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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1264: Becoming King

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“Hang on!” Inspiration struck Lu Yun. “The abyss!”

There was another ultimate treasure on him—the abyss! Refined by multiple kings of Dragonhollow Mountain, it was on the same level as Oddmoon, but its core essence was a fragment of the Abyssal Hell.

Instead of being a hell, the abyss was more a spatial treasure than anything. Lu Yun had originally wanted to use it to connect the chaos with the world of immortals, but now that hed fully become part of the Hongmeng, he could bypass all of that and access hell directly through the Gates of the Abyss.

The Abyssal Hell would be a terrifying existence within the fourth realm, yet the one in Lu Yuns hands wasnt the complete hell. It was just a spatial treasure refined from a fragment of that hell, placing it on the same level as the purple crystal mountain and Stellar Stone Magneticus.

“I dont have much use for the abyss anymore, so I can use it to counterbalance the mountain and stone!”

To think of the deed was to take action, so Lu Yun summoned the abyss and directed it into the mountain. A monochrome tint swiftly overtook the crystal mountain, in which purple and blue warred over. The abyss rapidly melted into the treasure and disappeared into nothingness as fire from five hells blazed in resplendent fury on all sides.


Following an enormous bang, purple and blue light interwove in the air and flared with the radiance of the rainbow. The void shook violently and Lu Yun deployed Spacetime Reincarnation, increasing the speed of time in the area.


“Its shifting! The mountains about to break soon!” Eagerness shone out of the Spacetime Kings face.

“Get ready! Whether its the wreckage of the mountain or the wealth that belongs to us below, none of it will be allowed to land in anothers hands!” roared a glowering Beast King.


Dazzling purple light shook the void and shone fiercely upon the foot of the purple crystal mountain. A purple tower with three thousand and six hundred fifty floors appeared in the skies over Multitude City.

The Hongmeng Tower.

That itd descended at this time meant someone was ascending to kinghood within the city, and that they were within range of the purple crystal mountain!

“Who is it Is it Dusksnow Morningstar” The Beast King frowned and waved a hand for his men to stop attacking.

He knew that the genius was present on Colosseum grounds, but hadnt thought that Morningstar would be involved with this matter. Despite the discovery, the king didnt think much of Morningstar. Even the Starspace King—Morningstars patron—and the entire Enforcer Alliance as a whole was just a joke.

However, the arrival of the Hongmeng Tower was another matter entirely.

The tower represented the laws and orders of the realm; it was the arbitrator of all. Whoever dared cause trouble when it was present would die a very awful death!

“Are you trying to get out of the situation this way” A cold smirk played on the Beast Kings lips. Hed said earlier that not even Hong would be able to save those under the purple crystal mountain, and he meant it!

The Spacetime King understood his peer and continued setting up spatial formations to seal off the area. He wouldnt touch the Hongmeng Tower, but those beneath it would never get away!

More crowds gathered around and anticipation grew in the air.

News of Dusksnow Morningstar defeating the Bloodclad Duke had spread like fire throughout Multitude City. In fact, a large swathe of Multitude Region knew of the matter as well. No matter how the genius had defeated the duke, hed emerged victorious in the end!

Thus, people wanted to see what level Morningstar would make kinghood at. Would he eclipse Hua Fengwen from a hundred thousand years ago

However, expectation turned to shock in the next moment and even the Beast King stared dumbly. It wasnt Dusksnow Morningstar being made king, but another young man—the one behind the Colosseums destruction!

“Hes only in the common realm, how can he be a titled king!” gasped the Beast King.

Everyone could clearly see that Lu Yun was just a common realm cultivator, but waves of purple light emanated from his body and connected with the Hongmeng Tower in the sky!

“A supplemental king!” shrieked Spacetime. “Hes not ascending through cultivation level, but through a supplemental path! How is this possible How does supplemental kinghood summon the Hongmeng Tower as well!”

Though one could become a titled king through the supplemental paths, the towers projection would not descend at the moment of ascension. Only a purple ray of light carrying the towers will would arrive.

