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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1265: Ten Inches of Time

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No one dared step out of line when the Hongmeng Towers projection was present on the scene. This was the sovereign of the realm and its strongest existence. Whoever dared run afoul of it would surely be inflicted with unforeseeable misfortune!

Therefore, everyone waited. Waited for Lu Yun to become a supplemental king before they could return to the business at hand.

Though his performance was quite heaven-defying and frankly, insane to dare negotiate with the tower, he would be dead without question once it departed. That was a foregone conclusion whether or not he accepted the Immortal King title!

Faint ripples undulated from the Hongmeng Tower and flowed into Lu Yuns mind. He blinked, startled.

“So Little Yu ascended to kinghood long ago and left me this title. She knew I would come in search of her.” A smile appeared on his face. “Very well then, I accept the title of Immortal King.”


The tower image abruptly disintegrated over his head with those words and vanished into Lu Yuns body as rays of a purple sunset.

And then…

The haze of the Hongmeng parted before Lu Yuns eyes and all of the realms rules and laws clarified for his comprehension. Fully defined, they transformed into great daos that sank into his body for his dispensation.

Such was the level of kinghood and boon that the Hongmeng Tower granted to kings arisen through cultivation level or supplemental path. It enabled them to stand taller and see further, all the way to the fourth realm!

Indeed, Lu Yun could see the fourth realm now. But as someone whod once visited that plane, he knew that the fourth realm he saw was fake. It was a mirage, a hope for those of the Hongmeng to break free of their prison.

“No wonder Hua Fengwens dao heart almost shattered at Hongs words. If it were me, I wouldnt be able to digest this reversal of my reality either,” Lu Yun murmured.

The Hongmeng Tower was gone, but he remained in the throes of kinghood. Becoming a titled king through cultivation level was different from supplemental dao. There was no hierarchy with the latter; a supplemental king was a supplemental king.

However, the reflections of the Hongmengs laws that Lu Yun had received from the tower was inordinately precious. He had no idea why the tower was so generous to him, Qing Yu, and the little fox, to the point of giving them more than it did other Hongmeng beings.

It couldnt be because of Hong. Though Lu Yun was acquainted with Hong, their relationship didnt run that deep.

Though he was puzzled by the matter, he didnt think to investigate why. All would be revealed in due time when he should know.


“Immortal King Heh heh heh, an Immortal King through the supplemental paths!”

Malevolent intent surged toward Lu Yun from all directions, containing killing intent so dense that it almost physically slapped him. If it wasnt for the fact that he was a supplemental king, the sheer malice contained in the thoughts would be enough to slice his body and soul to pieces.

“Oh” He lifted his head and looked at the Beast Kings contingent.

The new purple crystal mountain was complete and rested at his foot. It radiated beams of multicolor light, protecting the little fox, Hua Fengwen, Dusksnow Morningstar, and others. Lu Yun had named it Purple Stellar Mountain—“purple” as a reference to the color of the flowers that carpeted Redbud Mountain, and “stellar” for Stellar Stone Magneticus.

After integrating the abyss into it, itd gained the attributes of a spatial treasure and could be retracted and deployed at will.

He didnt plan on using his newly created treasure since it wouldnt land a scratch on twenty kings acting in concert, particularly preeminent sixth step kings like the Beast King.

“What a pity that the first Immortal King of the Hongmeng is about to die. What a shame…” the Beast King said slowly. “As an Immortal King bestowed by the Hongmeng Tower itself, I would have to kill you even if you didnt share any bad blood with the Colosseum.”

“Is that so” Lu Yun nodded gently as he assessed the soaring killing intent from the Beast King. “In that case, I can act without pressure then. Do all of you want to kill me”

He looked around to see hundreds of thousands of Colosseum cultivators neatly arranged according to the Spacetime Kings formation. The area was sealed off, obstructing onlookers who wanted a close look at the action.

The cultivators sneered and scoffed at him. Just look at this kid trying to put on a mysterious air when his doom was coming for him!

“Hahaha—“ The Windcall King guffawed merrily. “I gave you a chance before, little thing, but you didnt want it. Youre dead without a doubt this time and no one will be able to save you!”

His gaze flickered to the little fox at the foot of the crystal mountain, lust wholly unconcealed in his eyes.

“Put away those lascivious thoughts of yours, all of them will die today!” snarled the Beast King.

Trembling, Windcall nodded.

The Beast King didnt give Lu Yun any time to prepare before he threw a punch at the faint figure in the air. This blow could shatter heaven and break the earth. If unleashed in the outside world, it was sufficient to level a city the size of a world!

“What a pity, the young man shouldve become a figure who commanded the wind and rain in the Hongmeng. Here we are, about to witness his last moments,” sighed the two girls of Sublime Pavilion.

Their thoughts were echoed by everyone else in Multitude City. Summoning the Hongmeng Tower when ascending to kinghood through a supplemental path and receiving a title… how glorious would he be when he became a true king through cultivation strength!

Unfortunately, hed committed the most egregious error of destroying the Colosseum.

There were three sixth step kings among the Colosseum, and though the Beast King was the weakest of the three, there was no possibility of his target surviving if he wanted to kill a common realm cultivator.

As incredible as Lu Yuns treasures might be, he was still an ant before a sixth step king. There was no other choice available to him but to die!

The Beast Kings punch slowly bore down on Lu Yun like a mountain that was even bigger than the Purple Stellar Mountain.

“Whats the Beast King doing Playing with his food” Frowns appeared on faces throughout the city and they regarded the king with some displeasure. Given his strength, he could kill Lu Yun with a simple exhale. That his fist was descending upon Lu Yun at an unbelievably slow speed meant that he was toying with the young man.

Even the Spacetime King creased his brow. Though the other had ruined the Colosseum, he was still the Immortal King as hailed by the Hongmeng Tower. It was too much to humiliate him like this.

“What is this!” roared a horrified Beast King. “What, why, how”

Terror flooded his face as his body seemed to be stuck in a massive bog. He couldnt break free no matter how he flailed and struggled.

“Whats going on” General incomprehension reigned when the people saw his gestures. The Beast King shouldnt be in these straits when facing a common realm cultivator, even if the latter was a supplemental king. Had something unexpected happened

A faint smile still hung on Lu Yuns face and he held a sparkling gourd in his right hand. The golden gourd split open in his hand and ten inches of silver radiance swam away from him.

Ten inches of time.-

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