wilderness, the celestial master of the Primordial Era, and the ancestor of monster spirits.

“Miao, come back,” Lu Yun suddenly called out to her.

Startled, she blinked and docilely landed back on the ground, returning to Lu Yuns side.

Okay, forreal. Dont they have STDs in xianxia Or is cultivation good enough for that too-

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