Likewise, that meant that supplemental kings didnt possess titles. Though they were rare and commanded fearsome, undefinable strength, they werent orthodox kings. And yet, the young man in front of them was reaching kinghood through a supplemental path, while being in the common realm, and had summoned the Hongmeng Tower!


“Theyre both freaks!” Hua Fengwens stare encompassed the little fox as well. When shed made king through a supplemental path, the tower had also come and given her the title of Immortal Illusion King. Shed disliked the title enough to ask for several changes and finally settled upon the Intrance King.

Who knew what the even more insa—heaven-defying Lu Yun would receive

As Lu Yun stood beneath the towers projection, he could clearly sense an uncommonly conflicted emotion from it. Hed felt it once before—when itd tried to think of a title for the little fox.

“Um, you… dont need to be troubled,” he mumbled despite himself. “You can call me whatever you want, Im not picky.”

Though his tone was quiet, the weakest of everyone present was in the superior realm. A mosquitos buzzing would ring as loud as a bell if they cared to pay attention to it.

“That makes it sound like Im the picky one,” grumbled the little fox.

“The young man has such ridiculous flights of fancy,” the Windcall King brayed with laughter. “Supplemental kings have no titles, and he wants to get one from the tower”

Though the cultivators around him didnt verbally echo his mirth, a faint hint of derision colored their faces as well. The young man may have destroyed the Colosseum buildings and formation with a dreadful treasure, but soliciting a title from the tower was going far beyond his reach.

Never in the history of the realm had a supplemental king ever been bestowed with a title. Even the strongest supplemental king of the Hongmeng—the Dao King—had received his title only after reaching kinghood again through cultivation level.

Lu Yun paid them no heed and stared unblinkingly at the towers projection in the sky.


The tower trembled and flared with a ring of purple light that landed on him. The light spread outward and formed two characters: Immortal King!



“He really received a title!”

“The Immortal King! The tower hails the young man as the Immortal King!” An uproar broke out in Multitude City as countless cultivators gaped from what theyd just seen; kings couldnt find any words to describe their shock.

The Beast King was wide eyed with astonishment. The young man whod destroyed the Colosseum had not only received a title from the Hongmeng Tower as a supplemental king, but hed been crowned the Immortal King!

Many kings in the Hongmeng were preparing for the arrival of the immortal dao, and numerous personages were setting up plans in both the world of immortals and Hongmeng for it. All of the maneuvering was for the sake of one strand of opportunity when the fateful moment arrived.

Who wouldve thought that the Hongmeng Tower would bestow the “Immortal King” title to a supplemental king, and one in the common realm! No matter what happened after today, this Immortal King would become the common target of the realm!

“Immortal King” Lu Yun blinked, then complained, “If Im called the Immortal King, then what will Little Yu do when she ascends to kinghood This title should be reserved for her! How about you give me another one too”

He almost caused scores of cultivators to plant their faces into the ground with incredulity. Was he… negotiating with the Hongmeng Tower He was unhappy with his title

“Does he want to die to talk to the tower like this!” The Beast King shuddered. “Isnt he afraid of the tower bringing down a Hongmeng tribulation on him and smiting him into two …but at least hes got some sense and knows that he cant be called the Immortal King.”

Though there was an Immortal City to the south of Multitude Region and its ruler also called the Immortal King, that was just something for their own ego and used behind closed doors. In the eyes of others, that city and its king were pure entertainment.

Those who called themselves Immortal King in the Hongmeng numbered at least several million, if not tens of millions.

The Hongmeng Tower projection wavered, seemingly equally dissatisfied.

“And you said you werent picky!” The little fox curled her lip. “Look at you pointing fingers when you dont have the right to!”

No one knew what she meant, apart from Hua Fengwen and the others. All thought had fled from Dusksnow Morningstars mind, he had no idea what to say.

Lu Yun was still standing in mid air and looking up at the towers image.-

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